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Texans Are Reopening Parks All Across The State (Exclusive Video)

Texas is leading the way with citizens doing their part and reopening all the parks. Locks are being cut. And when locks are replaced the gates are being removed. Will you join these real American Patriots and do what needs to be done? The revolution may not be televised but it will be available on DontComply.com
This government has shut down even the unmanned boat ramp areas where people fish for their dinner. They are guilty of a serious crime. Preventing citizens from public use areas for recreation and a livelihood. We only elect and let these people make decisions in our best interest so we can go about living. They have somehow turned the tables and are now preventing us from walking in our own forests, fishing in our own lakes and all at the barrel of a gun. These are the things our relatives gave everything they had to provide. They sacrificed so we could be comfortable in a peaceful world. No longer can we sit idle and let the power monopoly take more from us. The People are done. The sleeping giant is waking. The People will stand shoulder to shoulder and not only demand what is rightfully ours, but take action. This is my line in the sand. Is it yours?
-Murdoch Pizgatti




About Murdoch Pizgatti

Co-Founder @ DontComply.com Murdoch Pizgatti is a voluntaryist that participates in activism of all shades. President and founder of Come And Take It Texas he has been focusing on gun rights the last two years. As the Co-founder of DontComply.com he deals with the corruption of the state and heads up programs to rally against the unjust and unconstitutional laws in the USofA.
  • https://www.facebook.com/barbara.carpenter.5 Barbara Carpenter

    I hope all these who now use these areas remember to clean up after themselves. We have become a lazy people, spoiled by those ” government” workers who follow along cleaning up after those who are capable to do it themself. Please use our parks with responceability.

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