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James Franklin is an activist and writer whose work focuses on issues of liberty, human rights and government accountability. His work has been read by millions on Western Journalism, The Examiner, Freedom Outpost, Intellihub, The Daily Sheeple, Gun Owners of America, The Daily Paul, DontComply.com, Come and Take It America and many other sites. He is a husband, a father of three boys and a native Texan. He works as an electronics specialist in the West Texas oil fields, as Regional Director for Come and Take It Texas and as a contributor and co-conspirator for DontComply.com.

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  • Pretty Much

    I came here hoping to see 300 million Americans engaging in civil disobedience. Instead I found a multitude of presumptuous opinions written as fact. America is a corporate playground full of addictive consumers that don’t think twice about the products they consume. Corporations in this country have special rights that you can find in the constitution. They have unique opportunity here in America because they are given the same opportunity despite citizen status. They are given special tax breaks that allow them to maximize profits. I have realized that America is a country divided between the corporations and the consumers. Since I fall in neither category, I’m finding my way the hell out of this country for good. I would love to see social change in America, but quite frankly I’ve written off all it’s senseless consumerist citizens. I will not be held responsible for my fellow idiot man. I would rather let the worst of humanity die by consuming itself and focus on trying to restore it by sustaining myself and starting over somewhere where I DO have rights.

  • dmd

    300+ million what a joke. Do you idiots even know how many people are in the USA?

  • I see 2 major problems with this:
    1) You guys can’t put your peckers away long enough to see that all this bickering, is right wingers did this, liberals are weak and on and on. Divide and conquer oldest rule in the book!
    None of you can see past the bullshit facad of your party, which by the way have been your part for some time now, Do any of you really believe the Dems or Rep have your best interest in mind? I’m not speaking of the people of the parties im speaking of the men that time and time again get voted into office. They are ALL playing both sides of the fence and the end game is always the same….. Their bank ACCTS. To be quit honest the blame game shit had gotten really old so unless your prepared to set your shit at the door this wonderful idea is already a distant memory!
    2) if you hasn’t guessed by the pecker reference I am a woman! And whether you like or not that gives a bit of insight that many men do not possess (not all but many) as I see it the other
    Major obstacle to making this a beautiful reality is plain old fear. In not speaking of cowardice in referring to the most basic of human fear and that is the safety and well being of ones family. In order for ppl to step outside of their comfort zone to, take a risk, to call out injustice and take a stand they need to be made to feel their loved ones will be OK. now while I realize completely this is no easy task there are many things that can be done to help accomplish this. When was the last time you had a conversation with your neighbor, or stepped up to help someone you didn’t know. While I realize this in and of itself isn’t the end all be all its things of this nature that are important. This needs to be a movement not just a stand taken. We need to move this country back in time when neighbors not only takes they knew each other. Neighborhoods were families they helped each other and had reach others backs! You can bet your ass the ppl you want to go up against do! A lot of thee problems in our country came about from that fucked up mentality of Good for great instead of for the greater good! If we want our country back then we damn well better start acting like a county again! Stop attacking one another, stop placing blame on your neighbor because he is a democrat or republican! Your neighbor didn’t sell your freedoms, your neighbor didn’t sell your job, he’s not forcing insurance down your throat, he’s not leading your sins and daughters to wars that serve no one but the few, and he’s not trying to take your fuckin guns! Your GOVERMENT did that! All of your government republican and democrat and guess what they were ALL bank riled by the SAME people. There is a time and place to be angry and assign blame but it is not at each other and it is certainly not getting us where we want and need to be!

    • Amazing…inspiring. thank you :)))) By the way, our “government” is mostly a collective hallucination or delusion that someone is out there looking out for our best interests. Where in reality, we all are responsible for being active participants of our communities. This would garner freedom. If we didn’t need the nanny government to fix our roads and program our children to indoctrinate them into a consumer mentality….if we learned to grow our own food instead of relying upon the destructive tendencies of monsanto….there are many things we can do if we defeat the stupid notion that competition with your neighbors creates more strife for everyone….

