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  • InYourBubble

    Fine, more guns everywhere all the time so everyone is ready to be a hero. But the compromise is that background checks need to be more thorough and expanded so terrorists aren’t able to get AR15s and 30 round mags like they did in CA. Is that possible, or is the guns-everywhere crowd willing to enable terrorists and invite the massacres because ‘Merica and Freedom!?

    • DC Wash

      Dude – CA already has some of the strictest gun laws in the land. It still didn’t prevent those jihadi-jackasses from doing what they did. They were terrorists.

      If any one of those executed victims, by law, were able to legally carry a firearm at the time, their life and others could’ve been saved. Unfortunately, by law, as abiding citizens as they were – they did not carry a firearm (because they would then become criminals) and thus were easy targets for anyone to take out. Gun free zones = easy targets with zero resistance.

    • Gardener

      With people like you, along with your fellow socialists and communists, there can never be enough gun control. No gun control, short of a complete ban and confiscation of all firearms, will ever suffice. It’s time for all people like you to be honest: Tell everyone that what you really want is the outlawing of all guns. PERIOD !!

    • me me

      Spoiler. Demostration will include a workshop on how make a submachine gun from plumbing parts in under 30 minutes. Only detachable magazine requires tools not found in common home workshop.

    • me me

      Poster displays of recent news articles will also show how nations which prohibit private gun ownership have merely transformed above ground regulated traceable registered guns to underworld gun factories with no individual gun traceability. This includes Europe Brazil Mexico etc.

      Statistical charts will also show how many gun free nations merely stop reporting gun crime in world news unless its spectacular. For instance Netherlands gun crime 1500-2000 in last 3 years exceeds the rate in most geographic areas of the US just not biggest crime cities.

      • me me

        LOL – all stuff I expect we might see. A bit big twisted and exaggerated like total gun side. Half truths and interpretations with some actual basis in real world.

    • PaulfromTexas

      Terrorists do not comply with any laws……but their own….