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  • vmjnnah111

    I myself am lactose intolerant even with raw milk. Even 2% milk gives me severe abdominal pain. I understand the position of the Sheriff but I also know the history of the Hochstetler Clan. When you see one running around wearing a free El chapo tee shirt, do you think that the liberals were possibly looking for more? I myself am a conservative but I’m being told that I have no rights, “I’m supposed to believe that cocaine is better than tobacco, ” So where do you draw the line Sheriff?
    In fact my guns were stolen by a Crackhead, and now I’m the one deemed “not a conservative?” Oh yeah okay, let him have the guns I’m sure he would do a fine job against Al Qaeda. Meanwhile I’m bankrupt.

  • Jennifer Lee

    Now this is an example of a REAL MAN!!! Thank you for upholding the law and your oath to protect the constitution!!! XXOO

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  • MaryMacMaster

    Michigan needs some carbon copies of the Constitutional Oath Keeper Elkhart, Indiana’s Sheriff Brad Rogers.

  • Matthew

    Glad I live in the Republic of Texas!

  • Texas001

    Good for you sheriff. The feds are always trying to force laws on us. Remember that is how the war between the states started, the federal government imposing laws on states. (it was not slavery as most think).

  • jd1958

    Bravo!!! We need more sheriff’s like him!!!!

  • w. rohrbacher

    Thank you Sheriff Rogers! We need more like you!

  • di from Oregon

    It ticks me off that the gov’t thinks they can interfere in our lives in such an intrusive, unconstitutional way, it’s none of the dang business what we eat, most of what they call food is just junk anyway!

  • Lynn B

    It’s about time our Officials started standing up for the PEOPLE !!!!! RE: Sheriff Rogers exclaimed “Your local elected officials can stem the tide of federal overreach if they apply just a little backbone in supporting and defending the Constitution. Expect it! Demand it! ” Kudo’s Sheriff Rogers Kudos !!!!!

  • God bless you Sir, you the sheriff’s are the ones to uphold the Constitution per 1775 style for US The People La Gente, thanks again

  • Alouette

    Well, this is all fine and good, but what if a farmer sells diseased milk that
    ends up making people sick and killing elderly, weak, and sick people?
    Will this sheriff still stand up for the farmer’s right to sell his
    diseased milk? How would the sheriff know the milk is diseased if the
    farmer’s operation is not inspected by a competent authority? The
    sheriff took an oath to uphold the Constitution, and that’s a good
    thing. But he has to realise that the FDA was established
    constitutionally by the Congress and makes rules constitutionally
    pursuant to the will of the Congress. If he took an oath to uphold the
    Constitution, then why does he not honour Article I of the Constitution
    that states supreme legislative power to make laws and rules lies with
    the Congress, and not with the county sheriff. And if he supports the
    Constitution, why does he not honour Article VI of the Constitution:
    “This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be
    made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be
    made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law
    of the land;” But this sheriff believes he is the supreme law of the
    land, the land that comprises Elkhart County. I don’t see the
    Constitution making an exception to the supreme law of the land
    provision for this sheriff, so he can ignore the law he’s sworn to
    uphold and in order for him to make his own law. This is creepy. Law
    enforcement making the laws. People like this sheriff, in their desire
    to uphold the Constitution, actually assault the Constitution they
    purport they’re upholding. Anarchy is not the solution, so don’t follow
    people like this anarchist sheriff, because his concept of the
    Constitution, and even the concept of law itself, is convoluted. We
    have to work within the law to change the law, and not resort to
    desperation and throwing our hands up in the air because of frustration,
    thus becoming criminals ourselves. This sheriff is standing in the way
    of change by providing an unstable element to a situation which should
    be approached rationally and with calm reflection. If he can’t handle
    changing the law legally, then he should step out of the way so those of
    us who can will, and not provide an impediment to our cause for
    peaceful change by his testosterone-induced attempt to be a demagogue,
    the publicity from which is neither solicited nor appreciated by sane
    people actually trying to do this the right way. We don’t need any more
    John Wayne-ism, we’ve had enough, because it’s gotten us nowhere except
    to make us look like fools. And if this sheriff wants to be the poster
    child for ignorance, lawlessness, and a failed education system, let
    him do it on his own time, and not on the taxpayer’s clock. As far as
    the sheriff goes, the majority of Americans do not want this kind of
    behaviour from a public servant.

