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Phoenix is the Co-Founder of DontComply.com, ComeAndTakeItAmerica.com, and host of the Don't Comply Radio Show.

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  • There is no way this kind of stuff is going to continue without a civil war. The Internet has jeopardized the ruling elite paridigm and they are doing everything possible to prevent mankind’s emancipation. Something is going to blow.

    • Mike Pilgrim

      The revolution is coming. Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court have long ago outlived their usefulness. The new political system is forming, where Americans will actually have direct control of America. The Californian Initiative system of enacting laws is the first step of many towards that future. Washington will soon be a political ghost town, a political Detroit, an anachronism of the past.

  • Carolyn J Brown

    Is there any way we can help these men financially until they can get their lives back? I’ve survived what you are going though guys…. in 2001 the government froze the assets of my (now) exhusband because President Bush froze the assets of all Middle Eastern Americans and he is Iranian American. If it hadnt been for the help of strangers we would’ve starved and been on the streets. I want to help you. Stay strong.

    • Mike Pilgrim

      Crowdfunding is the fastest way to get them support.

  • Mike Pilgrim

    The War on Terrorism is real, the Terrorism is coming from the White House and the Pentagon.

  • James Michael

    What happens to good man that do what is right….. EXACTLY like the COPS (Serpico) Snowden and Bradley Manning…….