Welcome to DontComply.com  We not only publish the news that is affecting our country but we participate by putting boots on the ground. Whether its standing up to the BLM to regain our land rights, or putting the right to bear arms back in the public spotlight with our open carry movement Come And Take It America, We intend to make the changes we want to see, not just report them.



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Come_and_Take5We still have a lot of work ahead to maintain our rights as Free Men but we are prepared to continue as long as they push us. Thank you for joining us in this fight. We hope to see you in the next city that’s needs educating. In the mean time join a local Open Carry group in your area.

If you would like to organize an Open Carry group in your own town please send us details on which day of the month, time and starting address for the meetup location. These monthly walks through your downtown area with friends and volunteers will continue to keep the right to bear arms fresh in the minds of the citizens and police.
View our Map for a march in your area!