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The Lady Federalist is a political activist, Constitutional writer, speaker, and radio show host. As an Air Force veteran, she believes that Liberty comes at a price, one that is paid by all who partake of it. The Lady Federalist resides in Texas with her German Shepherd, Coraline and her Maine Coon cat Kallie.

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  • Alex Wright

    they know only facts if you can be true then and let them in your lifes then your failing in interest sour milk shall be discarded the truth shall set you free

  • cathy

    They just hate anyone who thinks differently than themselves and want to silence them. I just hope you all see it all coming together. Start watching Rome and the strange happenings there at the Vatican. England may have given us a bit more time with their miraculous vote.

  • Arden Jones

    This makes me laugh each time I read it. Poor faketriots. You’ll be just a imprisoned man not traveling the land. lol!

  • Philip K Freeman

    gov is out of control , SHUT IT DOWN til we get a sane chief.

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  • plainsite
  • plainsite

    In 1803, Governor Morris, the principal polisher of the finished Constitution, confessed that he would have liked to have written the Property Clause so that Canada and Louisiana, once acquired, could be governed perpetually as federal provinces. He acknowledged, however, that there was little he could do to further that vision, because his fellow delegates did not agree with him. Those delegates adopted the Property Clause admid an almost universal assumption that its most important function was to promote LAND DISPOSITION AND THE CREATION OF NEW STATES!. [Letter from Morris to Henry W. Livingston (Dec 4, 1803)] Morris, a federalist, knew that his colleagues would not go for the centralized, federal retention and control of large territories or property.

    The anti federalists (no centralized control) were worried about too much federal (centralized) control and the federalists consented to the Enumerated powers doctrine that was embedded in the constitution meaning that unless it was specifically listed as an enumerated power, it automatically defaulted to the states. On this James Madison, a supporter of centralized government, wrote:

    “The powers delegated by the proposed constitution of the federal government, ARE FEW AND DEFINED. Those which are to remain in the state governments, ARE NUMEROUS AND INDEFINITE. The former (federal government) will be exercised prinicpally on external objects, a war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several states will extend to all the objects, which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, AND PROPERTIES OF THE PEOPLE; and the internal order, improvement and prosperity of the state.” FEDERALIST NO. 45

    Another respected federalist (supporter of centralized government), James Wilson, stated:

    “I leave it to every gentleman to say whether the enumerated powers are not as accurately and MINUTELY DEFINED, as can be well done on the same subject, in the same language…nor does it, in any degree, go beyond the particular enumeration; for, when it is said that Congress shall have power to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper, those words are LIMITED AND DEFINED by the following, “for carrying into execution the foregoing powers”, it is saying no more than that the powers we have already particularly given (enumerated), shall be effectually carried into execution.”

    Under the Property Clause, congress had power given to it to “dispose” of property that it had acquired through treaty. It had a right to retain property for the purpose of fulfilling its limited mission as enumerated, i.e, forts, docks, navies, armies, post offices, etc.

    To illustrate this prevailing sentiment against federal control of real estate and property, the historical record shows through letters, transcripts and journals that considerable time and energy was spent debating the size of the federal enclave, Washington, District of Columbia. Territory that had not been made a sovereign state, was often called a “district”. The framers argued over the 10 square mile size of the District of Columbia because they worried that it was big enough to become a haven for a large standing army with munitions, or engaging in business and commerce outside its scope of its agency and that it would also be a haven for other forms of corruption and favoritism often found in centralized governments such as the British government who they had just fought. Many argued that 10 square miles should be reduced to 1 square mile. Therefore, with this kind of mistrust of centralized, federal government, anything bigger than 10 square miles was out of the question, unless it served the enumerated purpose of the federal government, which Madison clearly stated was very limited.

    THE PROPERTY CLAUSE, Art 4, Sect 3, Cl 2

    The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State.

    THE ENCLAVE CLAUSE, Art 1, Sect 8, Cl 17

    To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of Particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;–

    The bias and presumption was towards disposal of Territory and other Property that allowed the federal government to fulfill its Enumerated, delegated and LIMITED powers. During the time of the Louisiana purchase, the Northwest territories, real estate acquired by treaty with Mexico, the federal government sold, as quickly as they could find buyers, all that real estate in its possession, in order to reduce the national debt. It was the intention of the federal government, under Jefferson and others, to return the land to the private use of the people who could then petition the Congress for statehood. It was the Northwest ordinance where we get the “equal footing doctrine” where states are admitted to the union on an equal footiing in all respects.

    In the controlling and landmark decision, Pollard Lessee v. Hagan, 44 U.S. 212 (1845)

    “This right originated in voluntary surrenders, made by several of the old States, of their waste and unappropriated lands, to the United States, under a resolution of the old Congress, of the 6th of September, 1780, recommending such surrender and cession, to aid in paying the public debt, incurred by the war of the Revolution. The object of all the parties to these contracts of cession, was to convert the land into money for the payment of the debt, and to erect new States over the territory thus ceded; and as soon as these purposes could be accomplished, the power of the United States over these lands, as property, was to cease.”

