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Come And Take It Temple -Armed March

Half Page FlyerWe will be gathering for a legal armed open carry march to raise public awareness of gun laws in Texas. It is partially in response to the Temple Police Department violating the Second and Fourth Amendment rights of Active Duty MSGT Christopher J. Grisham HERE. Please join us all. We will be exercising our rights as free men and women. Be part of the solution. All permits and armed march route has been approved and coordinated with the city and local authorities. Come out for music, great speakers, food and a march around the police station and town square.


When:  June 1st
Where: Temple, TX
Venue: Community Market 212 S. Main St.
Time:  10:00am-4:00pm

“While out hiking with my son through backcountry roads to help him earn his Eagle Scout rank, I was illegally arrested and disarmed without cause. I was thrown in jail and my lawfully owned weapons were confiscated without receipt or notice,” -Grisham

That’s right! Get your guns and get to Temple, TX. They forgot we have rights and we must remind them. If we don’t stand up for fellow Texans today then we will stand alone when it happens to us in our hometown. Just a reminder on legal open carry in Texas: It must be a long gun and can be strapped or hung on your person. Holding it could be considered “calculated to alarm” and this will be a peaceful march. We will be taking up donations for the 2nd Amendment Legal Defense Fund for Christopher J. Grisham. Anyone that wants to help with the event contact Murdoch at murdoch@dontcomply.com

Jay Stang – Oath Keepers State Chapter President for Texas
Mike Vanderboegh -THREE%ER
Lynn Woolley -The Lynn Woolley Show
Christopher J. Grisham
Kathie Glass -Chair of Harris County Libertarian Party
Black Rain Ordinance -Presentation of gun to C.J. Grisham
Murdoch Pizgatti – Co-Owner DontComply.com
Phoenix Horton -Founder, Co-Owner DontComply.com
Statement from Rep. Ralph Sheffield (R)
Statement from Senator Ted Cruz20130319101911-CJ2

The Nolan Pick Band

Fat Boys BBQ

Facebook Event Page HERE
Download Half Page Flyer HERE
Download Press Release HERE


SAFETY:For those concerned about safety we will be implementing the “Solidarity Of Safety” (S.O.S.) program at the event. Well qualified people will ask to perform a chamber check and flag it with a red straw half inserted into the bolt. This of course is voluntary and does not render your weapon useless like a zip tie at a gun show. We ask everyone proficient in guns to do this as well as a good example for the new people. Not having a bullet chambered will prevent any unwanted fire. Thanks for helping this event to be remembered for the right reasons.

We thank you for the support so many of you have already shown. The Come And Take It Temple event is growing everyday. With live music, food, great speakers, topped off with the open carry march we will show the power of the people and the support of our right to bear arms is in full swing.  Please donate to help us make this a day to remember!

Let’s make sure we are heard across America! Please donate to The Come And Take It Temple Event! [donateextra]
Total Donations



Full Page Flyer

MarchArmed March Route: HERE

Press Release

Come And Take It Temple- An Open Carry Event

By Zach Horton
April 29, 2013

Temple, TX- This 2nd Amendment open carry event and march has been organized by
Dontcomply.com for June 1st at Community Market located at 212 S. Main St. It will start
at 10:000am with social networking at group booths, food vendors, music and speakers.
Followed by an organized walk down the road around the Police Station, past Town
Square and returning to the venue.

This is an event to celebrate our rights as free people. It will showcase the true spirit
of Texans and the dedication to being secure in our persons and property. Several
organizations are joining the Come And Take It Temple event to display a united front to
an ever encroaching strain on our personal freedoms. Donations for MSGT Grisham will
be collected. People are encouraged to have their long guns displayed, on a shoulder strap
and hung towards the back.

More event details are expected to be released after guest lists have been finalized.

About Dontcomply.com

Dontcomply.com is a web based news aggregate site with some original content. It
highlights local activist groups as well as popular issues that concern individuals within
the community. Shortcutting the endless internet, Dontcomply gives users list-action
items and contact information to other like minded people and events. The end result is
taking people from concerned to being involved. Everyone needs direction in their quest
to restore this Republic and DontComply.com is that foot hold so desperately needed.

