Come And Take It Dallas

This is the official monthly gatherings of Come And Take It (CATI) Dallas, Texas a 2nd Amendment organization, with the option to legally open carry long arms, rifles or shotguns.
When: 10:00-12:00
  Oct. 18 TH    
And every 3rd Saturday . If you haven’t made it out yet ,what are you waiting for!!!!!  What a way to spend a few hours.Tired of tea party meetings?This may be what your looking for.You will get a lots of looks and thumbs up from people passing by.There may  not be a safer place in Dallas!!!! Turn off the boob tube and come stand with us!!!!! I will warn you, if you don’t want your picture on TV or in the newspaper wear a bag over your head…Have your elevator speech prepared in case your  interviewed by local or international press.This is so much fun!!!!!

Dealey Plaza (Grassy Knoll)
411 Elm Street
Dallas, Tx.
PARKING: Many $5 lots and coin street parking too.
After the meet up we will do a short walk. We will all have lunch at any number of gun friendly restaurants in the area. Along the way we will be passing out information flyers and talking with people. Bring your signs,banners and flags. Please join us while we exercise our rights, our legs and our bellies, all with good liberty minded patriots and friends. Be part of the next new wave of concerned citizens that want to be involved and help preserve our rights.
Everyone is welcome! With or without your gun. (family friendly)
3rd Saturday of every Month.  Anyone that wants to help or volunteer please contact Murdoch
FaceBook Page HERE
FB Event HEREThe stated goals of Come And Take It Dallas are to:
1) Educate Texans on their right to openly carry shotguns and rifles in a safe manner.
2) To condition Texans to feel safe around those of us that carry them.
3) Encourage our elected officials to pass less restrictive open carry legislation.

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