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  • This is growing more and more every day. It is not the citizens that is forcing the start of the next civil war it is these corrupt and phony cops who have no respect for our rights or human life itself. I think it is time to start with holding our taxes back until the cops learn a little RESPECT that is what you need for me, RESPECT

    • Joey Bach

      Troy… it would take lots of people to hold the taxes back to make a dent. The issue for Mr. Turner is that he should never have to pay taxes again that his taxes would be paid for by the individuals and organizations that he sues.

      • Sorry Joey I may have been rather vague with my statement. When I suggested holding our taxes back, I was suggesting for as much as the nation we could get involved. Other than the obvious lack of concern our own government has for our safety, we are experiencing more and more LEO disobedience against us tax paying citizens whom pay their salaries. You see, we pay them to be trained in LAW and protect our civil rights. This is not hidden from job responsibilities when they apply. To not know, or disregard our civil liberties for any reason other than national security is unacceptable at any level. We have LEOs that could care less about the law as long as they get a bust. It is common place in big cities for LEOs to make bets on who will be the lucky one to “bag a scumbag” on their shift, or even like the Houston PD officer who wears a shirt saying “I am not paid to respect you I am paid to protect you” and in my opinion should be fired from duty. Because in truth when you lose respect for the boss, you lose respect for the job you are doing, and that leads to carelessness in judgment and action. That is why we should all be holding our taxes until they start caring about the real reasons why they took a job as a LEO in the first place. Ruffing up a citizen is BS and it should not be tolerated. Yes they face dangerous criminals but that is what they are paid to do by us, not become the dangerous criminals that we need to add to the list of bad guys which is where they are at all over this country at present time.

  • Brent Busch

    Link to original article?

  • “Stay-Tuned”

  • James Michael

    Funny …I though armed robbery and treason of oath were felonies…..Did I miss something….Not to mention let’s see breach of the young mans peace breach of oath duty and trust ….Kidnapping albeit for a short time the act is still aggravated kidnapping…..A license is permission to do something unlawful…and Americans do not require a license to exercise their freedom….
    This was a felony kidnapping….armed robbery and felony breaking and entering….and filing false charges ….and the law will not hold these treasonous felons with badges and guns liable for their wrongdoing because the felon traitors of the BAR protect their armed robbing extortionist felons…..

  • Alan Gray

    As usual, we only see the side of the accussed…..I am sure there is more to the story! This is typical Liberal reporting!

    • Joe Minnich

      It’s very clear what happened here if you watched the video.

      • Alan Gray

        Well Joe….Like I said the liberal media…..they only give you part of the Code…..Like to see the rest of this code? ok here ya go…..hope you can understand it…..

        Sec. 38.02. FAILURE TO IDENTIFY. (a) A person commits an offense if he intentionally refuses to give his name, residence address, or date of birth to a peace officer who has lawfully arrested the person and requested the information.

        (b) A person commits an offense if he intentionally gives a false or fictitious name, residence address, or date of birth to a peace officer who has:

        (1) lawfully arrested the person;

        (2) lawfully detained the person; or

        (3) requested the information from a person that the peace officer has good cause to believe is a witness to a criminal offense.

        (2) lawfully detained….which is exactly what was happening with this individual!

        • Gary Dean Musser Jr

          how was filming reason to lawfully detain? You must be one of the libitards who think the cops can do no wrong as long as it is not done to you

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            now now. this is really NOT a liberal vs conservative issue. When we play that game, we play into the hands of corrupt officials. I am a liberal. Very liberal. But, like you, I find abuse of power by Public Officials vile & contemptible,
            The issue we see in these “Contempt of Cop” arrests is Public Corruption, which can & should be loathed by Conservative and Liberal Citizens alike.

        • frank-kintz

          Reading comprehension 101. If you look carefully you will see this is two (2) paragraphs. (a) covers arrest. Must be Lawfully arrested to required to produce.
          (b) covers giving false info if being (1) lawfully arrested (2) lawfully detained or (3) witness to a criminal offence.
          Only one of these apply. He committed no crime. Video recording in a public place is not an illegal act. Can not be LAWFULLY arrested for not producing a ID unless he has been arrested for some other crime. Can not be detained for not committing a crime. The only crime he witnessed was the numerous crimes perpetrated against him by the Galveston Police and Sheriffs Dept.
          Well Alan, hope you can understand it. Check out Brown v Texas Supreme Court Decision. That is what required Texas to change their ID laws that were found to be unconstitutional in 1979. You would think that any LEO that finished the second week of the academy would know the Id laws of the state. Of maybe they just don’t give a damn. Don’t blame the media for the sins of the THICK BLUE LINE.

