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Software developer, single dad, rifleman in the Texas State Militia Liberty Company. I train, I teach, I share.

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  • desertspeaks

    If you were to search dun & bradstreet or manta dot com for the Federal Aviation Administration, you would find that they are a PRIVATE FOR PROFIT CORPORATION! In fact, you can search any of your favorite government entity and with a little bit of effort, you will ultimately discover that the entire government, is nothing more than private for profit corporations!!
    It’s true,.. all of it!! FBI, cia, nsa, dhs, supreme court, congress, senate, any alphabet agency you can think of, states, counties, cities, courts.. ALL OF THEM!

  • SgtMac

    Good luck FAA. A lot of military members have drones for personal, hobbyist use. Come try to collect a fee or put us in prison. Dare ya.