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  • Marci Lynn

    I would sue the school and by the looks of the houses they could afford to easy

  • Reneé Kunkel

    How is a school threatening arrest for walking beyond school property and on public access areas?

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  • nightwisp

    Sue her behind and get rid of her. She cannot direct parents on where they can walk. A school is public property. Se how fast this lasts when you storm the superintendent and school board.

  • netcynergy

    The Parents need to purchase some Courage or consider having ‘backbones’ medically implanted & Run this Dictator out of the School District and Remind everyone who the Teachers and Principals WORK FOR…

  • Students shouldn’t be in public indoctrination centers anyway. So, be good sheeple and quit your bitchin’.

  • john

    Just how many kids are in this so-called school?

  • NOVAOptOut

    from an environmental view – advocating unnecessary car driving is misguided, from a healthy living point of view – advocating that students not exercise by walking or biking to school is seriously misguided – from a safety point of view – schools nationwide safely handle arrival and dismissal everyday, perhaps principal needs a refresher course. Principal is playing games, but the bigger question is why are parents agreeing?

  • jaguar

    Fight this draconian woman…don’t let her get by with this nonsense. There is no way she can get by with forbidding parents from walking to school to pick up their kids, that is their right to do so..

  • Nolia1

    When I lived in LW and my child attended BBES, we encouraged her to walk or ride a bike with friends to the school. Before living there, we had never had an opportunity for her to do that, and it was a good experience for her and us. Unfortunately, it seems that MISD and Principal Ray have missed an opportunity to work with the parents to develop a better drop off/pick up solution, and to help the neighbors whose homes face the school who are held hostage each school day by the massive lines of cars that park in front of their homes. This isn’t about SAHM’s or presumed wealthier people being inconvenienced or getting their “just desserts” from a over-reaching policy, it’s about ISD and school leadership recognizing the concerns, and taking steps to encourage collaboration on a well-known and continuing issue of school and child safety and transportation efficiency. Instead, an impasse has been created, and parents are being threatened. What a true shame.

  • Michael Villafana

    Hey Texas you’re tougher than this! Every parent needs to organize together and take one day off and hold all kids out of school the same day. Higher one law firm that specializes in Constitutional civil rights and file a class action lawsuit against the school board and name the principal as well. Slap her and the board with such an astronomical amount the board will fire her. Period. Play fire with fire. Trust me you as a whole have POWER! Never forget that. Your only remedies in the lawsuit should be the complete removal of the principal or a extremely high dollar amount for pain suffering and violations of civil liberties. Go get her!

  • David Swanson

    As long as government mandates by law non-adult citizenry attend public education institutions and if the institutions private or not fulfill that mandate be it public funding, the institution is indeed, public. There are no civil rights waivers. Parents have a right to escort their children and the children have a right to attend their mandated duties by any available means. Perhaps a 42 USC 1983 civil lawsuit exorcism would expedite the insanity spirits to another realm. Pain in the wallet often motivates public official tyrants to the corner.

  • Karen McKim-Altman

    Parents should join together and go as a huge group and demand that this Principal be fired! What were the reasons for this new ‘law’ handed down by the Principal? Makes no sense.

  • John Clark


  • Eric Burnham

    Stupid biotch

  • patriot156

    Kind of weird my retort last night to someone is gone? Why wasn’t even very bad just stating facts and truth. One would think that on a anti Obama/ Socialist web site and about not complying with collective thinking, one would think a statement like mine wouldn’t get cut. Seems as if so called Patriot web sites are about fun and games as well and not true freedom then? Kind of funny only two of my statements made the cut. One on more collective thinking, and how this is Texas too being scary. Which is why I don’t really comment on these sites that much anymore, because all they care about is fun and games.

    • We don’t manually delete any comments. The only way a comment is removed is if a lot of users Flag it as inappropriate then the system will automatically hide it until I get a chance to review the reasons why.

      • patriot156

        Well then I’d question why a retort would get lots of flags then, because I know what I said wasn’t even that bad. But hen again you do get both sides who care nothing for truth wouldn’t want truth coming out especially if it messes with their fun and games I guess.

  • Cindy

    First of all, no one would tell me that I couldn’t step onto a piece of property where my child happens to spend his/her day. Not to mention, that would be impossible to live by since one has to sign their child out for doctors appointments and such. Are they just going to let a child leave the school grounds, because they claim to have an appointment? How idiotic. Any parent with any brains at all would pull their child out. Who does this principal think she is? Stalin? Hitler? Obama?

  • barleywheets

    Its sounds like to me ALL parents should be pulling their kids from that kind of school..it is plain stupid to allow yourself and children to be treated in such away.

  • Julie Berry Clark

    Get your kids out of the government indoctrination centers, AKA public schools. They will wind up just like this loony principle.

