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Phoenix is the Co-Founder of DontComply.com, ComeAndTakeItAmerica.com, and host of the Don't Comply Radio Show.

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  • Tatiana Covington

    I prefer to sacrifice others’ lives for my freedom.

  • Andre Esparza

    NRA and TSRA are a joke, taking money and credit for doing thE absolute minimum. Taking charge of taking back our Rights is past filling envelopes with money. Way past being nice and politically correct, way past asking ‘please’ and way past voting. The people themselves through the grass roots organizations such as the ones who walked miles and miles the past 2+years are the real extractors of Freedom. Respect goes along way and is necessary to continue the solid strength that it took to obtain the ‘table scrap’ right to raise our shirt 6 inches while still having to be licenced. The collaboration needs to triple for the next round with the ‘mister nice guy’ omitted from the plan. And most importantly ignore, respect or side with different methods that each chooses to fight against Tyranny not publicly ridicule or bash them.

    • Chris Olds

      The politicians did not change the laws because they felt threatened by a small group of protestors walking down the street or holding a door open with their foot. They changed the laws because of public support for the 2A movement in the form of voting constituents. If we continue to alienate people and drive people away from our cause with extremist activities then we will lose our voting power, which like it or not is the only way things will change with the current system.

  • Chris Olds

    This is disappointing. I am in no way cowering or shriveling, I am not sitting in a corner and crying. I am someone who goes out and votes on every gun bill or piece of legislation I see on the ballot. I am someone who calls and emails representatives in my state and other states on gun rights issues. I am someone who donates to both the NRA-ILA and to TSRA. I am someone who calmly and appropriately discusses gun rights with those who oppose it after hearing their side, and I try to educate them on how guns do make places safer and gun restrictions only limit the safety we can provide to each other. I convert people from being on the fence or from being anti-gun into being supporters of the second amendment or to considering our side.

    I won’t try to make assumptions of what you do or don’t do as that would be what you’ve done to me but I will point out what you have done. You’ve insulted and alienated supporters of your own cause, instead of gaining more supporters to help you fight for rights you are pushing supporters away. The 2A supporters have enough on their hands educating and fighting the anti-gun crowd we don’t need to be fighting each other as well. We all want the same thing and we need to work together to get there, not sit around insulting those who take a calculated approach to the end result we all want.

    The time for extreme action is when your rights are being taken away, currently the state of Texas is giving more and more gun rights to its constituents, we should be continuing to work together to further our cause. If you think calm and open discussion of a topic as important as this is laughable then you’re doing nothing to further our cause in a positive light.

    Rather than further divide the supporters of the 2A movement, and insult the people who are reaching out to you, why don’t you engage in a positive discussion and lets see how we can all put our minds together to win this. We all want the same thing, We’re on the same side, don’t push us away.

    – Fellow Austinite and 2A Supporter

    • Phoenix Horton

      I am not seeking to push people away I want them to be fired up or get out of our way while we do the hard work. Texas has relented us a small penance of laws because of our actions not because they were feeling kind hearted or had some sort of freedom epiphany. We are ruled by power hungry psychopaths, and they will not consider our opinions or freedoms unless they feel that their power can be taken away.

      • Chris Olds

        They’ve “relented us a small penance of laws” because of voters and lobbyists demanding it. What we need are more supporters willing to show their support at the polls, this is what will change laws in the current system.

      • robotsteve

        “Hard work” Hahaha, thats ironic, because the counter protest was a bunch of students waiving dildos around. Get it? Hard. This event was a mockery of the second amendment. Also, it’s extremely unbecoming to take credit for what happened in the last legislative session in Texas rights, because the bottom line is open carry movements were a huge barrier.