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  • If she is against weapons, she is against liberty. If she is against the 2nd Amendment, which she is, she is against arms in the hands of us. She is a domestic enemy, a traitor to her own people, including her kids, all of whom aren’t her real kids anyway. She is a fool, a lied to puppy dog, just like half of Americans. I view her as the real threat, not someone with weapons or someone who MAY go out & shoot up folks because they forgot their pills that day, so to speak. But, people like this, heh, well, they are the ones trying hard to disrespect the rights of the people who so choose to be armed & the laws under which protect our rights that are God given, not man given, or whatever choice of higher up you believe in. The irony of it all, people like this Watts scumbag, they are going to be treated the same as those with weapons by the system here that disregard anything & everything good & decent & lawful according to our Bill of Rights/Constitution. Screw her & the pony she screws daily.

  • SW

    Shannon Watts is my aunt. The name “Watts”, also my last name, was simply married into by Shannon post those December 2008 comments which she made under the name Troughton because, at the time of the remarks, this was her last name. She’s not only a great mother of 5 but an awesome aunt to the rest of us. How you could attack her for being extra-ordinary is beyond me but please continue sharing her successes in hopes of brining her down, it really seems to be working out well for y’all.

  • Barbara

    Certainly any woman who can do all that is not “average”. What mKes her a mommy is her 5 kids.