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  • Bernie O’Mahony

    Does the city government have the right to over rule previous laws and regulations just to suit themselves? I think not. And to take someone’s business away is criminal. He’s doing nothing wrong. They want an arty fartsy looking street but why? Dallas has a horrible crime record and doesn’t show signs of getting better!

  • Oh no, it’s Mitch

    I’d hold out and lock myself in there until the sheriffs came to get me. And THEN I would be on the phone making sure that EVERY news source in the Metroplex was there to see it happen. And I would be hollering out the names of everyone of the P&Z commision and the city council so EVERYONE would know who they were.

    • crawdaddy

      You know Mitch I shouldn’t have commented after reading a single article. I really don’t know enough about something that has been going on for years.

      • Oh no, it’s Mitch

        Glad we agree. Have a nice day

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  • This type of theft is anything but unusual. We recently came across a case where owners of an historic hotel literally had it stolen by government officials, including a US Congresswoman (SkykomishHotel.com). The Rule of Law has ceased to exist in America.

    • crawdaddy

      No the rule of law has not ceased to exist. This guy could sell. He was given 2 years to resolve the issue. This case seems much more complicated than your description. Does it ownt he property? You were not clear. He owns the business but I know as a business owner my clients are not worth money to other people – so he cant’ sell a business that is worth zero. Surprise. Welcome to Captialism.

      • Samuel Adams

        It is not Capitalism. It is corporatism. There is a big difference. He should be grandfathered in under a true capitalism system. This is a corporate ruled govt. A Capitalist ruled govt. would be a govt. of We The People. This unfortunately is not the case.

      • Oh no, it’s Mitch

        Yes he could have sold. But if you read the article, you would know that when buyers know that you HAVE to sell, they can offer you a fraction of what it is worth. Where is the fairness in that? Capitalism means he should be be able to get fair market value for his business.

  • Kross Theriot

    yeah im going to call complete BS on this article. you cant ban mechanic shops…… imagine a whole city without one. let that soak in.

    • I put in the information, the city Voted him off his own land. I posted a follow-up a day later.

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