Welcome to DontComply.com  We not only publish the news that is affecting our country but we participate by putting boots on the ground. Whether it's standing up to the BLM to regain our land rights, or putting the right to bear arms back in the public spotlight with our open carry movement Come And Take It America, We intend to make the changes we want to see, not just report them.



Mass Civil Disobedience at the Austin Statehouse

We had an amazing turnout of almost 40 people show up from all over ...

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Corruption is Legal in America

Corruption is Legal In America – Why Your Vote Never Mattered

Professors Martin Gilens (Princeton University) and Benjamin I. Page (Northwestern University) looked ...

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Rolling Stone Takes Another Stab at Understanding Texas

We all remember the 5 page hit piece Rolling Stone Magazine did on ...

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Adam Kokesh Gets A GPS Ankle Bracelet - DontComply.com

Adam Kokesh Gets A GPS Ankle Bracelet

Adam Kokesh. Host of “Adam vs The Man” was given a GPS ...

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