    • Shawn Baker

      I went to public school and there is nothing wrong with me I was also taught right from wrong when I was growing up and that I didn’t have to do anything I felt was against my moral and if a teacher tried to bully me or even a principal my step dad and mom were there to back me up and again there is nothing wrong with me it all starts with the parents and how they teach there children

      • Julie Berry Clark

        I sent my own kids to public schools. I would change it if I could, but I can’t. However, they’ve gotten so much worse since then (1998 and 2003). My husband and I are sacrificing a lot to send our grandkids to private school. If I didn’t think it was really an important thing, I’d love to save the money, but it is critical, in my opinion.

  • anarchyst

    Here is food for thought, especially for those who support “public education” and rally about the doctrine of “socialization” that they claim is lacking in “homeschooled” children.
    Let’s look at what “public education” has to offer:
    1. Cliques and rampant bullying, quite often the victim of bullying punished more harshly for fighting back. Many times, bullies are part of a “protected” class–racial minorities, jocks, etc. Strong official disapproval of students making friends outside their grade level. “Peer pressure” used to push conformity.
    2. Teachers that don’t teach reading writing and arithmetic. Pushing communist principles such as rabid environmentalism, blaming humanity for conditions beyond our control as well as pushing “communitarianism” (“it takes a village”)–actually communism. This also ties in with teacher-recommended feminizing and drugging (mostly boys) to make them “less fidgety” and more compliant–all for the “benefit” of the teacher.
    3. Non-existent moral guidance…the communist concept of “values clarification”, allowing each student to set his own moral standard with no discussion permitted as to guidelines. A student dare not mention God or the Bible in “public school”–not permitted…discussing Islam is OK…even field trips to mosques are encouraged.
    4. Sex education that normalizes homosexuality and other deviant practices, actually encouraging deviant behavior and downplaying heterosexuality and abstinence.
    5. Insane zero tolerance practices, punishing students for pop-tarts shaped like guns or a student having an “unauthorized aspirin” or plastic butter knife. Of course, abortions and birth control are available without parental notification.
    6. Lockdowns and backpack/locker searches by police utilizing “drug dogs”, getting the upcoming generation used to random unconstitutional searches. Quite often, students “roughed up” by “school resource officers”…just because they can…Lockdowns should be reserved for prisons–not schools…
    Since these “socialization” practices seem to be the norm in our “public education” systems, parents who send their children to these dysfunctional “indoctrination centers” are guilty of child abuse…
    Children who are homeschooled actually do much better in life as they are comfortable with people of all ages. True socialization takes place outside the classroom.

  • JB

    Take a look at the google maps street view – there is a fence around the entire property and no sidewalks, kids would have to go to the highway to gain entry – sometimes you have to protect the stupid, in this case any parent that would let their child walk or ride a bicycle – what they need are sidewalks in the neighborhood

    • patriot156

      the mind set of people nowadays with their there’s a fence here or fence there or some other lame excuse makes me ill. All these excuses existed many years ago BTW so no need to change now.

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  • patriot156

    What is scary too this is Texas.

  • patriot156

    Just one more instance of slow collective thinking. Where peace and safety wins out against liberty. Get used to it.
    Not that I support it either just saying. History and prophecy being fulfilled here.

  • Larenzo1

    Time for these parents to stand up to this Nazis Biyotch

  • D M

    Privatize the schools. Implement the use of educational vouchers. Force schools to improve service, quality and cost through competition.

  • Vashra Araeshkigal

    Excuse me, how is this legal? The school building is PUBLIC and paid for by tax dollars. The sidewalks all along and in front of the school are PUBLIC. This madwoman has NO legal authority to restrict anyone from walking on the sidewalks along the schools, though she *might* be able to push the trespass issue for actually walking onto the campus.

    Fire the school board. Fire this nut. Simple.

  • Diana Spirit

    Bullshit!! You don’t control anyone.. hahah

  • Dr. Dorothy Holtslander

    The parents need to file a class action suit against the principle…the school AND the school board!

    • L. A. McDonough

      Parents need to home school or send kids to Christian school. Parents who send kids to gov. schools are losers!

      • jaguar

        Maybe they can’t afford to do that…stop calling them losers. Maybe both parents need to work!!!

        • My guess is the woman wants to work outside the home; she’s been programmed to believe that’s “freedom.” We love our taxes don’t we? We all need to pay our “fair share.”

          • Crabapple

            I support stay at home moms and I’m a working mom, married with 2 kids. Working can be freedom if you’re with a man who is not fit to be a responsible husband or father…. used to, women had NO CHOICE but to stay in bad marriages or with abusive husbands… so in a sense, a woman who has marketable skills does have the freedom to walk away if she needs to… I’d call that freedom. But I get your point. Women are 50% of the population and therefore a significant tax base… I’m glad I have the freedom to be independent and earn money to support myself and my kids and that I’m not dependent on a man for food, shelter, clothing etc.