  • The99%+The1%

    The biggest joke is that for millions of Americans, including myself, even subsidized Obamacare insurance might as well be $1 million/month…with the part time work I can find and slashing my budget to the bone, I still lose money every month.
    But oh well, I guess (bleep) it.

    I’m conscientiously objecting to the mandate, because it would make me choose between insurance I MIGHT need, or food.

  • Honestly now as a militia member I’m ready to get this asshole out of office anyone else care to join the cause?

    • Our political system is broken. Republicans and Democrats have sold out We the People. We need one party in America, the Constitution party, and we need a political system that can not be bought and manipulated by George Soros or anyone else. Time to start over in America with leaders that are pro-America, pro-God, pro-freedom for the world.

      • Brock

        Dude keep that God s*** out of it. That has nothing to do with this country.

        • Jack Bashor

          Without God, ANY nation crumbles. The nation that forgets God, God will have nothing to do with. This nation was founded on Christian principles. Our whole governmental system is based on Christian principles. The whole “separation of church and state” was meant for there to not be a state sponsored religion, but not to prohibit the nation from honoring, respecting, and worshipping God.

    • Sean

      As a veteran I say bring it you will feel the wrath all miitia members are talk I look forward to the day when you all grow a pair. You want to destroy our country bring it you will all die.

      • Josh

        As a Marine Corps veteran as well, I can promise you it is not all talk. You remind of a British loyalist from the colonial days. Anybody remember what happened to them? That’s right, THEY died. I am disgusted in you as a veteran siding with this regime rather than your own people. You are a worm and a disgrace to the uniform.

      • Wow you are a fucking disgrace to what ever uniform you wore…..

    • Every one of you that think this is gonna happen need to put on your tinfoil hats and run posthaste to your mamma’s basement, assuming that’s not where you already live! 🙂

      • Brock

        >that awkward moment when the guys with tinfoil were right

    • The funny thing is you guys keep saying Obama should be impeached because he is not a US citizen. You still have no idea that the fact that he is not a US citizen doesn’t matter because he is working for a corporation not a government. Look it up! American is a corporation!

  • Resist we much…we will much!

  • Every elected official in Washington that hasn’t then or now pushed for impeachment of Obama should be fired because they are responsible for him getting away with what he has.

    • Betty

      They should be tried for treason! All their assets should be confiscated and applied towards our country’s debt.

  • Bob Hammer

    Join over 58,000 of us on FB who have sworn not to comply.


  • We the people are almost unanimiosly in agreement. The power does not sit in Washington or New York or Hollywood. It sits in homes on couches. Not voting is voting. Not complying is revolution. The power of “not” reverses everything.
    We own this country, not the banks, by the fact that we posess it. Even if “they” threaten to shut down the internet and ruin commerce we unaniniously won’t make payments.
    In everyway “they” threaten “they” are like an ant with a megaphone trying to wrestle an elephant. We simply just will not comply.
    When “their” tiny little brains realize we are not terrorized by “them,” “they” may harm themselves.

  • Honestly!! We have tried for sooo long to vote the “right” people into office! We keep doing the same things over and over expecting a different result….hmmmm…..wait, isn’t that the definition of insanity??!! The only way to stop this tyranny is to step outside our individual comfort zones by thinking outside of the box and making the decision to collectively revolt–period!! And that means we will have to do whatever it takes–period!!

  • How many of the 300 million are too young to be considered “active participants”? Math is so hard for some people, isn’t it?

    • PitBoss711

      Especially for liberals.

      • Sean

        Take a deep breath pitBoss read his comment then yours, now which one sounds dumb. Do you know how many right wingers are on welfare live in trailer parks and smoke meth? Quite a few so get over yourself and your party. I am a veteran of two tours and I look forward to the day you guys grow a sack and start your “revolution” You will feel the wrath.

        • CivilianUberAlles

          Remember whom history shows is the first to die in a government crackdown…their stooges, be they military or police, are always the first to be purged, or sent to their deaths in futile raids against dissidents.
          You may be a veteran, but if you’d injure your own countrymen you are not a Solder.

