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A Pro Liberty, Pro Freedom, Human Rights Activist, very involved in a wide variety of Activism and Exposing the Truth at all costs.

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  • Another good story Andre’ Gabriel Esparza. You keep nailing them! The “All For One” event is May 14th, 2016 at Highnoon around the McLannan County Courthouse in Waco, Texas!

  • JoeCushing

    All the state has to do is go away. Then there will be no reason to protest or riot. All riots and major protests I have ever heard of are tied to the state. I once pointed out that sports riots are a rare exception but then someone pointed out that the state is heavily involved in sports. I’m not joking about this either. The state is violence and riots are a reaction to that violence. People think anarchy is chaos and I laugh. Look at what the state makes.

    No the state is not there to help you or keep you safe either, especially during a protest. In Ferguson, a few of the crowd began looting and vandalizing and the cops had nothing to say about that, even when it was happening right in front of them. Even if the state did try to protect you, the best they could usually do is show up to draw a chalk like around your body. The police are a pathetic excuse for a security system.

    End the state and you will find peace, after a while. At first, there will be a bit of a vacuum in services. That’s what everyone wrongly fears. Those services will be better done by peaceful people instead of by the violence of the state.

  • PearlsGal

    You forget; the police in Waco have already murdered before – twice. This ‘training’ is only another qualifier for more federal funds and more military style guns and ammunition with which to maim and kill even more civilians. I’ve been watching the people in that county for going on a year, now. I’ve never seen such frightened people.

    There will be more silent protests by bikers in Waco. Of that, you may be sure. Until the county’s District Attorney drops those false charges against the bikers who are innocent, bikers will continue to speak out. Could that be part of the explanation for the training? Maybe. If police come out shooting bikers again, you’ll know it was.

    • Your are correct PearIsGal. In fact May 14th, 2016 at High Noon the “All For One” event takes place in Waco at the McLannan County Couthouse to remember the people that were murdered by law enforcement last year, as well as the victims of the first Waco tragedy and the Oregon Stand murder and arrests.

  • Julian B Duron

    LAP DOG APPOINTED MINIONS of these two Federal AGENCIES will see who obeys “UNLAWFUL” orders from TRAITORS to AMERICA when the TIME COMES! Federal employees that served the U.S. Military will side with America not TRAITORS!