    Furthermore, the court stated that the federal government had no municipal or sovereign authority from the constitution over those lands, “The shores of navigable waters, and the soils under them, were not granted by the Constitution to the United States, but were reserved to the States respectively, and the new States have the same rights, sovereignty, and jurisdiction over this subject as the original States. When Alabama was admitted into the union, on an equal footing with the original States, she succeeded to all the rights of sovereignty, jurisdiction, and eminent domain which Georgia possessed at the date of the cession, except so far as this right was diminished by the public lands remaining in the possession and under the control of the United States, for the temporary purposes provided for in the deed of cession and the legislative acts connected with it. Nothing remained to the United States, according to the terms of the agreement, but the public lands. And, if an express stipulation had been inserted in the agreement, granting the municipal right of sovereignty and eminent domain to the United States, such stipulation would have been void and inoperative, because the United States have no constitutional capacity to exercise municipal jurisdiction, sovereignty, or eminent domain, within the limits of a State or elsewhere, except in the cases in which it is expressly granted.”

    Congress could not use the Property clause as a pretext or excuse, to obtain property outside the scope of its limited powers. In M’Culloch v. Maryland: “Should Congress, under the pretext of executiing its powers, pass laws for the accomplishment of objects not entrusted to the government; it would become the painful duty of this tribunal (Supreme Court), should a case requiring sucha decision come before it, to say that such an act was not the law of the land.”

    Congress could retain treaty land for military purposes, even without State legislature approval, but only because military land was essential to the general welfare of the United States and was an enumerated right of congress. The retention of non-enumerated land, land that did not fulfill its role as a federal government, could not be retained but must be disposed of. THE ENUMERATED POWERS OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DO NOT INCLUDE NATIONAL PARKS, NATIONAL MONUMENTS AND WILDERNESS REFUGES. If Congress, and the people, want to set aside vast tracts of land for environmental or heritage purposes, they must do so through private trusts.

    Today we have the federal government controlling 400,000 square miles of real estate, running it like a business, by buying, siezing, confiscating, selling and leasing property as they, the federal bureaucrats, deem appropriate. The massive size of the BLM has led to it forming its own Enclave, with its own federal government consisting of an executive branch (bureaucratic executives), its own judiciary (administrative law judges) and its own legislature (rules and regulations) and even its own well equipped police force for enforcing its executive decisions and its rules and regulations. This was not the intent of Governor Morris or his colleagues.

    Senator Harry Reid of Nevada has taken advantage of this “scope creep”, this vast, unconstitutional behavior of the present day government, by using his power and influence to get his former senior adviser appointed to the top post in the BLM. Confirmed by a 71-28 Senate vote on April 9, BLM chief Neil Kornze served as a former senior adviser to Reid before he joined BLM in 2011, serving for the past year as the agency’s principal deputy director, according to a CBS local television news report broadcast in Carson City, Nevada. From this incestuous relationship, had come evidence that Reid and his son, Rory, are making moves that will line their pockets and give them more political leverage with the lands surrounding and on the Bundy property. http://godfatherpolitics.com/15161/harry-reid-sons-solar-power-scheme-connected-bundy-ranch-standoff/#dg4DWAqYbkzxEuiu.99

    This is what the framing generation wanted to avoid. This is why they limited federal power and limited control over real estate. This is why those limitations have been eroded, manipulated and in some cases deleted, because it serves powerful interests to have power to be concentrated in a few hands, exactly what the colonists shed their blood trying to change.

    • I swear, I think I’m in love with you! What you shared here is precisely what is meant by our Constitution! Thank you so very, very much for posting this comment.

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  • plainsite

    This is just one of many witnesses to the illegal and unlawful actions of the BLM. The protestors who gathered at Bunkerville are normally good, honest, hard working citizens but they had enough. Government officials hide behind their uniforms, badges and official titles, while they commit crimes and public opinion is on their side because of their “official look”. https://www.facebook.com/wizzard1222/posts/1069771699732998

    • Jack Ellis

      Illegal and unlawful? How about some specifics instead of throwing words around. Clive fought paying his grazing fees in court for 20 years and lost every time. The BLM was carrying out a legal court order to seize his cattle. Clive decided he had to defy the rule of law and called in a bunch of gullible people to be his private army. Al those folks now face jail time. In the meantime, Clive decided he’d spit in the BLM’s eye by allowing his cattle to roam all over the desert, ruining his allotment and probably a lot of other land for years to come through overgrazing.

      The real problem here is a few ranchers who act like spoiled children when they don’t get their way, supported by other people who think “liberty” and “freedom” mean being able to do whatever they want.