          • If a woman is with a man who is not a responsible husband or father, it’s the woman who should have checked those things out before she got married or spread her legs for that irresponsible male. Yes?

            A saying we don’t hear anymore, but I heard my mother say it many times, is, “you’ve made your bed, now lie in it.”

          • Crabapple

            Why should children suffer with an abusive dad? If a mom works, then she can take her kids out of a bad situation. I agree that you should know someone before you have kids, but people change. Some men decide after the fact that they don’t want kids… or they don’t want the responsibility… if the mom works, she has options, it’s a good thing.

          • No one is saying children should suffer, because of either the dad or the mom. I was a foster dad, a court appointed advocate for childred and know from first hand experience that moms are neglectful and don’t want their children either. In fact, I personally know children whose mothers were meth addicts and left their children alone long enough that they were diagnosed as “failure to thrive” and still, to this day, suffer the consequences due to the mother’s neglect.

        • Marci Lynn

          Ummmm did you see the very expensive neighborhood? They can afford to……

      • Shawn Baker

        Who are you to say that people who send there children to public schools are losers why because they work full time and can’t home school there kids or what if they aren’t Christian so plz tell me how majority of people are losers cuz to be honest your the one sounding like a loser by degrading majority of parents on the fact that they send there kids to public schools

        • L. A. McDonough

          If you luv the gov. schools your obviously a liberal, so have at it. People with conservative Christian values either home school and work part time, or send them to a private school. They make sacrifices, (I personally know some) because they don’t want their kids brainwashed turning them into socialist idiots and gross sex ed. People that cannot afford to stay home and teach, don’t need to have the kids in the first place!

  • I find it rather interesting how the Trespass Warning is worded. “into or onto, the business, private property or private residence” then lists the name of the school in the blank.
    When did public schools become businesses, private property or private residences? If such is the case, then Mr. Young has a case to cease paying taxes to the Magnolia ISD, and to recoup any previously paid taxes to same.
    However, since we all know that there is not one judge in all of Texas who will state that schools are businesses, private property or private residences, and instead are public schools – public property – then Mr. Young has a case for having the warning removed! Either way, the warning was issued for invalid and capricious reasons.

    • kodster

      In Texas, schools that are in an Independent School District, or ISD, are indeed PRIVATELY owned property.

      • Gary

        There are no more Independent School Districts! It is a name only, all school districts are taking money from the government.

        • kodster

          See my response to jamamiss, below. It will show that you are wrong.

      • jamamiss

        Who owns them?

        • kodster

          An independent school district (ISD) is a type of school district in some U.S. states for primary and secondary education, which operates as an entity that is independent and separate from any municipality, county, or state. As such the administrative leadership of such districts is selected from within the district itself and has no direct responsibility to any other governmental authority. This independence normally also implies that the district has its own taxing authority that is outside of the direct control of other governmental entities.

          The state of Texas has by far the largest number of independent school districts with almost all of its districts falling into this category (Stafford Municipal School District being the notable exception). The term independent may be used to describe other types of school districts though this is less common.

          The use of the term independent can vary in actual application in those states that even use the term. In Kentucky, for example, all school districts there are independent of the state, county, and municipal governments. However a district is normally only referred to as independent if its jurisdiction does not cover an entire county, instead covering a city or cluster of cities.

          • Julie Berry Clark

            Aren’t they still collecting tax dollars from tax payers in their district? Wouldn’t that still make them owned by tax payers?

          • kodster

            We don’t OWN school districts. That’s a ruse to make you believe that you do.

      • nightwisp

        If tax payer money is involved, it is PUBLIC.

    • Bob Smith

      I would not be surprised that someday we find out that the schools were sold to Spain.

      • larrylock

        Nawwww our schools will be sold to China, teachers from radical Islamic states, food handlers from India, transported by Mexicans, and guarded by UN troops (same ones that rape minors).

  • mrsmup

    Nazi, right here in America.

    • Gary

      Worse yet, here in Texas!

    • If only it was Nazis, this wouldn’t be happening.
      Your understanding of National Socialism was most likely learned in a public school.
      You best brush up on your revisionist history.
      Start with The Greatest Story Never Told.

  • gingerdr

    It is amazing to me how easy parents cave and give up their parental rights to a governmental bureaucracy. FYI. Frank Young is one of the most mild manner individuals I have encountered.

  • Jock Doubleday

    “Mr. Young … ended up pulling his kids from the district” — and put them in a DIFFERENT Rothschild indoctrination camp. “Home schooling? Never entered my mind.”

  • Gary

    The tresspass order states “into the business, private property or private residences” These types of orders carry no weight when it comes to Public property and deemed no more than scare tactics. He could simply through that letter in the garbage and forget about it. Because that is what it is garbage.

