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The Lady Federalist is a political activist, Constitutional writer, speaker, and radio show host. As an Air Force veteran, she believes that Liberty comes at a price, one that is paid by all who partake of it. The Lady Federalist resides in Texas with her German Shepherd, Coraline and her Maine Coon cat Kallie.

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  • Scott Polson

    update link is broken, any way to contact the author?

  • Traci Eccles
  • Jeff

    Man, these cops would have had a Hell of a day coming to my home like this, especially the young cop with his gun drawn around my family. Like they quit making guns after they made that cops gun.

  • patriot156

    After many attempts to put down how I really feel on this without being targeted by Govt. All I got is………… Good luck to them. Wish the sheep would wake up.

  • patriot156

    1st this is what allowing the courts and state handle things peacefully.

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  • Listen tonight at 7:30 EST, 6:30 CST, 5;30 MST, 4;30 PST to Truth Stands Alone radio for an interview with the Petrenko’s.

  • Jefferson Voltaire

    Police Departments all over the country need to be reminded that they police our communities with our permission and that permission may be revoked at any time. Shut down the entire department and fire them all.

  • Justice Kelly

    I see an 18 USC 24 and 242 lawsuit action here in a big hurry… This is the reason why we promote local patriot groups, community groups and Oath Keeper events with LEO’s… they know we are around and watching.