      • plainsite

        The federal judge who presided over the Hage case, and heard all the evidence, found evidence of widespread contempt and wrongdoing by the BLM. http://www.rangemagazine.com/specialreports/range-su13-hage-decision.pdf Even granting that the federal government has a right to own millions of acres of public land and to manage it, their methods of management “shock the conscience”. This case was overturned at the 9th circuit appeals level. But, your position is propositioned on the basis that the government and the courts, at all levels, are good, decent, honest, and unbiased in their decisions and actions. To say that means 1. The USA is exempt from the corruption found in many other countries 2. The colonists also lost all their grievances in British courts, and once having established a new government in the USA, they were forever free of the same corruption and bias they experienced with the British courts and 3. that people like Harry Reid, Hilary Clinton and others have no possibility of personal gain from federal ownership and management of millions of acres of land with mineral rights and vast resources. You are tragically naive to believe that things are just fine and that the horrible corruption in other countries, simply doesn’t apply to us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=BNGJXDuLkdI

  • Linda Morris Fangmeier

    The Feds are arresting under the premise …United States of America when they are actually Corp of America.

  • Gaijinman

    Vile and disgusting thugs have stolen our nation. I’d say we’re well past schedule to “Make America Great Again.”

  • Monte

    It sickens me to the core of my body that here in the USA, as long as you work for
    the US Federal Government, this “Title” automatically gives them a
    free pass to shoot and kill an unarmed American Citizen. I mean no harm to the
    Domestic Terrorists that shot an unarmed American Patriot, Lavoy Finicum. Actually,
    I would love for them to spend the rest of their lives in prison away from
    their families(worse than getting killed in my book). Again, as long as you
    work for the US Federal Government, you get a free pass to kill??????
    Every single person involved in the death of Lavoy Finicum needs to have their assets
    frozen. They need to resign, and they need to face charges of premeditated
    murder. Even those who were peripheral, Governor Brown, Judge Gratsy, Sheriff
    Ward, etal., need to have this done. The time when individuals are able to hide
    under the auspice of ‘government’ has got to end. Resign, no benefits, all
    assets including pensions and trust funds frozen, made to stand trial, and they
    may receive a public defender.
    The US Federal Domestic Terrorists Corporation(AKA: US
    Federal Government) and the American Citizens have forgotten one very important
    fact about the US Federal Domestic Terrorists Corporation……….The US
    Federal Domestic Terrorists Corporation is supposed to WORK FOR the American
    Citizens………not WORK AGAINST the American Citizens!!!!!!

    • Jack Ellis

      Man you are one angry dude. What’s the real bee in your bonnet? Are you suggesting Finicum was unarmed? I think most observers would have been absolutely astounded if the police had not found at least one of the guns we also saw him wearing in numerous photos. Would you be singing the same tune if Finicum had shot and killed a law enforcement officer first? If he was such a good Mormon and a good friend and a good family man, why was he always saying he’d rather be dead than in prison, and why did he do everything he could to carry that fantasy out? All he had to do was stop at either roadblock and do what he was told. It’s unfortunate that he died, but don’t go blaming other people for LaVoy’s reckless actions. Blame him.

  • Gaijinman

    While the perverts have us scratching our head about bathrooms, more vile BLM thuggery reins down upon our fellow citizens.

  • Snowcrash

    It appears that Austin and Parker may have photo evidence that the Feds want. Initially, the women said can’t retrieve the photos so the Feds are intimidating them. Showing them what the inside of a box looks like. Trying to sweat them out so they’ll roll over on each other and hand over their photos or videos.

  • ExRepug

    Are you certain that you have packed in enough hyperbole?

    Neither of these ladies was arrested and charged. They were brought in for questioning as part of an ongoing investigation to determine the who, what, where and why regarding an armed standoff against federal officers who were carrying out a court order duly issued after many years of litigation over unpaid grazing fees.

    Your editorial is based on hearsay, obvious bias and, no doubt, some measure of exaggeration. It plays right into the public perception that the Bundys’ supporters are little more than a bunch of overreacting whiners.

  • RockyMtn1776

    The pen is mightier than the sword. Or in this case, the camera.,

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  • Old Man

    Finicum wasn’t assassinated. He deserved what he got. Live with it.

    • tommy 3step

      He Finicum like all food producers are under attack by a Bolshevik style Bureaucratic Ideology that sees the only way to avert supply shortages and climate change is to create a crisis in the free market system of commodities that will collapse trust and sent the private investment out of the free market and then a Totalitarian controlled system of Government will take over and regulate the rate of consumption zeroing out the need for GDP Capitalist Growth . The Founder of Green Peace says so , and he like many NGO leaders are in pocket with the establishment elite of the G 20 and all want a ZERO GROWTH POLICY !!!!!! .

      If you consider what Paul Gilding , Founder of Green Peace , and
      supporter of the Center for Biological Diversity “ , says at the end of this TED talk to the
      audience about “ A Great Disruption “ , http://www.cnn.com/2012/04/08/opinion/gilding-earth-limits/index.html , and that these ideologues want to cause
      such an event Before we go over the edge … and then Consider how much Food
      Producing land is being Usurped out of Production , what this will do is
      cause commodities valuation
      volatility in the economic markets to
      the point of distrust in supply data to evolve and a pull out of investors ,
      collapsing the free market on its back , and then the Government will have no
      choice but to nationalize the market to stabilize it, and the people will
      applaud this and not even know the difference !!!!!