    • How does one get a citation for trespassing on public property for which one is part owner? I mean really, look at the county CAD files for your property in the area and see how your taxes are broken down. ALL property assessed taxes listed the amount that is charged for the local ISD. Since we pay them, we are part owners, and thus cannot be trespassing upon something which we own.

  • Carey Gregg

    This post conveniently leaves out the details of what Frank Young did to earn himself the Trespass Warning. I and many other parents expressed disagreement on this policy to Mrs. Ray, and none of us were issued Trespass Warnings. I was politely and respectfully told that my concerns were heard and would be taken into consideration. This is probably because I approached the matter in a polite and respectful manner myself. Mr. Young most certainly did not, and neither did his wife. If you’re going to throw out potentially libelous accusations, it’s advisable to be sure you have all of the facts. This “article” doesn’t even come close.

    • kodster

      So, WHY did Mrs. Ray issue such draconian rules, in the first place? What was her justification? That’s what is missing from the facts here, so I’m not going to say anything positive or negative, since we’re only seeing one side.

      • Carey Gregg

        The rule was instituted because in previous years many parents parked and waited in the school or walked up and waited in groups in front of the school. While it thankfully never happened, it would have been very possible for an unauthorized parent to pick up a student. There was no way to tell who belonged with whom. In addition, there are no sidewalks leading to and from the school, so bikers and walkers just intermingled with traffic. While I was not a fan of the new rule either, I have to agree that my children’s safety is more important to me than my convenience.

        And you are correct that there are facts missing here. Pretty much all of them. The “source” for this story is a blog post by a woman with a personal agenda against the school, district, and several board members. There is a tiny smidgen of truth in this article, intermingled with a LOT of half-truths and implications.

        • kodster

          Thank you, Carey. I kinda gathered that it was a one-sided grievance who didn’t agree with the policy. And what you described is pretty much my reasoning, too. It’s a safety issue.

          • gingerdr

            This has nothing to do with safety. It is all about control.

          • kodster

            If you want to fall for the fear mongering, that’s up to you. I prefer to see both sides, and draw my own conclusions. It’s not about ‘control’, but rather making sure that the students are kept safe from pedophiles. Why don’t you read what one of the other parents said it was all about, instead of siding with the author, who only presented ONE side of the story, so that you would fall for the propaganda?

          • TheHutMaster

            It is NOT their place to dictate parents decisions, End if Story. Phuck this school board.

          • Bryan

            Kodster, first you are an idiot to fall for the “safety” bandwagon aspect of “control”. Using “safety” as a way to control the actions of good parents is growing and needs to be stopped. Safety is the real propaganda, things done for the sake of safety are horrible crimes against humanity. Safety is not always a good thing, in fact it suffers from the law of diminishing marginal returns, would you like to be 100% safe. Right, see the point idiot, only when you are dead are you perfectly safe.

          • kodster

            Right, Bryan. And so, I’ll die, due to someone else’s lawlessness, which your premise encourages. No, thanks. There’s a fine line between ‘safety’ and ‘control’. I’m thinking along the lines of the school district’s liability issues. I put my full hope in Jesus Christ, not mankind, and that’s where my ‘safety’ lies, in His promises He made to us, and is in the process of fulfilling the last of them. Not mankind… because we see where that got us. The ‘lawlessness one’ is coming… hope you enjoy life under those circumstances.

          • patriot156

            So….. You do know the peace and safety prophecy then? When they shall say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes? Doesn’t sound like you know much about the bible or Christ to begin with. Or the one… He shall come with a peace platter and destroy many. That’s not talking about some benevolent creature who only wants to do good as many have said. “So whats wrong with peace”? Garbage. People argue over the peace factor like it’s something good, but forget, or ignore the destroy many aspect of the whole thing.

          • kodster

            Teeehhhheeeeeheeeee! I believe that I know the Word a lot more in depth than you would EVER believe. You obviously believe that we are going to go through the Great Tribulation, based on your comment. Well, if that’s what you believe, you just called Jesus a liar. If you believe that the Word is 100% accurate, and that you have faith in it, then you must know that what you describe, you won’t be here to see it happen. So, why do you worry about it?

          • patriot156

            I doubt that. How many times have you read scripture all the way through? Along with some of the other books not Canonized? IE Enoch Jubilees etc….?

            Have you humbled yourself as a little child and even before even opening the Book asked the Holy spirit to lead and guide you in truth? The answer is if you, and if you have not came to God’s word for the reason you know things are wrong and should not be this way then even if you have done something like that the interpretation will not be correct. And no! your the one calling Jesus a liar because no where does it remotely mention anything about a Pre-trib rapture. That came in years and years ago even before it was even time for man to even begin to understand much of the truth.

