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McAllen Police Illegally Arrest Law Abiding Citizen

Murdoch Pizgatti Arrest Video:
Upon returning to file an official complaint I am arrested, first charged with criminal trespass then that was dropped and replaced with felony charges of a weapon in a prohibited area. I was released on a $25,000.00 bail. After a few months of my case sitting on the D.A.’s desk it was finally dropped. There is no law prohibiting law abiding Texans from openly carrying long arms in public areas. Furthermore, i never even touched my rifle. It was stored behind the seat in a single cab pickup.

Murdoch Pizgatti Arrest Video:
Help us raise money for the latest in high tech surveillance equipment. It will be used to keep police accountable. We want to have the tools needed to keep an eye on Oath Breakers and those that violate our constitutional rights. Please donate all you can to our next big project and this important cause.
Also if anyone knows of a law firm that wants to help me in my criminal case against McAllen PD please send me an email:


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  • Billy

    If he was breaking the law shouldn’t they have arrested him the first time he was there?

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