      Obama’s designations total 265 million acres, and he isn’t done yet ,


      This Link shows how much Grazing land for Livestock in the USA , I
      would say Obama has about Monumented all of it up !!!!!


      This link talks about arable Farmland in the USA ,


      • Jack Ellis

        Teddy, calm down. I haven’t seen any mass starvation in the US, have you? If you want to hyperventilate about farmland being taken out of production, blame farmers who sell out to real estate developers.

  • This article is about more than ranchers, water rights, land ownership, etc. It’s about how overgrown and bloated the federal government has become. How that same central government has completely lost sight of its true and original intent.
    Our Founders never meant for the federal government to rule over us like a kingdom. Heck, they revolted against such a mess. The Lee Resolution of July 2, 1776 – which is the basis of our Declaration of Independence – clearly states that the 13 colonies were free, independent, sovereign States on equal footing with the State of Great Britain. This makes each and every State an independent NATION. Part of the Lee Resolution was to form a union among the thirteen States (nations) for the purpose of more easily negotiating with other nations in order to secure their idependence from Britain. The intent WAS NOT to remake the United States in Britain’s image, else why bother with declaring independence?
    The federal government is a creation OF the Constitution, and not a party to it. It has four basic roles outside of the ones specified in Article I – Levy War, Negotiate Peace, Establish Treaties with foreign nations, and foreign commerce. That is it – EXTERNAL AFFAIRS. It was not and should not ever be concerned with the internal affairs of the People or the States. Each independent nation/state has the obligation and duty to concern itself with policing, taxation, road contruction, agriculture, education, etc.
    Our Bill of Rights were given to us by our Founders after much thought and open debate. Not as an exhaustive list of Rights bestowed BY the federal government; rather as a short list of the MOST IMPORTANT Natural Rights that the federal government is required to preserve on our behalf. They weren’t pulled out of thin air; instead they are based on British history that our Founders knew very well. The Third Amendment is a very good example of this. Under the rign of Charles I, soldiers and other government agents were housed in private homes – fed and sheltered at the expense of the owners – so that Charles I could enforce his unlawful edicts.
    Our Ninth Amendment shows that the Founders were very clear that We the People are to hold all the cards with regard to Rights.”The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”
    We the People and our States are the rightful masters of the federal government; not the other way around.

    • Jack Ellis

      You’ll find lots of agreement that the Federal government has grown too big, but you’ll never get agreement about how to trim it. There are somewhere north of 300 million people in this country with at least that many different ideas about how to shrink government so long as it doesn’t gore their ox.

      Regarding public land, which we all own, the Feds administer it for everyone’s benefit. If all that public land was privately owned, many of the people who complain about Federal overreach would be even angrier about being shut out altogether as is the case in Texas and much of Montana.

      Some people complain about how heavy-handed the Feds are. I have face-to-face dealings with Federal officers about a dozen times a year. Without exception they’ve all been very professional, including the few instances where I screwed up. Perhaps the reason my dealings go smoothly is because I’m willing to fess up when I mess up and then work with the Feds to make things right instead of getting all huffy.

      The fact is, ranchers get a pretty good deal with their grazing allotments. Prices are deliberately set well below leases on state-owned and private land. The Feds even chip in with the cost of fencing when it’s beneficial to grazing. You may think “liberty” means being able to do what you want, where you want, whenever you want, however you want. The rest of us understand your definition of liberty to be a prescription for anarchy.

  • Gradus Quia

    Entire article written by inflating a few lines of Facebook post, packing it with invention and innuendo. That’s simply dishonest.

  • Clint & Tamm Anderson

    Enough with the dramatics…..Neither gal was arrested. It does not do anybody any good to spin this so disportionately. “Surrendered herself for questioning….”, “not apprised of the actual charges….”, etc. There are no actual charges at this time or else they would have been arrested so there is nothing to apprise them of. Voluntarily answering the FBI’s questions is the smart thing to do (with counsel present which it appears they had) but it hardly is surrendering. My guess is that neither of these gals will actually be charged unless they do something stupid at this point to obstruct the investigation. You all need to stop thinking about this so emotionally and start thinking critically. If, as is widely believed, these gals did nothing more than photograph things then they have little to worry about. In their shoes, I would be anxious to clear up any misconception the FBI may have about my role there. I suspect that by cooperating with the interview that these gals will be fine. Assuming of course, that they really only photographed. There is always the possibility that they did more than that and materially participated in some way. Barring that or actively obstructing the investigation going forward, however, these gals are unlikely to be charged with anything.

    • plainsite

      They were handcuffed in front of their children. Thinking critically is as follows 1. power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely 2. The USA is not exempt from corruption and lust for power found in other countries 3. The colonists tried to work within the system and the British courts consistently ruled against them. Was that because the British courts were unbiased and just? 4. The Panama Papers, Snowden and other whistleblowers are revealing evidence of deep corruption. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=BNGJXDuLkdI

  • tommy 3step

    When Government Begins Crushing Dissent


    But lets talk about what causes dissent , things like these links ,

    This outfit that’s suing us here in Central Oregon http://dbbcirrigation.com/uncategorized/lawsuits-threaten-central-oregon-communities/ over irrigation water coming out of the
    Deschutes River / Wickiup reservoir is bragging about removing 1,000,000 cattle
    from Public grazing in the last 2 years .