            Any attempt before 1948 to address certain prophecy’s were a waste of time. Because it says in Daniel to lock up the books plural UNTIL the time of the end. That started when Israel became it’s own nation again. Not before. There is no Antichrist as in a one man world ruler, but were all, mankind in General is antichrist, for as scripture makes it clear there are many antichrists. The one sitting in the temple is us as a whole, because were the ones playing God. No third temple as in an earthly made building will ever be built because everyone knows that if anyone even tries it they will be killed. The Abomination desolation is already here! it’s called the dome on the rock.

            Romans thirteen has been mistranslated also. http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=83179.0
            I do extensive research on scripture and prophecy almost on a nightly bases so…yeah no I doubt it.you know more about it than me.
            It’s kind of presumptive of people to assume they will be saved from tribulation don’t ya think?
            I mean scripture all throughout there’s a theme and being whisked away is not it. Only two people in scripture were saved from death Enoch, and Elijah, maybe Elishah, but would have to check, but only those two I know of off the top of my head.

          • kodster

            patriot156… how else do you approach the Word? For if you do not accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, the Word will appear a foolish fairytale, complete gibberish. And I’ll have you know that I have read the Word, from cover to cover, as well as the non-canonical books of Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees, which are all referenced in the Word, so at one time, they were indeed a part of the Word, but taken out by Emperor Constantine, when he formed the satanic Roman Catholic Church, in 305 AD. Can’t believe that Roman Catholics believe the lie propagated by their ‘church’ that Peter, who was crucified upside down, because he felt unworthy to die the same way that Jesus did, was dead before Jerusalem fell in 70 AD, was their first pope. Obviously, that’s an impossibility.

            patriot156… do you even realize that in 1948, the book of Daniel was unsealed? We are the terminal generation that saw Israel become a nation again. That turned God’s timeclock back on. That means, we are IN the last days of the Church. You can look at the headlines (including this article) and see that we are about to see many prophecies fulfilled (Ezekiel 38 is about to happen… Iran-Turkey… which will lead to Isaiah 17… Damascus).

            And I beg to differ about the timing of the Rapture/Resurrection. I’m not pre-Trib… I’m pre-Wrath. If you truly do understand the context of the Scripture… such as Matthew 24:36… that is a reference to the ancient Jewish wedding traditions. If you understand those traditions, you can see what Jesus meant, when He said that. Here is a link, along with Scriptural support, to show what I mean. http://www.laydownlife.net/yedidah/AncientJewishWeddingCeremony.htm

            Also, if you understand the Feast Days (the Appointed Times) of God, you will realize that Jesus fulfilled, to the hour, and even to the minute, the Spring Feast Days (the moment of His Triumphant Entry… everyone believes that the people were acknowledging Him as the Messiah then… no, that’s not true. They were singing Hosannas, because that is what was required at Passover, and He entered at that particular moment, to fulfill prophecy as the sacrificial lamb; the moment of His death on the cross was at the exact same moment as the priest slitting the throat of the sacrificial lamb on the altar, at 3 pm, the time ordained for the priests to do this final sacrifice by God’s commandment to them). All of the traditions that Judaism practices for these Feast Days have a significant reason behind them… a double understanding… Passover wasn’t just for the Jews escaping slavery from Egypt, and into the Exodus to the Promised Land. It was also a dress rehearsal for the Messiah’s First Advent. All of the Spring Feast Days are tied together, through Jesus. The same will be, for the Fall Feast Days, in His Second Advent.

          • kodster

            Today, we see Matthew 24 coming to pass… that tells us the season is upon us. With the Blood Moon Tetrad, falling upon the Lord’s Feast Days of Passover and Sukkot in 2014-2015, along with the solar eclipse on March 20th, 2015 (the Spring Equinox), along with the SuperMoons appearing in July, August and September of 2014, and the same sequence, in 2015 (when normally they don’t appear but every 13 months, 18 days, so a significant sign in the heavens), as we are admonished to watch for, in Genesis 1:14… There’s a gospel song… ‘In the year of the Jubilee’. The Jews know that Jesus will return in the first year of a Shemitah/Jubilee cycle. We are in the first year of the 7-year cycle of the Shemitah (ending on September 1st, 2016) and it also being the 70th Jubilee (the 70th Jubilee referenced by Daniel… having been restarted with the decree of the Balfour Mandate being put into action in 1917, which allowed the lands for the nation of Israel to be restored to the Jews, 49 years later, the city of Jerusalem was restored to the Jews, in the Six-Day War… 49 years later, we see the advent of the 70th Jubilee… The odds of this happening all in the same timeframe is, just like all the prophecies in the Messiah’s First Advent was astronomical, is astronomical, as well.
            In 1 Corinthians 15:52, we see a reference to the last trumpet “Behold, I tell you a mystery; we will not all sleep, but we will all be changed, 52 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the ‘last trumpet’; for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed.” At the Feast of Trumpets, or Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, which comes on September 24-25 of this year, and on September 14-15 of next year, they blow the shofar (trumpet, or ram’s horn) 100 times over the two days (it is two days, because of the time change around the world, since they don’t know exactly when the new moon will appear, and the Jews are dispersed throughout the world, so they do it over two days to ensure that they are observing it correctly). Tradition is that the very last blowing of the shofar is called the ‘last trumpet’. See the connection? So, when this happens, the Rapture will occur… at the pre-Wrath moment of the ‘last trumpet’. Revelation 6:9 is being fulfilled now… the martyrs of ISIS’ victims… something that hasn’t happened on such a monumental scale since before Emperor Constantine’s time. “And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: 10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? 11 And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.”