          • Alan Gray

            and Pedestrians

            Officer safety is just as strongly implicated where the individual being detained for a short period of time is on foot rather than in an automobile. An officer detaining a pedestrian has an equally strong interest in knowing whether that individual has a violent past or is currently wanted on outstanding warrants. The citizen’s interest, on the other hand, is no more robust merely because a short detention occurs while traversing on foot.

            Moreover, permitting a warrants check during a Terry stop on the street also “promotes the strong government interest in solving crimes and bringing offenders to justice.”9 Indeed, an identity’s utility in “inform[ing] an officer that a suspect is wanted for another offense, or has a record of violence or mental disorder,”10 would be nonexistent without the ability to use the identity to run a criminal background check. Sorry Frank, like it or not, given the recent history of ” cop killing” this individual was in a place which would cause concern, and the rule allow legal detention, which would require the individual to comply with the I D laws in Texas……..

          • Voice-Of-Concern

            In order for it to be a LEGITIMATE Terry stop, mere generalized “suspicion” is not enough. What crime did the officer believe Turner had committed, was committing or was about to commit? Absent reasonable articulable suspicion of an actual crime, it is simply NOT a Terry stop.

          • By the way Voice of Concern has mentioned the only “LEGAL” way that a Terry Stop can be applied meaning all others are ????? So how can an officer enforce the law when that officer is breaking the law? See the point!

          • this young man was ILLEGALLY DETAINED . police have to have reasonable suspicion that a crime is being committed before they have the right to detain . there was no crime being committed, ‘cept by the idiot cops

          • I completely respect your submission entirely. Now please forgive me for getting off base here, but how can we start correcting these things? I mean unless your blind it is clear to see that there is a run away train in the PDs all across this country. And I hate to sound like a cop hater because I honestly know that we have to have them to keep the peace. But, they are violating the same laws they are paid to enforce, and worse yet are now harming citizens at an alarming rate and growing every day. I certainly understand “I am sorry I made a terrible mistake” but I do not understand “we are the law and we do what we want!”.Or how LEOs can support the code of silence while watching an officer walk down town Houston wearing a shirt that reads “I am not paid to respect you I am paid to protect you”. WTF is wrong with these juiced up muscleheads. And by the way, yes that juice that half of them are pumping into their system is also illegal, unless your a cop. Funny how that badge changes the law, as also does money.

        • Sorry sir, but they cannot walk up to anyone on the streets and simply say “you are being detained where is your credentials?” because it doesn’t work like that mr attorney. If there is no valid reason to believe that an individual either has, or is about to commit a crime then detainment is unlawful and shall not be a protected action. Try law school first before you snap off with some nonsense. And I said LAW SCHOOL not some trumped up police academy that does not teach proper use of the law. Thank you and have a good day.

        • Joey Galleno

          Alan Gray, you’re a f’kin idiot !

    • James Michael

      No this is the truth…What are you a traitor with a badge and gun or a well trained dog? You jus obeys massa there Toby….

      • Alan Gray

        The officees were within the law, dude was legally detained, and refused to id, so what wrong with making life easier, all he had to do was show his ID, instead he chose to be an asshole, play stupid games, you win stupid prizes!

        • Gary Dean Musser Jr

          looks like you are not to bright. In order to lawfully detain someone there has to be a crime being commited or suspected of commiting a crime. Filming is not a crime. Nice try libitard

        • Adam Jewell

          Key phrase: “…all he had to do was show his ID..”

          Do you even begin to understand why that is a dangerous mindset to have? I hate making comparisons to Nazi Germany.. but that’s how it began there.. “papers please.. or get arrested.”

          • Key constitutional amendment 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 14th amendments protect a citizens right to privacy and shall only be infringed when a crime has been committed. What crime did he do is the key phrase!