    This link talks about how many cattle have been removed from BLM grazing , and I would put that number at
    3 Million head based off an 80 acre per head grazing season .


    And the have connection to this California crisis too ,

    And they take away our Food producing areas water with these little
    tactics , and what will they do with us after we run short of food ????


    here the Center for Biological Diversity want POPULATION CONTROL , http://www.endangeredspeciescondoms.com/about.html

    And they are not done , http://www.ocregister.com/articles/national-705112-livestock-park.html





    And here you can see the Motivation behind the attack on our food
    production …..





    Here are a Couple of Rich guys wanting to end or alter that system that
    made them rich , and you would have to wonder why ?

    And here are top Money managers
    of Hedge funds teaching the Public about a change from the Main motivator of
    Resource Production , and who think our monetary system needs more Central
    Government control for a specific reason , and I would ask the question that if
    they feel capital is becoming trapped in the “ Global Capital Cloud “ is this being done on Purpose so the general
    population becomes frustrated with the economics of the capital system so then
    You Elites can come and say the system is broken and the Government needs to
    make it more “ JUST “ from a central government policy???

    http://www.ted.com/talks/paul_tudor_jones_ii_why_we_need_to_rethink_capitalism , and Pauls Views on Babies seems expendable
    , http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/billionaire-investor-babies-killer-womens-focus-19255590


    And we have Commodities manipulation speculation , which would play
    into the cronyism creating frustration within society so that when the Elites
    are calling for change it makes it easier for the change to happen as the
    Liberty of US Constitutional rights is seen as not working .


    My question to all these people is that if they think we as a world are
    reaching our Peak , then maybe its time the USA was more Independent in its
    functions as a Sovereign Society and we just start taking care of our own needs
    , because we by ourselves are a sustainable population growth as far as
    Fertility charts show and we as a Independent nation have an abundances of
    Resources , so why do we have to throw in with the globalism that’s eroding USA
    Sovereignty Away ?????????

    Have you heard of ECO-Fascist TYRANNY ? When you watch this Video you will see how
    they think , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfnddMpzPsM#t=138 , and
    considering how Lavoy Finicum was assassinated I think the same kinds of people
    are in the Government NOW !!!!!

    And this abuse of Power , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7kC7DUrUSA&feature=youtu.be

    And trade policies that isolate the US Individual away from their
    nations assets for Foreign Interests ,

    TPP allows foreign nations to own USA Public Lands Resources ,


    And now they are forming their own police force to secure these assets


    These next links I believe will help to explain why we see the
    Government’s efforts to intimidate citizens away from trying to prosper from
    their public lands , Oh you can look but
    don’t touch because its been promised to Foreign buddies .

    This is what its all about , http://cascadebusnews.com/news-pages/e-headlines/4733-knowledge-a-courage-what-the-west-needs-to-take-back-our-public-lands


    The 150 Trillion in mineral assets might explain this Federal Land Grab
    that’s been planned for a while and may be what has been propping up foreign
    stock markets ??? http://www.foxnews.com/story/2010/03/10/land-grab-by-federal-government.html

    But of course while the Oligarchy are dividing up we the peoples assets
    , they are saying there are to many of us people on earth , but of course they
    would say that huh ?

    Let me ask you if you would have been told the USA would accumulate 18
    trillion in debt and 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities because of the last
    30 years of unfair trade policies which allowed a trade partner to manipulate
    its currency in a fashion that created that SOUND ROSS PEROT said we would
    hear that only de-industrialized the
    USA that led to these loses in durable wealth creation and the conversion of
    any debt to an equity position , would you have agreed to that kind of trade
    policy ?

    http://www.americanlandscouncil.org/key_points , http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/05/plan-use-land-west-pay-debt-china

    READ THESE LINKS it tells you about the Russians that want USA Uranium


    The Clintons: is the Oregon standoff really about uranium? by Jon


    This article says that Malheur County may be the BIGGEST Uranium
    Deposit in the USA !!!!!!!


    FEDS want 13 million acres taken away from private sector operations in
    the Western States


    This is the Clintons Russian Counterpart that is Taking ALL USA Uranium

    , they have since took down their page


    our trusted Government !!!!!!!!

    • Jack Ellis

      Tommy, you really need to look a little further afield for information than Fox News, KrisAnne Hall and Infowars. However I’ll address the California water crisis since it directly affects me. Agriculture uses 80% of California’s water. Some of it is used to grow fruits and vegetables and I’m all for it. A lot of it is used to grow almonds for export. Much as I love snacking on almonds I could easily do without them if I had to because it turns out almond trees require a lot of water. Also remember that California is not the only state where food is grown. If the choice is cutting water to farmers in California or cutting water supplies for domestic use, which would you choose? If you really want to go after someone, complain about the celebrities in Hollywood and Palm Springs who continue to water their lawns while the rest of us let our lawns die, shower every other day and generally try to get by with less.