            The next event on the timeline is the global earthquake, which is the polar shift that the planet is experiencing the beginnings of… the ‘birthpangs’ of Matthew 24… that is Revelation 6:12. There will be a period of silence through Creation (John estimated that it was a half-hour, but since time in Heaven is irrelevant, this was his estimate of the time passage), and then the global earthquake hits. “And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; 13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. 14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. 15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; 16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: 17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?” We know that this will be the polar shift… because of the volcanoes, spewing their ash, etc., into the atmosphere, will cause the sun to blacken out (ever watch the movie, “Pompeii”… pretty good illustration of what happens) and the moon to turn blood red… the planet will turn with such ferocity, that it will appear that the stars will fall from heaven, because of their shift from our perspective, in such a quick moment. The last time the planet experience a polar shift with such violence, was at the time of Noah’s Great Flood… that’s what created our tectonic plates, what caused the continent of Pangaea to split into the seven continents we know today, and what released the salt water oceans that exist subterranean that we know today exist, so that the whole of the planet was submerged. Here’s another clue… the “conspiracy theory” of underground bunkers being built, like under Denver International Airport… the one with the “Freemason” connections? That’s because Freemasonry, the “Olympians” or Committee of 300 of the One World Government-New World Order, is Satanic. Satan knows that His time is short… and they know that this polar shift is going to happen. They think that they can hide in the underground bunkers that they have built, under our very noses… that’s why all the secrecy. There’s not enough room for everyone to be in those bunkers, so they have reserved it for the elites. All those movies hinting at them, hidden in plain sight.

            So, based on the above… we CAN make a reasonable assumption of the Rapture, if we are watchful, and study the Word, knowing the context of the times of the Scriptures’ meanings.

          • patriot156

            How’s that working for ya? The Rapture that is?

            Well I know about the Giants of Genesis 6 I believe we had all kind of weird creatures, mermaids, unicorns, Giants, Hydra etc… Because India’s God, and even the Philistines worshiped a half fish half woman creature. I believe in the Fallen angels yes. they mated with earthly women and had hybrid humans who were many times taller, and many times stronger than mere mortals.

            I wont argue against Giants returning, but not going to worry over it much.

            The thing is that I’m trying to infer on people is to stop waiting on things that have already happened. That’s why all this FEMA camp stuff gets old even though I do believe it could happen and may, but gets old because the time is here now not some future time.

            God doesn’t say that many are destroyed through ignorance because he’s looking for some strange thing to come along way down the road he’s telling them because they were the ones already on the rise and were already mucking up his words.

            he doesn’t’ say the shepherds lead astray my people again it’s not for some far off time it’s because that’s already happened and people are being lied to even now. Mainstream Christianity isn’t about the truth and or about the secrets being told it’s about Mucking around. that’s the False prophet right there. the beast is us or our Govt the UN etc… it’s not some super human coming to power as I already stated it’s about us here now. That’s why there wont be a rapture at least not a pre-trib Rapture the only Rapture is when God shouts and the dead in Christ are risen and those left alive second.

            Read these sites http://www.teachingfaith.com/The-Last-Days-EBooks

            There are about 8-9 just on that series. I’ve read most of them and what he unveils shocks the hell out of people if their honest about their beliefs.


            Romans 13 has been manipulated, http://www.newswithviews.com/Gregory/williams100.htm

            Which goes back on topic. Were to not be following mans decrees as this not being able to walk our kids to school, or go pick them up. God tells us these warnings so we know what to do, not just to ignore them saying “Oh it means others, or it’s not for me. Or “yeah But…………………..
            You have faith in God and the Resurrection don’t’ worry about what man can do.

            Protest them stand up say no That’s why I’m so adamant on these kinds of stories when Govt is telling people what they can and can’t do at this kind of level. At all levels really since God should be our king not man.

            remember God told Samuel that in asking a king Israel is worshiping other Gods in doing so.

