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  • Wilbur

    I can’t believe that this happened in 2012 and is now finally going to court. What have these people been doing in the meantime. Abusing more familys? Do they still work for CPS?

  • Mark Moe

    This is the problem when you have a whole group of people thinking their cause is ‘righteous’ Much like religion, the end justifies the means.

  • Just remember THE BUSHES are closet DOCUMENTED pedophiles…say TEXAS!

  • Klea Rusnim

    This is just flat out fucked up and disgusting. These women need to be doing at least 5 years each MINIMUM!!! Women once again get the VAGINA PASS!!!

  • jefsr

    NEWS FLASH: TEXAS RANGER WHITMAN LIED …..CHILDREN DIED…Corrupt Ex-Texas Rangers Chief to head Department of Family and Protective Services …….In 2008 and 2009 Texas Ranger Hank Whitman lied in official documents and under oath in the Bexar County TX 57th District Court of corrupt Judge Antonia Arteaga to help conceal YEARS of San Antonio TX 911 failures, the theft of 911 funds, the theft/misuse of tens of millions of tax dollars, the theft of $200,000 by City IT Manager Jose Medina / vendor Isabel Gonzaba via the City’s Avaya Telephone Contract and an internal billing account- “the variable”, illegal no-bid contracts , official oppression and other criminal activity inside City Hall, SAPD, BCSO, AACOG and our Courts……DPS Director McCraw and others REFUSED to act on sworn affidavits detailing the “fraud upon the court” and Whitman’s criminal acts, refused to interview witnesses to the crimes and helped cover up the aggravated perjury and obstruction of justice ……… TEN years later the San Antonio TX 911 System continues to fail ONE of FOUR calls while First Responders, Men, Women and Children suffer and die….see my FaceBook page for details

  • Wayworn Wanderer

    You guys are nuts.

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  • johnny r

    I know a lot of people do not know what I am going to say here, sure hope a Texas gov does, if you check you most likely will find they are COMMON PURPOSE out of D.C., they have been creating Fascist corporations affiliates under Obama CHANGE AMERICAN NOW, and placed in Fed, State and lower gov and also have found them in corporate take-over discussions…. They use words like Corporate Collectivism etc, and if you need training browse youtube commonpurpose and play the UK Military mens disclosure…. They are an enemy of the United States…

    John R (USMC)

  • Laura Palmer

    don’t get birth certificates for your children. This is signing them over the the “Crown Corporation” – Yes, you heard me right. do an internet search for it and you will see the truth. They use the birth certificates to trade on the stock exchange. Ask a broker to put the number on your bc into their system to see what you are worth to them. Slavery.

    • Wade Jordan

      I think that’s enough Internet for you.

    • Leigh Moyse

      Too much “freeman of the land” bull. Try reality, not low IQ fantasy.

    • MrPuzzleBox

      Wow. That stale old myth is still circulating? Time to get fitted for your tinfoil hat: Learn the difference between what IS and is NOT true. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSx56_AUF0s

  • Venharis

    This morally bankrupt system better get ahead of this before all hell breaks loose. The clocks almost at 12:00…

  • ettk45

    Fuck those cunts straight to hell, along with all the rest of them.

  • Tim Patten

    Oppressive women doing bad things about child custody! We need fair men to take control of CPS. Women are biased.

    • Qwerty

      This has nothing to do with the workers being women. Your bias shows you’re sexist. The root of the problem is money. The Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 gives $4,000 per child with up to $6,000 for special needs children. Our children are being kidnapped for the profit of the states! Not because of some imaginary bias.

      • Tim Patten

        I agree this is not a gender issue, it just so happens mothers are the larger number of those who harm children. Maybe because women are still at home more often with the kids. CPS is another government service where papers are always getting shuffled up. What can anyone do?

