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NFL Now Exempt From Lawsuits Via The Department Of Homeland Security

DontComply.com – The SAFETY Act, The latest craziness to come out of our Terrorist obsessed Federal Government. The Safety Act declares that in the event of a “terrorist act” or emergency, any company producing or using any products or services that can be construed as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies (QATTs); will now receive Federal immunity or limited liability in court.  The DHS claims that “Congress enacted several levels of liability protection for providers of anti-terrorism technologies. The SAFETY Act (“the Act”) provides incentives for the development and deployment of anti-terrorism technologies by creating a system of “risk management” and a system of “litigation management.”

Although the exemption claims to only apply to terrorist acts and emergencies, the actual language of the bill is vague and defines a terrorist act as “(i) is unlawful; (ii) causes harm to a person, property, or entity, in the United States. The language of the bill also covers companies if their product is used in the terrorist act.  This allows technologies that are misused against the American population to be immune from legal action by those citizens that are affected.

NFL_LogoWe now have a multiple corporations and groups already approved for this sort of protection.  You may wonder why the NFL qualifies for a QATT exemption.  It stems from a claim that the NFL is using anti-terror technologies in securing their stadiums.  This also is linked to the claim that NFL stadiums are set the be the testing ground of implementing TSA into sectors other than airports.  The “Technology” referred to by the NFL application is actually just a “set of guidelines for football stadium security management designed to deter and defend against terrorist attacks at sports stadiums” This will greatly reduce the cost of insurance for the NFL, as an added bonus if you are harmed by an “unlawful act” at the stadium, you now have no legal recourse against the NFL. This is concerning to some who have seen sporting events as potential high priority targets for attack. If there is an actual security concern that was not covered out of neglect from the non-profit group know as the NFL you may find yourself out of luck on any litigation.

Some other members covered under the protection of The Safety Act include Bank Of America and CitiBank. This brings out another host of issues.  As if there is not enough to worry about leaving your money in the bank.  We now have to ask questions such as a hacking attack on our banking accounts robbing millions of customers could easily be construed as a terrorist attack.  That would leave banks open to be free from refunding money or settling any lawsuits resulting from loss of funds.  With Governments talks of taking money directly from our accounts as an option of future bail outs we now have the extra fear of false flag attacks on banking systems.   A simple theft of American saving accounts can now be written off as a terrorist attack leaving you with a too bad so sad story.

The power grab and mafia style protection of the federal government continues to expands into the corporations.  Every day our rulers place more legislation on the American people, While exempting themselves from everything they can get away with. Our representatives who have a plethora of insider knowledge are not held to any insider trading laws. As Obamacare moves forward you can bet your congressional representatives will not lose coverage.  The breaking point of an abusive over reach of power is quickly approaching. The protections and freedoms that we once had, have all be reserved for the ruling class along with the corporations that fund them.  I would not be quick to place all the blame on those corporations, I ask do we still require the existence of our Government which has become an army of thugs enforcing corporate doctrine? Has any Government system ever tried in the history of man become anything other than fully corrupt? Typically resulting in the slaughter of millions, before the population finds nerve enough to rise against the beast.  As we see in the Safety Act, all protection and power that would never be allowed to the average citizen is hidden in legislation with a pretty propagandized title to sound like some thing for our benefit. When I assure you it is any thing but that.

Just a few other notable companies out of a long list that are covered under the act include;

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