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  • Mika

    HELP!! My husband and I are both military veterans and Our kids where taken by cps about three months ago. My daughter is mentally disabled and made a false claim to her school about sexual abuse. They use her to say anything they want her to say. She is 15 and just wanting to be with boys but mentally disabled and can’t be with them . So she got mad and made a outcry. Now she is at an insitution in Austin Texas and I have to Do all types of services. They have one positive hair follicle test and drilling that on us. My husband doesn’t even get a visit!! I’m absolutely devastated. Since this has started my daughter has tried to tell the truth but they say it’s too late now.

  • Jesse

    Arcola child trafficking and human trafficking I don’t see it any other way they take children for a profit..

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  • Rose VanGorder

    And its not just Texas – every state. Bless Nancy Shaffer, Bill Windsor, and everyone else courageous enough to stand up to this corrupt system. Federal courts should be flooded with cases of civil rights violations, we need attorneys to stand with parents. Thank you.

  • Hilario Gonzales

    It’s not just CPS that’s a problem, it’s all of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. After reading this blog you will realize that the problem is much wise than you thought : http//darksideofchildcare.blogspot.com

  • Mike Butler

    Make sure that you add the DEA and ATF to that list. They are as corrupt as can be.