  • Brian Mumford

    I believe the 3,000 or so county sheriff’s across the nation should organize the “unorganized” militia per 10 USC §311 to help ensure they have the manpower to stand up to our government.

  • iphoenix

    These thugs are mercinaries that want to operate apart from the Constitution!

  • Charles

    Thank you Sheriff. You’re a true American. Those nitwits at the federal agencies, all the agencies, are out of control; yet, the state they do not know anything when called in front of a Congressional hearing. The dumbest people have been found by Obozo so he can damage as much as possible our country, our Christianity and divide us as much as possible. He truly hates the U.S.A and is a Muslim leaning, ;lying, creep who has broken his Oath of Office so many times; yet, the Democrats will do nothing along with the Republicans. Sad.

  • Miley Seim

    “raw milk” is slang term used to describe the process when a person drops to their knees to suck the teats of dairy cows until they express all over their face, it’s pretty hot!

  • Fred Siegel

    I drank raw milk at my grand parents farm when II was a kid and I’m still here.

  • Kim Paddock

    It should be a normal course of action for our sheriffs to stop these invasive raids on the citizens that they took an oath to protect and serve. Too many sheriffs simply allow their federal friends the ability to come into their territory and do as they please. See: The Oregon Standoff. There is too much corruption and too many sheriffs that are overly-friendly with federal agents and they wonder why citizens don’t trust them.

  • Guy Felix Vuillemin

    still to day we drink raw milk here in France…..never sick;In fact some germs grow easier on sterile dairy products especially cheese….Listeria fe cose othe rgerms fingus empeach listeria ro grow…..

  • 1bobolds2

    – HOORAH for Sheriff Rogers – – My SALUTE to you Sir – !!!!!!!! —WE need MORE good Sheriffs in OUR USA – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MaryMacMaster

    Kudos to Sheriff Brad Rogers who honorably upholds his oath of office. We need far more of his most honorable and constitutional character.

  • Surly Curmudgen

    My Grandfather ran a diary farm that supplied raw milk to a town of 1200 people for a little over twenty years and no one became sick from the milk. Handle the milk right and there are no problems.

  • Paul X

    Oh-oh. No more federal toys for this sheriff’s police department…

  • sc3pilot

    Humans flourished for tens of thousands of years drinking raw animal milk.

  • Witchwindy

    Last sentence, the word used SHOULD have been “populace” (the entire population of a country, State County, etc.), instead of “populous” (heavily populated). Please correct the error.

  • Thomas Pasqualone

    Thank you sheriff Rodgers, for standing up for your constituents.

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  • Thomas Pasqualone

    Thank you sheriff Rofgers, for stnding


  • god for the sherrif bout dam time and letting them know they come inot his ounty they go to jai land done its over and thats how you set the feds straight as to who is in charge hre adn its not them

  • Naomi Williams

    A big Woo-hoo! from Sonoma County, California. Thanks, Sheriff Rogers!

  • dafuggs


  • William Kananen

    Only one battle in the war on tyranny.

  • The Rocking Horse Guy

    It’s good to know that there those in government who are NOT against freedom.

  • Thomas Dijulio

    The article says that it isn’t illegal to sell raw milk in that way in Indiana but according to http://www.in.gov/boah/2489.htm it is illegal. It appears very clear that the FDA and DOJ had reason to inspect this farm on the grounds that they were breaking the law and whether or not someone disagrees with the law or not, these organizations have to enforce it. The FDA and DOJ do not need search warrants to inspect farms the same way that the police needs a warrant to inspect someone’s house. Any facility that provides food to the public is required to be inspected for meeting safety regulations and if they have demonstrated that they did not meet certain regulations then it is in accordance with the law that that facility may be subjected to even more frequent inspections. Perhaps the law should be changed but that is separate. Those who disagree with raw milk restrictions can antagonize the FDA and DOJ for doing their job or they can try to change the law. Perhaps send letters to government officials and companies and/or get a petition started. People could even boycott pasteurized milk.