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Emmanuel Goldstein

A first generation American raised in the states of Colorado and Texas. Emmanuel now lives with his wife in Nebraska. Middle child in a household of eight children, Emmanuel's patriotism for the American dream of freedom and equality stems from the same place as many immigrant families. His love of the free market was fueled by the small businesses his father owned and made all his children a part of as well as his studies at Northwood University where he received a Bachelors in business administration with an emphasis on small business management.

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  • DustinGreyStone

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  • Zombee

    In light of the mass shootings and home grown terrorism , citizens should not be banned from buying body armor or concealed carry. Especially in gun free zones. Like the Chattanooga shootings the victims were defenseless sitting ducks.

    Its time to allow active duty military to carry a side arm as well as civilians . The war against terrorism is on going . Many attacks on military installations have already occured. The jihadists have brought the war to the homeland and we have right to defend ourselves. The 2nd ammendment gives us that right. Even if we have to become outlaws to do so.