Download Press Release HERE






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  • Jason

    You people that are all about excersing free rights are troublemakers who are provoking violence and causing trouble with law enforcement. I’m all about the right to have weapons but there’s no need to parade around town like arrogant morons. This is another way of showing hatred toward law enforcement. You don’t speak for the rest of us normal citizens who love law enforcement.

  • dave

    Donald MUST BE A PIG! He’d probably fit right in with the Temple Pig Department!

  • Mitch

    This is so typical of today’s “PORK”. They are out of control and all believe that they are above the law. This MUST stop. They have to be made to understand that THEY WORK for US!!! In our Republic of Texas, we can carry whatever we desire according to the Texas Constitution. MSGT Grisham was doing nothing wrong or illegal, he was accosted by the typical PORK of today. Terrified of their own shadow, gutless, pimples on the a**holes that has become the PC Society. It’s time to disarm them and put them back on the streets on foot with their nightstick/whistle & radio. It’s a fact that everywhere citizens are armed, violent crime is not much of a problem. Of course there will always be those who will test the limits and they will have to be dealt with accordingly. As a Disabled Veteran MSGT Grisham I can’t afford to make it to Temple but I will be there in spirit for you! After your charges are cleared, I hope you sue each individual involved and the whole city/county of Temple, Tx and take ’em to the cleaners.

    • hidyhowareya

      I am coming from Burleson, a bit south of Fort Worth, and would be glad to give you a lift. If you are anywhere within a reasonable distance give me a holler. I’ll be leaving around 7:30 AM so I can get there to help with checking bolts and inserting straws.


  • http://guardianlv.com jespasinthru

    Won’t be there. The whole endeavor is a cluster-f**k waiting to happen. What if “they” sic the National Guard on you? Then you’ll be facing off against your brothers. Think about it.

  • Donald Bousquet

    I would be curious why anyone would support such obnoxious behavior as that that Grisham displayed. He is a total jerk and an embarrassment to all gun owners. Anyone that is so naive as to support this behavior is a detriment to gun owners, and hurting our cause. If Grish had treated me the way he treated the cop, I would have taken his m-16 from him, bent him over and shoved it up his ass.

    • http://www.facebook.com/phoenix.horton.5 Phoenix Horton

      Enjoy your police state!

    • Ted

      If it had been you, you would have just bent over, greased up, and LET him sove it up your a$$ !!!

  • Marc DuQuette

    Would like to go but can’t find answers to my questions: Loaded or unloaded? Unloaded with unloaded magazines? Loaded magazine, but clear chamber (of course!) Safe area to transfer long gun from vehicle to strapped position on body? Info on car pooling?

    • http://www.facebook.com/phoenix.horton.5 Phoenix Horton

      Check out the event page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/146140288898702/
      there is more info regarding your questions. Quick answer, having a loaded long rifle is legal but we are requesting that you not have it chambered. Also see the paragraph above titled “Safety”

  • Chris Fowler

    I was a Bell County reserve Sheriff Deputy back in the early 90s (’92-’93). Even back then the Temple Police were some of the biggest jokes in the county. They LOVED harassing G.I.s back then; plus, they LOVED going under the “good-ol-boy” system. I hope you sue the hell out of those guys.

    • sea

      So TEMPLE P.D. would not hire you? Hmmm why?

      • Chris Fowler

        I never had any desire to work for Temple; furthermore, in ’94 I got married, went into the Air Force and got a better job flying planes.

  • Marc DuQuette

    Confused: Is loaded magazine OK, as long as chamber is empty?
    I am sure there must be a “staging area” of some sort that is safe,but am concerned about details of transferring long gun from vehicle to carry position on body – on a public street, or in a parking lot? weapon slung diagonally across back with muzzle down? How about weapon on shoulder sling with muzzle down. Is that iffy? Must get longer sling to do the diagonal thing, but can do that with no problem. Also, is anyone from the Dripping Springs area going? Been here less than a year. Would rather car pool if possible.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wallace.freeman1 Wallace Freeman

    Is there a designated private property parking lot available or is parking on the curb? On google street view I noticed some two-hour curb parking limitation signs which TPD might want to enforce to pay for any anticipated civil judgement.

