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  • Mirimon

    there are laws about this, good ones, made by the people themselves. this city for example has a few laws in place wich are VERY similar to most cities in the western world.
    such as curfew for minors:
    Section 384 Curfew For Minors
    la) Under Twelve No minor under the age of twelve (12) years shall loiter, idle
    or congregate in or on any public street, highway, alley or park between the hours of
    1O:OO pm and 6:OC am, unless the minor is accompanied by a parent or guardian, or
    some adult delegated by the parent or guardian to accompany the child.
    (b) Under Eighteen No minor under the age of eighteen (18) years shall loiter, idle
    or congregate in or on any public street, highway, alley or park between the hours of
    11:OO pm and 6:OO am (immediately following) except where said minor is
    accompanied by a parent or guardian or some adult delegated by the parent or guardian
    to accompany the minor or where the minor is upon an errand or other legitimate
    business directed by his parent, guardian or employer.
    (cl Parental Responsibility, Assisting Violation or Article Any parent, guardian
    or other person having the care or custody of any minor who permits, suffers, allows
    or encourages such minor to violate the provisions of this article, or any other person
    of the age of eighteen (18) years or over who assists, abets, allows, permits or
    encourages any minor under the age of eighteen (18) years to violate the provisions of
    this article is guilty of a misdemeanor.

    to further this, the city has established times for park activity, Wahby Park is 0830 to 2100, it is a city park not a state park (which have their own times state wide).

    there are also laws concerning disturbing the peace, loitering etc. that should be applied as well.

    The point is, their presence soo late at night at odd hours in a neighborhood where they are strangers is a valid concern for residents as well as it putting their own safety in danger as their congregating there at such hours could make them victim to more extreme crimes.

    also note.. they clearly KNEW they were doing something that might be illegal, given their clearly worded explanation of how questioning and dodgy they were, and how they were caught because they didn’t FLEE THE POLICE like the others had….come on now…

    Follow the laws people, if you don’t like the laws, guess what, THAT is part of what being an American means, go convince enough people to CHANGE the law. These laws, the system and people that work with them ARE US, not some faceless company or “the government”.. but people, you, me, room-mates and neighbors.

  • NeonDisease

    In the “land of the free”, you’re a criminal for going to the park when the sun isn’t shining.

  • FamilyOfAnOfficer

    It’s idiots like you Andre that are causing the probles we are seeing between citizens and law encorcemenf these days. You being an “investigative journalist” a.k.a. shit starters or propasprendersreaders. As the people who this actually happened to said “they soppurt the police officers and understand that she was just doing her job”. You saying that they extort money is ridiculous, if you are driving 100mph through a subdivision And get pulled over and get a tie get are you being extorted? No. If someone is on your property in your back yard and you call the police and they get a ticket or arrested are they being extorted? No. Stop spreading the hate. Yes there are some bad officers, just like there is some bad preachers, teachers, judges, congressmen, kids, cats, dogs, journalists,etc. There are good and bad people everywhere. Not just in law enforcement and government. What would this article be about if the officer didn’t just issue tickets. What if that officer hadn’t shown up at all, and something bad happened? Like a rape, an abudtion, an assault or a murder? Then the question would be “Where were the cops at? Why weren’t they survailinf the parks to make sure no one was there after hours…” I have lived in Michigan my entire life, and the only parks that don’t have this ordinate are the ones that have camp grounds on site. Even the state parks have ordinances and signs posted that from dusk until dawn the parks are closed for public safety and violators will held responsible along with your vehicle being towed if they cannot see/find you. So Andre why don’t you use tour talent for good instead of evil. Stop spreading the hate and rumors. Tell the truth 100% percent of the time or you are just as bad as “the government filling peoples’ heads with bullshit”. That is exactly what you are doing here…the people involved understand a law was broken even though they are not from that city they understand their wrong doing…they just don’t believe it should be a misdemeanor charge. So instead of being a spotlight mongrel seeking attention and shares…use your “journalism” as a tool to help spread knowledge, truth, and peace in these hard trying times that is tearing our country apart.

    • Phoenix Horton

      We pay for our parks, we pay for our police. If some one wants to walk around in a park at midnight and play a game they have that right. If there is no victim than a crime has not been committed, anything past that is Government overreach.

      How dare you be in a park – pay us money, how dare you cross the street where we don’t want you to – pay us money, how dare you not pay us money – we will kidnap you and lock you in a cage, how dare you not let us kidnap you – we will kill you for resisting.

      That is the world we live in and cops wonder why they are being shot…

      • FamilyOfAnOfficer

        Have you or have you not followed the news 3 men attested for robbing PokemonGo players at night in public places at Pokestops. Regardless if you don’t like the laws in America move to Canada or somewhere else