        • Qwerty

          First the problem isn’t that it’s mothers who are home with children that harm them. The problem lies in an agency with no outside governing and acts outside the laws. Did you know that of all the cases that CPS (nationally) holds currently, only about 6% are substantiated abuses? The rest are for any reason the CPS worker wants to use. Now when you get at least $4,000 a head, doesn’t it make sense to remove as many as possible? Even if it’s not necessary? Now under that same Adoptions and Safe Familes Act, the agency gets no money for relative placement. That means $0 for the removal and placement of a child with kin. At that point, that child is costing the agency money. Now, take a look at national numbers of kids in the system. That number is about 500,000 and fluctuates. At $4,000 per child on the low end that’s $2 billion dollars. And if they can get any of those kids on meds or diagnosed in any way with some behavior problem they are considered disabled (ADD, ADHD, ODD, anxiety, depression, etc) and the price goes up. Imagine you are a kid that has just been ripped from your family, put with strangers and don’t know if you’ll ever see them again. Would you be sad? Angry? Depressed? Can’t pay attention in school even? Those are all symptoms of the behavior problems I listed. Guess what? You’re going on meds. And the worker just garnered another $2,000 for the agency. Most children taken are medicated. But let’s take that down to half the kids instead of most. That’s another $1.5 billion in this agency’s pocket for a total of $3.5 billion. Those are impressive numbers, no? All in a days work. And guess who pays for it financially? You. Me. And every other person who pays taxes.

          You ask what can be done. Many things, but the top on the list is get the money out of the equation. Before the money, children didn’t get removed very often. After that Act was passed, numbers skyrocketed. The problem isn’t really abuse. It’s money. Next on the list is they need an outside governing body that cannot profit from them. Policies need to be changed. Let’s say you have a couple kids, and I get a call about you abusing your kids (and it doesn’t have to be true) so I come visit you. You let me in and we talk about what I got called for. I examine and question your children, and examine your home. I find lunch dishes on the counter. That is considered neglect. (Yes, seriously) I remove your kids and you go through years of hell jumping through hoops trying to get them back. And maybe you don’t. Which is another reply over a foot long.

          So what can be done is we stand up and fight back. Even if you don’t have kids. It takes us all to fight corruption.

          But for now I’ll leave you with this and a video of an ex-CPS agent that saw just how bad this system is and speaks out about it. He even answeres questions if you’d rather get your info from him. But please, watch this. It answers so much.
          If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.


      • j70141

        Actually, I worked for the state in the Child Support department. I’ve also volunteered for Victim Services. Both of these agencies are dominated by feminist men-hating lesbians (no joke here, take a look for yourself if you want). I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised to find the same thing at CPS.

        • Qwerty

          J7, I don’t doubt you for one second. It makes perfect sense to find them in both of those agencies! I’m sure you’d find some within CPS too.

  • Steven West

    Is ‘t it funny how things come back to bite you in the ass

  • April Turcu

    they put my kid with a child molester and a kidnapper..he became a foster parent after he had the charges

  • MrPuzzleBox

    The stories that are POURING out of Texas are so egregious that it appears that even the AG’s office is part of the criminal federal-money-sucking racket. The latest I’ve read about: Court hearings where the judge makes rulings without seeing the process(I’m totally serious); –& court process that is ignored (one guy had been found “guilty” for $26,000 back support while the children had actually been solely supported by him at the same time as the alleged “support” was due! And the mother – a total dead-beat (but knows how to work the system for the free stuff that she barters for drugs)! And then – after 3 years of petitioning the family court for a reversal, -he got the reversal in court, BUT- is still being billed for the original outrageous amount! Meanwhile, his kids are ALL under his roof and being supported by him and the court wants him to pay for the court costs associated with his appeal! And there’s a gazillion other stories — from Burnet county alone (not to mention all of the other parts of the state)! Reading that stuff is like reading a script from the communist twilight zone!

    • blamanteer

      We have been charged by DSS in Wiliamston n.c the same way. The DSS worker Tiffany Hi & her supervisor know the truth and is covering it up & lieing. The step-mom is behind the whole mess.The father reported false reports. The social worker failed to tell the other dss in the county where the dad lives what we are not the ones doing the abuse. She & a local police officer even left one day after a visit holding hands
      showing love& affection towards each other. Dss entered the house without a warrent & the officer used force to remove the child from the mothers are after being told to leave. There was no danger!!!

      • blamanteer

        NOW, Their has been more children kidnapped by Martin county DSS without due-process – proper cause. This supervisor must be brought to justice & the others that are in the racketeering of children for capital gain. This is a conspiracy.

  • blamanteer

    The CPS in Willismston N.C is corrupt. Tiffany Hei-Nancy Conner are a few. They are stealing poor income children from loving families & lieing to judges.

    • blamanteer

      I would like the FBI to look into this matter my # 252-702-8709

  • Stramineus

    Our governments have control over children but not our property. Require restoration of your property (your offspring) and the government must return it to you.