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  • govmule

    This guy is an idiot. How does people elect a corrupt liberal like him. Oh, Maverick county – that explains it.

  • Jake Barker

    Dontcha just love it when karma jumps up and bites a deserving idiot on the ass? 😉

  • patmegroin

    What exactly is alleged. Whats the proof? This is lazy journalism.

    • There are 5 things that are alleged listed above, and it is the only information that had been released at the time of this post. Do you want us to make up more information to please you?

      • patmegroin

        These stories just get dribbled out over time. I want to see swift justice for any offender. More often than not these stories are just to get people riled up. I didn’t see the list when I first read the story. Journalist used to dig. They used to work. now most of them are just there to further someones narrative. Boring!

      • patmegroin

        I want journalist to work. Don’t wait for the D.A. to tell us. Dig! I did not see the list initially.

      • patmegroin

        O.K. lets take number 5 for example. Converting funds for personal use. What is the specific accusation? Did he put gas in his wives car? Did he buy a new watch for his boyfriend? Pay his mortgage?

    • gringott

      The exact allegations are at the end of the story, numbered 1 to 5. Reading comprehension problem perhaps? Or was the story updated after your comment? I don’t know.

    • Houston PinkPistols

      The allegations are in plain english, proof is for a judge and jury not a news report. Please retake your civics course that you my have skipped.