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  • TheEndGameIsNear

    Live in PA – in a nice rural suburb which is listed the #5 place to live in the states.

    The school district here has one of these ‘social work’ types, AKA the school counselor’s office.

    So my autistic child started school at this school and I worked a federal job paying about $17 an hour – best job I ever had, and we are from out of state. So when my kid starts school she got bullied, and she has autism. She ended up telling the school (who did not arrange transportation as the IEP requires) that she’s afraid to leave campus alone.

    So the district calls me up when I am scheduled to report for duty (and cannot miss or I’d be AWOL) and then tells me pick her up daily until the summer break 10 mins before the bell – and if I am late or don’t show they would open a CYS investigation and then claim abandonment. She is almost 18, mind you. But that won’t matter to the school or the ‘workers’ they install, who for teenagers basically boil down to being juvenile officers capable of detaining.

    Don’t even get me started on the alternative, away from home boarding type ‘schools’ they have that are really a prison for children – like Milton Hershey School. They are prisons, NOT schools.

    It isn’t a bedroom if its a locked cell.

    They will force parents with federal or military jobs to resign by coercive means and obstruct you from reporting for duty and deserve prosecuted. This is a very scary time for civil rights and peace, so perhaps we need to stop the war on federal workers, military, and families of us all so we can do our duty and protect citizens or provide infrastructure & services (like delivering mail or keeping roads and business functional during states of emergency). What happens when people are needed and no one who has a child can work any longer during the day because of the social science shills? The situations in places like Baltimore are out of control because county workers will do anything to prevent us from performing our jobs.

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  • blueeyes30


  • Shpilkus

    Another question out of these CPS drones will be, “did your mommy or daddy tell you not to talk to us”?
    The CPS workers have no souls and on conscience—on quotas to fill.

    • TheEndGameIsNear

      They won’t care if you need your kid to walk home and has their own key to the house. To them, a 16 year old walking home and going to the house with a key is child abandonment.

      Try holding a job with those shills at every school! Your family will be in the poorhouse, with only 1 earner while they plan children and only work from 8:30-4:00 daily because they are ‘family men and women’. They won’t care if your job is to put out fires and rescue people – they will give you a choice, as if you have a choice, to either be at the school’s beck and call or go AWOL! That is a war on first responders.

      They will tell you to be here and there, at this place, at that time – and if you don’t they don’t regard you as hardworking or keeping their municipal services running.

      At that point you are alienating them and your child – so see how easy it is for you to be in 2 places at once. No employer on the planet will allow you to leave work as often as they will demand. Might as well keep your job and let them report you to their agency – because as soon as you are there when they require they will ask you if you are working!!

      Then if you are not working you will see an agent at your door, asking why you don’t work.

  • Shpilkus

    This is a disaster for parents. The familiar, friendly face of the CPS worker is going to be prying into your lives. “Does your mommy and daddy every argue”? “Do they every discipline you or make you feel sad”?
    Folks, they are coming to your home with a Service Plan and trying to get you into their corrupt system of chasing federal dollars.
    Once in the door of the schools, they are not leaving. You may think you are a wonderful parent, but the mindless folks at CPS will not agree with your parenting skills, or that you took your child out of school a day early to go on vacation.

    • TheEndGameIsNear

      Yet somehow they can afford a vacation every quarter, with everyone else’s kids.

      They will let your teenage daughters have porn, date bad boy types, and allow them to become infested in a culture of drugs, violence, and sexual immorality. They will dress your girls in midriffs even if they weight 185 pounds and shorts that look like something from a swimsuit. See how much your child wants to live in a Christian household then.

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  • blindjustice

    Parents listen up. It is time to beg, barrow , and steal to get your kids out of the public school systems. CPS/DSS/DCF are totally corrupted agencies. Your kids will be interviewed. You will have no privacy. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    • TheEndGameIsNear

      I heard in the 1950’s everyone sent the kids to a school that the Catholic Church pays for if you’re a well tithing citizen.

      There’s nothing like taking birth control against your beliefs because there are too many people waiting for a pregnant women to snatch so they can have her baby!

  • icouldbeyou

    That’s terrible!


  • Stacy Youst Sillen

    oh, and make sure your kids are wearing clean clothes! You can warn your kids about why you don’t want them to get chummy with them.

    • TheEndGameIsNear

      But they need to have ketchup, mayo, and mustard on the sandwich – or else they are neglected.

      Then when there is some sticky crap on their face they will ask why the mother doesn’t accompany the kid to the school lunchroom to ‘ease’ the transition. ‘Child was dirty, unclean and has dirt on face’..

      Try that one out.

  • Rosie Vincent

    you parents better get out there and protest this crap and expose the abuse of power and the corruption or the public will view this as a good thing! its not a good thing!