Welcome to DontComply.com  We not only publish the news that is affecting our country but we participate by putting boots on the ground. Whether it's standing up to the BLM to regain our land rights, or putting the right to bear arms back in the public spotlight with our open carry movement Come And Take It America, We intend to make the changes we want to see, not just report them.



Murdoch Pizgatti Speaking With Adam Kokesh

CATI’s Response To ISIS

Murdoch Pizgatti of DontComply.com and catitx.com (Come and Take It Texas) talks ...

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Gavin Seim

Washington State Activists Stand Tall In The Face Of Local Tyranny

Back in January of this year a determined activist group took over ...

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Number One With A Bullet

An Inconvenient Truth For Anti-Gunners

  Bill Whittle gives a breakdown of why “Gun-Nuts” are the safest ...

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Jeffre Eepstein and Bill Clinton

Anonymous To Expose Pedophiles In British Royalty & High Profile Persons, Promises Justice

  Last Friday the 13th “Operation Death Eaters” was hatched by the hacktivist squad ...

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