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Phoenix is the Co-Founder of DontComply.com, ComeAndTakeItAmerica.com, and host of the Don't Comply Radio Show.

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  • Sara

    But, as fate has it, the protesters merely STRENGTHENED YOUR POINT. The media, police, and a street full of blood-thirsty (or fart-thirsty) protesters were looking for you, yet just two blocks away…they could not find you! Maybe, it was suppose to happen that way, because in a real-life event just look how easy it is to not only hide (in plain sight) but with guns, bullhorns announcing what you are doing, and cameras rolling. I agree, in ten minutes time A-LoT of people can be killed. I do not understand why pro-gun activist wanted to ‘disarm’ your missions, but by all means they truly looked like idiots. (I somehow wonder if secretly, that was the point) to make the “opposers” look like idiots. I don’t think one could truly be the stupid/stupid looking unless it was on purpose. I hope the pro-gunners were just trying to help you out, because they definitely did not prove a thing otherwise. Peace-from-Indiana