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CATI AmericaWe are proud to introduce the next big movement for all Americans that love our freedoms. This is for the people that have enjoyed the good life this country has offered and want a better life for our kids. We want to protect our freedoms by returning this land to a more constitutional version for gun laws. Because without your right to bear arms you cant defend any other rights.

Nationwide movement of armed marches are spreading. If you would like to host a local chapter in your own town please send us details.  These monthly walks through your downtown area with like minded people will continue to keep the right to bear arms fresh in the minds of police. It will show the public that we are law-abiding friendly citizens and are nothing to fear. Find a network of like minded people here.

The stated goals of Come And Take It America are to:
1) Educate Americans on their right to openly carry shotguns and rifles in a safe manner.
2) To condition Americans to feel safe around those of us that carry them.
3) Encourage our elected officials to pass less restrictive open carry legislation.


Find your nearest event in the map below:

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hunting Local Monthly Armed March            war State Wide Event

Come And Take It

  • https://www.facebook.com/rugerlover George RugerLover

    Is there anything near the Myrtle Beach SC area??

  • http://www.AmericanGunRights.us Michelle Prescott

    Is there not a local chapter for the Conroe/Spring/Woodlands (North Houston) area?

  • http://gravatar.com/mrmuskrat Matthew Musgrove

    Where is the Arlington, TX chapter page? I saw them today and they said that they meet every Sunday.

    • MurdochTheDoc
      • http://gravatar.com/mrmuskrat Matthew Musgrove

        I found the FB page on Sunday but thought they’d have one here too.

        Thanks Murdoch.

        • MatthewP

          They do but it says “Tarrant County” instead of Arlington.

  • Aaron Swenson

    We need on here in Texarkana Texas. I’m down for exercising.my rights here.

    • Norman Frazier

      Aaron, I am a member of CATI Texoma, but work close to Mt Pleasant. Would be happy to meet you one day and do a walk with you.

  • bdysntchr

    wow, I should have used my real name…. didn’t realize it would show in that manner…

    Shawn Swafford
    Come And Take It Galveston

    • Shawn Swafford

      OH, this is MUCH better.

  • bdysntchr

    Afternoon y’all. just wanted to pop in and hell from Galveston. Come And Take It Galveston is up and slowing running; I’ve just made a few flyers and started handing them out at school, and am still waiting to hear from the owner of the café I hope to host our meetings.

  • http://hopefulvoyageoflife.blogspot.com Mark Smith

    We need an event like this in Maryland, especially in counties like Cecil and Caroll that have created resolutions against Governor O’Malley’s gun ban which takes effect in October. Any thoughts or suggestiona? Particularly, in light of the fact that it is “illegal” (not unlawful) to carry long or handguns in public view. Maryland’s motto is “The Free State”. In reality, it is The Totalitarian State”. Any thoughts or suggestions for organizing an armed march?

  • http://www.facebook.com/willthathrill125 Will Hill

    200 W Washington St, Indianapolis, Indiana 10 am

  • http://www.facebook.com/willthathrill125 Will Hill

    Hello my name is Will Hill and I am leading a movement to march on the Indianapolis State House. Share this group to circumvent the postponed march on DC. Any Indiana citizens who are able bodied and have the stones and will power to stand up and make a statement feel free to join my group and organize with me and others to march on the Indiana State House on July 4th. God Bless America. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Liberty4Indiana/

    • Phoenix Horton

      Thanks, great work. I will add your group to the map, Can you give me the time and address of the meetup spot.

    • MurdochTheDoc

      If anyone needs banners, flyers, t-shirts, informational flyers or safety pamphlets to hand out please email me at murdoch@dontcomply.com
      Ant if you want to start an official Come And Take It America local chapter please get with me to receive an informational package.

  • Ben Gruita

    Our 4th of July Come & Take it Houston event will be held at 901 Bagby Street
    Houston, TX 77002 from 9-11 AM. Everyone is welcome!

  • Doug Bell

    I’m also going to look into this in arlington an fortworth… going to ask some buisness owners and if they are down. Going to inform the police and see what they will want or expect.

    • Leroy


      I would be glad to help out with Fort Worth. After attending the Temple rally I think that FW will be a great place to have a rally. Let me know what you need and I will try to do my best to help out any way that I can.

      Also, Murdoch and Phoenix, I will be there in Dallas. I helped out with the S.O.S. in Temple and will do it again and more if you need it.



  • http://www.facebook.com/victoria.candanozawelsch Victoria Candanoza-Welsch

    Will temple being having a local monthly March then?

  • http://www.facebook.com/cj.grisham.3 CJ Grisham

    I like the idea of a monthly march, even if only a short distance to have coffee at a gun-friendly diner. I’m going to look into this locally.

    • MurdochTheDoc

      That’s exactly what we want to see. It doesn’t have to be a 10 mile hike. What we need is an hour out of your day to meet up at a location with other patriots, walk a few blocks through the middle of town with your guns and stop for a good espresso. Its about keeping this issue fresh in their minds. Ive already planned the monthly march in Dallas. Its going to start out in front of the Federal Reserve building.

      • Doug Bell

        Love the federal reserve starting point…

  • Phoenix Horton

    If there is not a Local Monthly March going on in your city, Step up and be the leader for your area! Send us the info and we will post it on the map so others can join.

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