        • Josh

          Now compare the “white trash on welfare living in trailer parks on meth” to the amount of Liberals doing the same thing, and then add in all of the welfare recipients from inner city schools (primarily Liberals), and all of the illegal immigrants receiving welfare (Liberals as well), and I promise the amount of Liberals on welfare far outweighs the number of “right-wingers” on welfare. Coincidently, if you compare the people willing to overlook the Constitution to those that aren’t, Liberals also far outweigh said “right-wingers”. Now, I don’t know if you’ve forgotten your oath to defend the Constitution or you’re lying and you’ve never served in the first place (I assume the later), but I PROMISE that my brothers and sisters in arms (as a vast majority) will not fire on their own citizens. Stand against your fellow free, gun carrying citizen and the vast majority of military and law enforcement officers and YOU will feel the wrath. When/If the revolution starts because of our worm of a POTUS and the thug filled Congress deciding the Constitution is “out dated”, I will personally be looking for loyalist like yourselves. You are a pathetic worm.

  • James Fatherree

    Just a few things I noticed:
    1.2 million is not 0.038% of the US population. You’re off by a factor of 10.
    You said 80% have not paid. Wrong again. 80 to 85% have paid. You didn’t read your own source material correctly.
    And, 55 to 60% of Americans are insured by their employer and don’t have to sign up. So, you’re off by about 180 million there, too.
    Great job.

    • Actually James,
      To quote the report “The number does not distinguish between individuals who have chosen a health care plan and have paid their first month’s premium, and those who have not — which has been estimated to be around 20 percent of those who have signed up.” Which, as I read it, places the number at a hard 20%… Should I copy and paste again? Aside from that you are correct. In my defense, I made that update the other night in preparation for the article to be cited in major metropolitan news sources at the request of the producer at 3AM so I do apologize. As they say, Liberty requires eternal vigilance but that makes for tired Patriots. I’ve corrected it to state the FACT that a whopping .38 percent of the US population has become covered under the fascist Obamacare. I’m thankful that someone helped me with my fact checking, even if you are a fascist sympathizer. If only you people could apply the same standards to Common-Core as you do articles that are in defense of Freedom…

      • Sarah

        Also I’d just like to say I think it’s funny that you guys get all upset about the money from Obamacare or whatever when you should really pay attention to the overinflated defense budget, which is what really causes the deficit.
        And I think it’s genuinely hilarious that for a group that is supposedly dedicated to freedom and free speech and such that my comments have to wait to be moderated in order to be put up for view. Way to go, you show the censors in China how it’s done.

        • Benjamin

          While I agree the defence budget is very large, its only a 6th the size of the budget alocated to Social Security, Medical, Medicaid, and now Obama care. Lets also not forget that Military personel are required to contribute to their own retirment as well as social security. Also, their health care isn’t free, they participate in a program that deducts money from their paychecks to cover the cost of health care. Another consideration: wages and retirments only account for 6.5% of the total DOD budget…yet thats what our lawmakers are choosing to cut.

      • Sean

        You just admitted he was correct then you go on a rant. He is right 55% to 60% are already covered. Lastly he is also right that 80 to 85% have paid yet you still sit here allow this article to flow and preach it anti american pro right wing hate so you can incite a right wing riot I pray you do I am a veteran of two tours you are all traitors bring it.

        • Josh

          Traitors? Kind of the pot calling the kettle black isn’t it? I mean, you said you are willing to side with the people overlooking the constitution and the POTUS rather than your fellow citizen…. That is the definition of being a traitor. Do not worry little pathetic lost liberal “veteran of two tours” (<-Bullshit), We the People will ALWAYS win against tyranny, perversion, and "progressivism". You are truly a tool, sir.

        • Brock

          You’re a good dog. I’m sure master is very proud

  • Jean Duncan

    Wake up AMERICA! REMEMBER, a people deserve their government!! Stand against these liars in Washington DC!

  • Paul

    wont do any good until people wake up and vote the terrorist out of office

    • Voting no longer matters. They count the votes!!!