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BLACKOUT “Drill” November 14th. Are You Prepared?

Are you prepared for a prolonged blackout? They will be running a national “drill” next month to do just that.
We all know how often these drills go live. Prepare. Please read the following PDF.

This has been a Public Service Announcement by DontComply.com
13 – CIPC Brief (Harrell Conway Mar 2013) V2


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Co-Founder @ DontComply.com Murdoch Pizgatti is a voluntaryist that participates in activism of all shades. President and founder of Come And Take It Texas he has been focusing on gun rights the last two years. As the Co-founder of DontComply.com he deals with the corruption of the state and heads up programs to rally against the unjust and unconstitutional laws in the USofA.
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