      The hysteria over selling public lands to foreigners is a lie so far as I can tell. *Private land* and the water rights that go with it have been sold to foreigners, just like Americans have bought farm and other land in other countries. Are you suggesting we should prohibit private owners from selling their land to whoever is willing to buy it? By the way, it’s my understanding that the land sales in question are for growing alfalfa. In other words, food for livestock that is too expensive to use for cattle feed when there’s public land available at low grazing fees.

      You talk about self-sufficiency. The US exports grain and other foodstuffs all over the world but it has to import vegetables because American’s won’t take jobs picking them. Think the US imports everything we use. Think again. In 2014 US exports were $2.35 trillion. That’s equal to one fourth of China’s national economic output and larger than the national output of all but five countries (China, France, Great Britain, Germany and Japan). A pretty damned impressive showing for the country Donald Trump wants to make great again if you ask me.

      There are all kinds of stupid rumors about minerals under the land owned by Dwight Hammond. That’s all they are – rumors. There’s no uranium. The uranium deposit that has people all spun up is at least 50 miles away. There’s no oil and gas in Oregon or Nevada for that matter – at least none that appears on any maps I’ve seen and I’m not aware of any exploration in either of those states. A Canadian company has just applied for permission to drill up to 4,000 oil and gas wells in Utah on BLM land, but the state of Utah will receive royalties from the oil and gas they find so it’s not like anyone is giving away the store.

      Alex Jones, KrisAnne Hall, Gavin Seim and to some extent Fox News are playing cruel tricks by either telling outright lies or twisting the facts. Many liberal media outlets do the same thing except the direction of the twist is different. But don’t take my word for it. Instead do a little exploring in places you wouldn’t normally visit. You might be surprised at what you find.

      • tommy 3step

        Jack Why is our Trade deficit so high then ??????????????????

        • Jack Ellis

          Oil, for one thing. What kind of gas mileage does YOUR ride get?

          • tommy 3step

            so that means Durable growth is negative then

          • Jack Ellis

            Durable growth is irrelevant. You are correct about imports of capital goods as shown here: https://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/Press-Release/current_press_release/ft900.pdf There’s probably a more current report. If you want to raise import tariffs, be my guest. Doing so will raise prices for everyone without bringing many jobs back.

          • tommy 3step

            On the Global Market aspect and considering the currency manipulation by Asia and how the 2 big 2 fail banks are Profiting off this Currency swap creating that sucking sound Ross Perot said would happen with trade policies that do NOTHING about currency manipulation , We the People did not AGREE TO allow this to create the trade deficits that have been accruing into the 19 trillion debt on We the People while we lost the Industrial tool and die and foundry production that creates Durable Domestic supply that can be monetized in the wholesale retail monetary manner that converts the debt of production of raw materials into a Equity holding of thus supplies that then supplies a domestic market and can be traded for other resources worldwide so tariffs can be avoided in the negotiation process .

          • alm3texas

            Correct. The FEDERAL RESERVE (not really federal at all) has churned all of it up and every which way to keep the country in need of their killing services. For 113 years. Note to self: the never before personal “INCOME TAX” was ushered in just after the 1913 LOONS in Congress voted it in and at Christmas as well to “FUND” that operation . It still does as it only pays the debt but NOT ANY OF the interest ever. You’re right on your information. Much as we try to present some sensible facts and thinking, the other side can never agree with even one thing you say that is right.

            As Michael Savage always reminds us: Liberalism IS a mental disorder! No doubt!

      • tommy 3step

        Hey Jack why is the Military saying we are to dependent on Foreign Parts supplies if we are in such great shape with all this domestic parts production then ???? http://www.americanmanufacturing.org/blog/entry/report-says-u.s.-military-dangerously-dependent-on-foreign-suppliers

        • Jack Ellis

          You’re not keeping up Tommy. Manufacturing jobs are moving back, and that trend is going to accelerate.

          • tommy 3step

            show me

          • Reverend Wingnut

            Put your head back up your ass, Jack. Right where it belongs…

  • Robert MacLeod

    Any possible truth behind this article was lost with the line “assassination of Levoy Finicum.” Since video recorded by a person in the car with him clearly shows him saying “where are the guns” and screaming at the cops “YOU’RE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO SHOOT ME!” There was no assassination, just a armed man committing suicide by cop. Or what is it y’all always say when a cop shoots a Black kid? “If he hadn’t resisted he wouldn’t have been killed.” The man refused to comply, crashed through a police road block and evaded arrest. If it’s been la black person in Chicago, you’d be saying the shooting was righteous. But because it was a White man, it’s an assassination. Funny how that is.

    • GRIT

      He wasn’t shot at that stop you reference. They was shot at after the truck left the first stop…. LaVoy was killed at the road block which was set up intentionally for the kill. I won’t point out all the obvious, you just have to reference the available videos.

    • Charles Marsh

      Eluding LEO is a crime in Oregon.
      Over 30mph speeds makes it felony eluding.

      Everyone in the truck decided to make a run for it. Conspiracy to elude.