          • kodster

            Well, from what you’re inferring in your post, I’m going to take a gander at a guess that you’re a pre-terist. In your mind, everything has already happened. However, you don’t take into account that Israel was removed as a nation, in 135 AD, her inhabitants dispersed amongst the nations of the world. And that when that happened, everything on God’s time clock was put on hold. When she became a nation again in 1948, that’s when God’s time clock started ticking again. ANYTHING that happened between 70 AD and 1948 AD, cannot be conferred as a fulfillment of prophesy, INCLUDING any perceived Rapture, until ALL of the manifestations of Matthew 24 are happening, together. We see that, today. That means, as in Luke 21:28, the Rapture is about to happen. We see many other prophesies about to be fulfilled.

            I’m not going to argue with you anymore. You don’t believe that it’s going to happen, but I do, and on Feast of Trumpets, just as the Feast Days of Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, and Pentecost, were fulfilled by Jesus Christ, in 33 AD, to the minutest detail of the Jews’ observance of these Feast Days, so it was, by Jesus. He is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Based on these facts, I believe that He will fulfill the Fall Feast Days of Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Feast of Tabernacles, to fulfill the Rapture, the Great Tribulation, and the beginning of the Millennial Reign.

            Only time will tell… I know we only have slightly less than 5 months to get ready. I hope that those who have read these posts realize it, and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, if they haven’t already. Don’t put it off… you don’t know when you’ll be called home, and there are no ‘do-overs’.

          • patriot156

            We agree on the 1948 thing yes tribulation started then or shortly thereafter.
            Israel was invaded in or about 600 BC when the Assyrians took them then Judah was invaded in 700’s BC because Judah had a few Kings who were Righteous so God gave them a few more years. By 138AD which is already after Jesus walked the Earth Israel Judah were long gone.

            Israel the Northern Kingdom was dispersed throughout the worlds Hence Were Ephraim and England is Manasseh. No I don’t believe everything has come to pass as of yet No. For if it had man would no longer be in charge and Those deemed worth would be immortal. But I do believe a lot fo what people are looking to has already happened, especially if you looked at those links I sent.

          • patriot156

            Lovoy the day he got murdered was one of those 144,000.

          • kodster

            Uh… where was Moses buried? Is it because He never was? How do you know he wasn’t snatched up, too? He was transfigured when he was on Mount Sinai, for when he returned to the Israelites on the desert floor, they told him to cover his face, because it shone so brightly, just as Jesus did, on the Mount of Olives, when the 3 apostles witnessed Him, Moses, and Elijah appearing there, together. BTW… there is no word ‘Rapture’ in the Word… but there are SEVERAL references in the Hebrew as ‘snatching up’, ‘snatching away’. These are all references to the ‘Rapture’ as it was translated from the Latin (‘Rapturo’), who took it from the Greek (‘Harpazo’), when the Word was translated into the Greek Septuagint. All of the books of the New Testament are written in Greek, for that was the language prevalent at the time that Jesus walked the earth.

            And thusly, you entirely dismiss the books of Paul, for those are the ones that tell you that Jesus, Himself, told Paul about the mystery of the Rapture. So, if Jesus, Himself, is the one that shared it, and He is the source… then you’re calling Jesus the liar. Revelation 3:10 is Jesus’ words, from Himself. ‘Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.’ That’s the promise that He will take us to safety, and the only place left is in Heaven, itself.

          • patriot156

            uh yes, yes Moses was buried Deuteronomy 34 vs five states that Moses died and was Buried there In Moab in the Valley of Moab. But no man knows where his Sepulcher is to this day.

          • kodster

            Really? I know that Moses died… but he wasn’t buried by the Israelites. He was told to go off somewhere, by himself. No one witnessed him dying. Also, if Moses wrote Deuteronomy, as the general assumption is, how could he write about his own death? Here’s something else to ponder. If he was one of the two that appeared to Jesus on the Mount of Olives, but NO one was resurrected, except Lazarus and a young teen-age girl, while Jesus was still alive, and He was the One that resurrected them, how did Moses get transfigured? Jesus was the First Fruits of the Resurrection, but when He was resurrected, so were those that believed in Him, by faith, in the Old Testament, along with those that died while knowing Him personally while He was alive, in the New Testament. So, that would have meant that Moses was resurrected at the same time as Jesus, right? However, we see him transfigured and meeting with Jesus at the Mount of Olives, BEFORE Jesus is crucified!

          • patriot156

            Did you not read the above answer to all this? From Lee Drake, and lady Federalist?
            If you claim to want to hear both sides and make your own conclusions, i think I’d want to see theirs as well.

