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    Citing Mike Adams is a pretty surefire way to ensure that critically minded people won’t take you seriously.

  • badbob85037

    While other nations outlaw GMO foods America’s criminal government makes it where they don’t even have to label them. As long as politicians get their palms greased by these companies don’t expect any common sense laws being passed by the federal government. It gets worse. Sodium Fluoride is an insecticide. It has been put in our water, our tooth paste, even Coke Cola. And worse with the pharmaceutical industry. Effexor XR, Zoloft, Paxil, Cymbalta, Strattera, Adderall, Haldol, Lexapro, Clozaril, Ridalin and over 160 more psychotropic drugs are on the market. 100 million world wide are taking psychotropic drugs. These drugs kill 3,000 Americans a month. They make the pharmaceutical industry $330 billion a year in profit plus another

    $73 billion from insurance companies.

    Over half the suicide in the U.S. are committed by people on these drugs. How can they claim these drugs cure a chemical imbalance when the pharmaceutical industry,the psychiatrasts, and the FDA don’t even know what a chemical imbalance is? To get more of these poisons on the market they just invent another type of chemical imbalance to add to their ever growing book of disorders.

    All who set on an FDA panel have financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. With every drug being approved by the FDA there was a Congressanal investigation on the FDA. That brought the passage of the “Prescription Drug User Fee Act” in 1992. It stated the phrmasutical indudtray would pay a fee of $100,000 a drug towards the expressed approval of the drug. The FDA’s new job wasn’t to test the drugs but to get it to market as quick as possable. Then there is the $1,000,000 FDA fee for each drug application submitted. What took 2 years of testing only took 6 months and they were approving twice the amount of these poisons.

    These drugs in America kill three and a half times more people a year than murder. There are 170 plus of these drugs. Every one of them makes an average of $7,700,000 a day profit off innocent humans around the world. All of these mass shootings the shooter 95% of the time was taking at least one if not more of these FDA approved poisons. I will bet these drugs were taken by the ones doing the mass stabing in China and in crowed areas of innocents in other parts of the globe All the “Prescription Drug User Fee Act” did was allow the faster administrating of the poisons, made profit sooner, and made sure congress got their cut. Our government is murdering us for profit.