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Murdoch Pizgatti

Co-Founder @ DontComply.com Murdoch Pizgatti is a voluntaryist that participates in activism of all shades. President and founder of Come And Take It Texas he has been focusing on gun rights the last two years. As the Co-founder of DontComply.com he deals with the corruption of the state and heads up programs to rally against the unjust and unconstitutional laws in the USofA.

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  • EagleHawk

    If they try to ILLEGALLY take your guns tomorrow, jointly make a citizens arrest on all imposter “law enforcement” at the same time. arrest them before they arrest you. Call the Travis County sheriff to pick the imposters up and bring them all to jail. Hopefully you will have Travis County Sheriff deputy that is a member of your organization there to back you up.

  • rafael

    What the Austin Police did
    yesterday at the Capitol it is
    Unconstitutional ; Why is the Police *
    Braking * the Law ????
    Austin DPS Falsely Arresting 2 members of OCT ,
    Open Carry Texas ;
    on Capitol Grounds !!!!!! What is going on here ????
    Are these DPS Uninformed about our Laws ??
    The Capitol is Public
    Grounds , are They so Stupid ???
    Criminal Trespassing ???? are they Retards ???
    What about * Serve and Protect * ????????
    These Abusive DPS are in
    need of being Reminded that
    They have to Obey the Law and set the Example
    Austin DPS Stop Abusing the law and Stop Control
    of We the People
    Their pre-1899 black powder revolvers : don`t they know that law ???
    Too many angry citizens present there about to * Push Back *,
    is that what Austin DPS want ???????
    That is Kidnapping and Austin DPS are just
    Lucky that the citizenry
    hasn` t been pushed far enough to push
    Clearly they aren’t there for the reason they claim, they are
    to oppress the rights of the citizens, not to keep the peace.

  • gother

    if they arrested for one thing that turns out to false then they make up something else up .. it make us not trust the police

  • don patterson

    Why was this not advertised like the one we had at the ALAMO? I knew nothing about it and I would have attended.

  • chiefcabiochChief_Cabioch

    if people want to stop this, use the same tactics they do….overwhelming force, backed by armed citizen in at least a 2:1 advantage, and disarm them, and detain them till HELL Freezes over, and show them Once and for ALL….they may have a badge and gun, but they dont have unrestrained authority to do as they please……

  • ea

    Alex Jones is locked and ready! I am so proud of these men and was especially proud of MSG Grisham letting the public know they were illegally arrested!

  • rrsatx

    so if the police were unlawful why did everyone sit back and let it happen?? just curious. citizen out numbered police…

    • David Murray

      Well, they can always call for more police, or if needed the National Guard. Sorry, there just aren’t going to be enough citizens willing to risk their lives. It is best to fight it in court and establish some case law.

  • God O mighty it has started and we seem helpless to stop it. Where will Alex Jones be when they come to our house? YOu ROck Alex Jones