        • Voice-Of-Concern

          On what LAWFUL basis was he detained?
          Even if his detainment was lawful, Turner could only be charged for not showing ID, if he had been arrested on some other lawful charge. It is an ex post facto charge, which is explicitly forbidden in the US Constitution, if Rule of Law matters to you.

        • Because it takes an asshole to want to twist the law to make it easier for them to harass the public Mr. stupid games and stupid prizes. Listen breaking the law to enforce the law is bullshit and wrong not to mention IRONY. If there had been a legitimate reason to believe that this citizen either did, was about to, or conspired in breaking the law then it should have been verbally displayed just before the action of detainment was carried out. Screwing with peoples civil liberties is against the law and you are paid to personally protect each and everyone of those civil liberties for every single person in society. I am sorry if you may not like and individual for what ever personal reason you may find. But the law is the law and violating an individual’s civil liberties is unlawful, not to mention your personal responsibility to protect from happening. So if you knowingly violate a persons civil liberties while trying to perform your job, what kind of employee performance do you think should be put on your report card if you was the boss doing the grading? Remember now, being the boss you have also put your reputation on the line with the public that pays the paychecks that not one single officer will violate any single persons civil liberties and yet perform a competent and productive job enforcing the law. If you are honest then you just started cussing me out because you was just caught in the trapp of real life, and only the LEOs can fix this. I am dearly sorry but truth is truth.

        • you are admitting that ‘dude’ would’ve been left alone had he agreed to provide id … if he wasn’t being legally detained, he has no obligation to show id . your circular reasoning is biting you in the ass

        • Joey Galleno

          Alan Gray is an idiot, why bother answering his racists drivel.

          • Alan Gray

            Typical Liberal,,,, when you can debate an issue you revert to name calling and Vulgarity! Bet you are an Obama voter!

    • Michael Fuson

      dont matter its not a crrime to be filming in public the cops arrested him for a none crime

      • Alan Gray

        That’s an opinion Michael, it will be settled in the courts soon, and we shall see what the decision is at that time, My opinion is quite different! Have a nice day!

        • Tony

          Filming in public has ALREADY been settled in the courts. It is a 1st amendment protection. You are entitled to your opinion but the law is clear and settled.

          • Alan Gray

            There is no need in argueing this case on the net, as most of you guys had your minds made up and the officers convicted, prior to this event even occurring…..guess that should have been evident as to the group page your all in….”Do Not Comply”….what a bunch of bullshit, you airheads are just out to try and encite a riot!

          • That is as big of a bullshit statement as anything you could have said. Are you British and pissed off at us Americans for declaring our independence? Or maybe your one of them bad cops who think you are above the law and can violate everyone’s civil liberties just to get a bust for the force. The facts are if this guy would have been doing something wrong you can bet your ass they would have charged him with it. Profiling is illegal and oddly enough also taught as standard procedure in the academies, not to mention that civilians are always the enemy, all situations are an hostile situation, and so on. True these cops are preprogrammed not to care about our civil liberties, but that is the fault of the training academies all across this country. If the LEOs on screen don’t have the brains to know when they are violating civil liberties then I question if they have the brains to perform a competent job in the heat of snap decisions. Of course there is always your way and allow the children to grow up running rampant and unsupervised, hey they will be great adults!

        • Joe Minnich

          It won’t make it to court….

          • Joey Bach

            The criminal charge will not make it to court but a civilian case could easily make it to court. The issue is how long does Mr. Turner want to wait for a decision unless the settlement covers everything that Mr. Turner wants.

        • That is a big problem in this country that is dragging it down. The higher courts are hard to access and very costly. So only those with money gets justice is how I take what you said. That isn’t right nor is it the American way. The LEOs know what they are doing is wrong, and their outlook on it is if we do it 100 times and only 3 give us slack, then we still have 97 successes. They cannot enforce the law when they break the law. IRONY

    • Mr. Alan Gray I have seen your name here and there on these comments places for other articles, and having spoken with you in the past I recognise you to either be a prosecutor or LEO I am not sure which one exactly it is. But that being said then I don’t have to explain for you to understand the phrase, “the law does not assume what there is no factual evidence to support”. Meaning “I am sure there is more to the story” as said by you makes your argument ????????