          • kodster

            I never saw LadyFederalist’s OR Lee Drake’s posts, because they were not directed to one of MY replies. I get email notices when people respond to MY posts, not when they respond to someone else. If I got notices for EVERYONE that posted ANYTHING on comment sections, my inbox would be overwhelmed with them, so I restrict them to just my own. However, I went back and read her post. And no where does she say that she is a direct, first person, account, like the original poster, Carey Gregg, is. I’ll believe the person who is there, experiencing the situation, and providing the other side of the story, since the story only shows typical journalistic baiting for the ‘impugned’ side. My original comment was in response to HER providing the other half of the story, which I asked for, from HER, not anyone else who is speculating, just as much as you are. Now, Lee Drake’s… that’s a different horse of another color. He knows the participants in this situation, as well. All I asked for were the facts. They’re coming out in fullness, now. When we don’t get all the facts, we’re left to speculate, and that’s where the controversies get us at each others’ throats. That’s the intent of the left-winged journalists.

        • How is no longer being allowed to walk or bicycle to and from school going to prevent unauthorized parties from collecting children from school?
          How does disallowing parents to walk their children to and from school going to prevent unauthorized parties from collecting them?
          How does requiring motorized vehicles now ensure that this WILL NOT happen? It does not, unless the staff and faculty are now required to view the photo identification of all drivers to ensure that they are the ones authorized to collect the child/children.
          Sorry, but that argument does not wash…it is now even more difficult to tell who belongs with whom…not to mention that a kidnapper can get away faster in a motor vehicle than they can on foot. Was that ever considered? My high school aged child is REQUIRED to either walk 1.93 miles to his school – with no regular sidewalks and much traffic at 7:30 am – as he lives within the 2 miles radius of his school. We do not have a car to drive him to and from school…so the bullcrap safety reasoning behind YOUR principal’s rule does not wash in her case, either!
          Why haven’t you and the other parents petitioned your local government to install sidewalks and bike lanes, rather than cave to the draconian rule of a Principal who has no authority to create such a rule outside of her elementary school jurisdiction? Perhaps you all have money falling out of your backsides and can afford to spend it on extra fuel and vehicle repairs for driving to and from and idling in park while waiting for your child to exit the school at the end of the day. Sadly, the rest of us do not. Many of us have to hold down jobs, or simply do not have cars, or GASP, expect that common sense and Common Law to be the rule.
          One does not “earn” a trespass citation. It is given at the whim of the law enforcement agent on duty based on his or her own bias and wishes. Public schools are Public Property, and therefore one CANNOT be trespassing upon one! If you are assessed and pay property taxes, then you are part owner of the school, and therefore cannot trespass upon it’s property.

        • Lea Drake

          The facts are Mrs. Young had a petition going around and the principal found out about it. She was also informed that the Youngs were going to speak at the next board meeting. That’s all. The next thing he knew, he was being served. You need to get your facts correct. I know Mr. Young very well and he is the most liked, well mannered person I have ever met. He went from being s WatchDog dad and volunteering at the school all the time to this. Her words against his. The principal has lied to my face, so I’ll take Mr. Young’s side any day over hers!

        • TheHutMaster

          What a plie of New World Order dribble. I DO NOT, nor WILL NOT allow a silly school board make MY decisions for me. ps, Dr. Phil called and wants his “How to make silly comments, and look Good” book back.

        • ClareClare

          “… it would have been very possible for an unauthorized parent to pick up a student. There was no way to tell who belonged with whom.”

          WHY NOT?

          And how does creating a long chain of waiting cars somehow obviate this potential problem?

          If the school admin is REALLY so concerned about children being picked up by strangers, then set up a system at the front door ensuring that walker-parents really ARE the parents of the kid they’re picking up. This is not rocket-science! Btw, I taught high school for several years and we had to trouble-shoot these types of situations all the time, coming up with an effective solution, so I do know what I’m talking about.

    • MBruceQuarles

      Carey, from your comment I understand the article to be correct in stating that parents can not walk to the school with their children or to pick them up and the kids can not even ride their bike to school. If this is the case I understand why any parent would be angry with the person that makes such an absurd rule. In my experience with bureaucrats when stating a concern to them and their reply is they will take it into consideration is their way of letting it be known they run this show and have heard enough. Please reply and let me and any others that read the comments know if our employee, Mrs. Ray, came to an epiphany on this subject. Thank you.

    • gingerdr

      Please Carey since you have all the details do tell.

    • TheHutMaster

      Kissing ass, and being politically correct is NOT the way you handle criminal scumbags. WAKE UP!

    • Tom Cook

      So please provide the libelous accusations supposedly made by Mr Young. Do not just make an accusation and leave it hanging there.

      • Carey Gregg

        I did not say one word about Mr. Young making any libelous accusations. I was speaking to the author of this post. I also said “potentially libelous accusations.” I am not an attorney, and I’m not in a position to determine that information. However, I do know there is falsehood at worst and misleading information at best in this post.

    • John Drake

      All Mr. Young did was inform Ms Ray that this issue was going to brought up at a school board meeting. Mr. Young’s wife initiated a petition against this policy which was going to be presented at the board meeting. The Tresspass Warning was issued in retaliation. This is much more of the issue than the car line.