      They spoke of and took actions to prevent, possible bodily harm to those in the truck, and had total disregard for the lives or health of LEO outside the truck. They were fully aware that OSP would respond to them taking flight.

      There’s a thing called felony murder doctrine and felony manslaughter, which come into play when someone gets killed in the commitment of a felony.. It depends on the felony and if there was an obvious chance of bodily harm if this action was taken…

      Now in Oregon, escape is, and may be eluding, are listed in this felony murder doctrine. Felony manslaughter is the more probable crime committed though?

      This info did not come from Wikipedia, but Oregan annotated law…

      For you Skousen fans, US 395 is a post Road… Think about it?

      • deaderpool

        you care to cite the crime they were being fugitives from? it is not a criminal offense to drive down the road, posted or not! why were the feds not apprehending them at any point prior to the day they assassinated him? the opportunity existed but not in a remote location far from prying eyes!

        • Tacitus

          And what do you think would have happened if the feds had tried coming on to the refuge to arrest the Bundy’s while they were surrounded by dozens of heavily armed supporters, some of whom (including Finicum) were on record as saying that they would not give up and that they would defend themselves?

          As for the crimes — they were being arrested for the charges they now face in federal court.

        • Jack Ellis

          If someone was trying to kill the leaders, the Bundy boys would be dead right now instead of facing trial. If you think there was a better place to apprehend the group, where would that be. On the refuge where the occupiers had the advantage? I don’t think so. You need to let go of the idea that Finicum was some kind of hero. Even without the shots, speeding away from a traffic stop on a snow covered road put the lives of the truck’s occupants in danger.

          • tommy 3step

            HEY EVERYONE YOUR NATION HAS OVER 150 TRILLION DOLLARS worth of Raw Materials that we the people can be making into Finished products to Realize the Retail Value of these resources and this be how we pay for our debt and unfunded liabilities , This last 30 years of Globalist Trade policies thats created a Cabal on world Resources and this Cabal now has transferred the Industrial means to produce these raw materials into a Asian Production region that is close to being taken over by China and will oppress the USA through our Debt access to these durable goods in abundance like we have been accustom too , Best thing that can happen is the states take back control of their lands, and Retool our Industrial capabilities so we can tell the Chinese to take a hike , because there are many resources that we the people of the states should be benefiting from rather than just a Bunch of Government Tyrants giving it away for pennies for some globalist favor compared to what it should be worth if those that want some of our resources made into a consumable product should negotiate trade for other resources that the trade partner has that we can use .


            Let me ask you if you would have been told the USA would accumulate 18
            trillion in debt and 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities because of the last
            30 years of unfair trade policies which allowed a trade partner to manipulate
            its currency in a fashion that created that SOUND ROSS PEROT said we would
            hear that only de-industrialized the
            USA that led to these loses in durable wealth creation and the conversion of any
            debt to an equity position , would you have agreed to that kind of trade policy

            http://www.americanlandscouncil.org/key_points , http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/05/plan-use-land-west-pay-debt-china

            READ THESE LINKS it tells you about the Russians that want USA Uranium


            The Clintons: is the Oregon standoff really about uranium? by Jon


            This article says that Malheur County may be the BIGGEST Uranium
            Deposit in the USA !!!!!!!


          • alm3texas

            You are completely wrong on all of this.

          • tommy 3step

            you can tell Jack is a Government paid shill

          • alm3texas

            A BLM r for sure…ugh!

      • Reverend Wingnut

        Go back to sleep, Charles…

    • Jeanne Capps

      Should of never been a road block and if he would of been black our president would be backing the black man blaming the cops. As for Chicago. look at the stats,most of the killings are black man killing black man. I am so sick of people making excuses.

      • Tacitus

        Now, you’re just being silly.

      • Jack Ellis

        Then stop making excuses. And stop trying to second-guess the whole thing. Finicum should have surrendered at the first roadblock.

        • BarbedStar

          At the first stop, had a non-aggressive armed officer approached the pickup, explained that they were stopped to be detained for their actions related to the Refuge…without a warrant, mind you…the outcome might have been different. Had they been taken as they left the meeting they attended as a group…the outcome might have been different. You mean to tell me at the first stop, that you would leave the shelter of the truck with kill shots coming at you? When you knew there were no warrants and an innocent within …give me a break. You mean to tell me that your thought process under the ultimate strain of survival, bullets whizzing by, would be to step out of that truck??? LaVoy knew with whom he was dealing…non Constitutional, non moral, rogue ‘law’ enforcement and with those first shots at that stop, he knew their intent, and as a good man, knew he had to protect those within that truck. He believed/they believed, and rightfully so, that their only protection would be in non-U.N. Grant County with a Constitutional Sheriff that was a man of his word. We all know what happen next at a totally dead spot on a lonely road on a snow bank. Oh, by the way, they did filed the warrant after they killed him, intentionally, in the kill box that took them a couple days to set up….welcome to the good, old USA of Inc. If you do not understand what LaVoy knew about the government you think is in place to ‘protect’ you, you have a lot to learn and are in for a big, sickening, surprise. LaVoy also knew that there is little or no justice or, often, truth in a cooperate court.