      • Alan Gray

        LMAO, Troy, You really believe what you read from any media now days, and think you get the entire story line? if so I am sure you have bad opinions on every news article including the St Louis Riots……you can keep your visions as that is your right, but there is always two side to every story! Guess you have never heard of SPSP for legally detaining some one! But that’s ok………if the officer was wrong he will pay the price!

        • Mr. Gray as much as I hate to say it sadly you are incorrect. More often than not the officer will not have anything filed against him or her regardless of what infraction they have committed. Then when they do go in front of a board (rather internal or civil) there is never any reprimands handed to the officer. That is why the LEOs across this entire nation is running wild. That being said, I would like to also add that I fully respect the FACt they perform a service to us that is dangerous and often requires hard work and little pay., and no one should forget that. But there are certain rules and procedures to protect our privacy and civil liberties, and when an officer infringes upon them then they have not gave a good performance of doing their job or keeping the oath they took to become a officer. I am sorry but there is no median on that. They shouldn’t be proud of their selves when knowingly violating someone’s rights. They took an oath to protect them not i,nfringe upon them.

        • Also may I apologise for seeming so “anti-police”, because truth is we have to have them. Yes they do much good in, and for, our society we live in and that shouldn’t be forgotten. But, as a biker I have seen my share of non provoked hatred from certain cops, and also very illegal not to mention. It is because of profiling that this happens when just the very few bad apples give the whole basket a bad name. Is that fair? No, but the public also is not trained on how to avoid doing such things. And the LEOs across this country are supposed to be setting the example for others to follow. So when they do something wrong (rather legal or not” in their performance, then they are not acting professionally. Mr. Gray you and I both know this to be true. And I apologize
          for not being the perfect citizen, but look at the examples being left for our young to follow, it will never get better like this.

          • Alan Gray

            No need to apologize Troy, you commented on what you read…..and as I said before, you did not get the entire story line just like the Furguson Mo. deal….we were told what the media wanted us to know, and look at the results…..one good officer down….and half the city burned, when in fact the story we all got was comprised of Lie after Lie, with the true story being told in the end…….but that is what you get when you have individuals that probably know something about the law, and not the entire law and its elements……..we both know there are asswipes that should never have been allowed into Law-enforcement. But that said 99% of the issues could be non existent, if people would eat a little pride, and follow the requests or orders given by an officer, and then if they feel violated…..take it up in civil court as the system is set up to be! I have handled many bikers as in Hells Angels, Desparados, and a few others, all willing to follow the requests given, with no issues, and sometimes even a good friendship after it was all said and done!

          • Mr. Gray, that reminds me of a situation that I am presently going through where I worked for a gentleman who refused to pay me $2,648 in earned wages. Happens as it be, my former employer is also the father in law of a Baytown,TX detective. After I informed my former employer that I was seeking legal steps to get my money, he threatened me with his son in law saying “He will smoke your ass before you ever get me in court”. Well 2 and 4 days later I noticed an unmarked sitting at the end of my road on separate occasions. Then the next week the assistant administrator of the Baytown,TX police department was snooping on my LinkedIn profile that lead to an officer giving me a fraudulent traffic ticket while siting in the parking lot of Texas Work Solutions. It is my opinion that this is a vice of the law and even infringes on protected rights I have under Federal code US 241 & 241. So as I am about to go explain this to internal affairs, and the attorney general I am now being verbally harassed by several officers. so not knowing the out come I find it very hard to remain positive about our police forces across this country. I know that it is wrong for me to harbor these feelings, but I am also human and it is a natural reaction. Even though the police may not meen any ill intentions other than trying to help an officer protect a family member, the fact is that it is a felony of the 3rd degree to not pay your employee’s in the state of Texas, and by law these police officers are accomplices after the fact, which is also a felony. I have asked that additional training for the officers and that I be reimbursed for the tickets I had to pay as an acceptable resolve to the problems, and yet I am getting static about being so demanding. So after my birth day next month if nothing is done, I am going to the US Chief Justice with my complaint. I have no other choice because to not pursue correcting their wrong doing is in truth unpatriotic of our country. So now you know my story. And it all started because of a detective banging a low life’s daughter.

    • Joey Galleno

      Not an opinion, you should search for answers before making idiotic false statements. You’re a good candidate for working at Fox news, where making chit up comes natural.

  • Mfirebrand1

    I love your Hutspa Phillip. God Bless.