  • M.Hatch

    ..and to add from LAST post, the American law-abiding, 2nd Amendment-believing citizen isn’t the “enemy” either.

  • M. Hatch

    Can’t HOLD IT? And HUNG on the BACK? As inoffensive as possible..? Wow, very “alienating” to my rifle.

    • Sooth

      Like Rosa Parks, your black rifle must sit in the back of the bus.

  • James Floyd

    I’m old school. My rifle has a canvas sling. Carry slung on shoulder. Would this present a problem?

  • Rick

    I agree with Jim Reed. If everyone has the red straw in the bolt carry should be in front like CJ. With the red straw they have nothing to falsify an arrest.

  • Diana Robinson

    Exactly how much is his lawyer charging him?? He was only charged with a misdemeanor! I hope that lawyer isn’t taking advantage of him.

    • Phoenix Horton

      Well from my limited personal experience for a trial going in with a not guilty plea you can probably expect about a $10,000 down payment and its adds up pretty fast past that. So depending on fighting charges then turning around a suing the Temple PD it can cost a pretty penny.

    • BadCyborg

      Even with a court-appointed lawyer even a misdemeanor can get expensive. If we had actually had to try my bravo sierra class B it could have easily have broken 2 grand. Win lose or draw the defendant pays massive court costs plus the lawyer’s fees. You do NOT want to find yourself in the jaws of leviathan. I believe all criminal defendants should have to enter the courthouse through a door with a sign over it reading “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.” Fortunately for me there were factual errors on the police report plus I was forced at gunpoint to stay on the property (I was accused of Criminal Trespass). The prosecutors folded when my lawyer told them we were read for a trial. I plan to file criminal complaints for aggravated assault of a senior (bumps the severity one notch) in state jurisdiction plus an 18USC421/422 complaint (Official Oppression Under Color Of Law) and sue under 18USC1984. Both criminal complaints are felonies.

      • Heyoka

        Look at a Bivins Type COnstitutional Tort as well. I clerked for a fed Judge when going to school. If you can do a “legislative history” on the statute it prevents the prosecutor from attempting to use inferences instead of correct deductive logic.

        Also prosecutors only have “qualfied immunity”. If they are acting beyond their scope or out of personal vendetta they can be reached in a suit. If they act beyond the law, they act as an individual and the lose their cloak of immunity. If he tries the “ignorant” approach remind the Court that ignorance s no excuse and that allowing the prosecutor to defend in such a way would color all the cases the individual has tried.

        Good Hunting

    • sea

      Well grimsham has hire co – council to add to his already paid attorney, so yea they are laughing alway to the bank!

  • Jim Reed

    Anyone think it’s funny that you’re planning to carry a rifle in the EXACT OPPOSITE way in which CJ was carrying his. Slung, unloaded on the back is a lot different than LOADED and on the chest. – Have fun!

    • Johnny Johnson

      What is the difference.. Legally?? If there is a problem carrying LOADED and on the chest please advise. I am aware of no Legal difference…. are YOU??

  • reed smith

    how do i get company name on t shirt

  • http://www.oathkeepers.org Jay Stang

    Murdoch, I got a promotion. I am now the Oath Keepers State Chapter President for Texas.

    • MurdochTheDoc


  • Duke

    Posted on facebook North Texas Militia.

    • Phoenix Horton

      Thank You

  • http://facebook phyl

    Not bringing a gun but I would very much like to come as I have suggested just such an event for CJ before he went viral. I would also like to suggest we use the wonderful lakes and campsites. Not contribute to Temple taxes base by shopping as much as possible unless and until they have complied with his request for the dash cam.

    • Nick

      Where are the come and take it t-shirt

      • Phoenix Horton

        They are in the works, we will have them soon!

    • http://twitter.com/cjgrisham CJ Grisham (@cjgrisham)

      Phyl, please come even if you don’t bring a firearm. We would love to have you.

      • sea

        Let’s hope you move to FL in July!! Can’t wait!!!

    • sea

      Well if your reading the paper all data from CJ event has been released to his council so feel free to but yourself some gas to get yourself back home :-)

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