  • Marty Magillicutty

    Are you sure she was formally arrested? If so, what was she charged with? It sounds to me like she was just taken in for questioning. Some actual details about this so-called arrest would be nice.

    • Clint & Tamm Anderson

      Neither gal was arrested. This article is meant to inflame not inform.

      • Charles Marsh

        Like Gavin’s “call to action” to Montana to save the Ryan kid, based on BS?

        Then when things didn’t go the way Seim invisioned, it’s the sherrif’s fault… “He betrayed his oath”… The utter arrogance of such a statement. He may have betrayed “Seim’s oath”, but he didn’t betray his own Constitutional view?

        Has Seim ever taken the oath? He did not win his election, I didn’t read anywhere where he was ex-military, or a public servant? If not, he doesn’t have a horse in this race and needs to shut up…

        These people will eat their own it we don’t keep them separated. Like hamsters…

    • PatriotGranny

      Beth was told to “turn herself in”. She wasn’t told to come down for questioning. They came into Marie’s WORK in such a manner that she was written up by her employer. Instead of making excuses for these thugs, why don’t you pay attention to the real issue. This was pure unadulterated intimidation because they don’t want photos of what really happened in Bunkerville to make it to the defense.

    • GRIT

      If you see LaVoys death in any way other then assassination, you are part of the problem. I see no further use for your input, you are free to report back to headquarters….

    • Dana King

      “just taken in for questioning”? You’re a friggin slave. The govt cannot just yank you off the street without a warrant. If you have a warrant then they should be able to tell you what you’re charged with. No warrant? The govt can fuck off.

      • Jack Ellis

        The police can take you in for questioning. To keep you they need to charge you. The hysteria over questioning two women was astounding to those of us who watched and it suggests either people have a lot to hide or they’re paranoid over nothing. I’d want those fools on the bridge in jail for no other reason than they *were* pointing guns at people, and not just Federal officers (which is a felony). If shooting had broken out, a lot of the families and hangers-on in the wash might have been killed by those shooters (none of them were trained snipers) on the bridge.

        • danske

          Lon Horiuchi was a trained FBI sniper, but that didn’t help at Ruby Ridge.

    • Jeanne Capps

      They were never charged with anything, but told that they couldn’t talk to each other. For taking pictures and today here in Oregon on hwy 216 4 black SUV and a State Police going down the road at a high speed. People better get their heads out of sand before it is too late.

  • Jack Ellis

    Anyone who’s seen photos of those snipers on the bridge ought to be asking themselves a few questions. First, who was in the crowd those guns were pointed at? It looked to me like there were lots of Bundy supporters and maybe a few tourists, and they were in the line of fire. Second, were any of the snipers trained, or just self-appointed? Just how good was their aim and how good was their equipment? If shooting had broken out, how many non-combatants might have been killed by the folks on the bridge? Would their deaths be considered collateral damage, or would it be murder? Third, if this was a paramilitary operation (illegal of course), what were non-combatants doing on the bridge and what might have happened if they’d been killed? Why were the women who were questioned by the FBI scared about answering a few questions and not frightened to death being near a possible gun battle? Finally, what kind of men put their wives and children in harm’s way as human shields? The answer is, only cowards like ISIS do that.

    If you think the Feds are tyrants, go down to Texas and see if you can find yourself a slice of public land to hunt, fish, hike ride or shoot on. In Montana the best hunting and fishing spots are privately owned and you can’t get in to use them unless you know the owner or are very wealthy. I live near three National Forests. Last year I hunted on BLM land in the next state over and the only gates I had to worry about were on private property that’s mixed in with BLM land in the area. This year I’m going to hunt in two of those National Forests close to home and on BLM land in another area.

    It’s not that the Feds are tyrants. The problem is, everyone wants to use public land. If the Feds weren’t around to act as referee, you’d be killing one another over who gets to use or own it, just like in the old days of the wild, wild west. Sure, the rules aren’t always to my liking, but they’re also not that difficult to comply with, and I’ll take the Fed’s rules over the law of the jungle that Ammon preaches any day.

    • plainsite

      I love driving my ATV on public land, but that does not justify violation of the constitution which clearly states that the federal government is to have very little land ownership. If they want to set aside land for public enjoyment, they can do so through agreements with states or with private trusts. But the feds themselves cannot control or manage the land.

      • crawdaddy

        Jack take it to court. Please share where it says the federal government is to have very little land ownership. Why can’t the federal government manage and control land for our benefit?

        • In the Constitution – Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 – boils down to DC proper and “forts and ports”.
          To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;

          • crawdaddy

            First of all do you know what a Federalist is in historical context? So you side with Hamilton? Interesting. Okay, it says they can build post offices. Great. But it does not prohibit anything. The idea of a National Park was kind of hard to comprehend when this was written – another reason literalists are dumbos. We really had no idea about the vastness of this country. Did you expect them to list every type of structure they might build? All you’ve done is make a great argument for interpreting the constitution Lady. Times changes things. Technology etc etc.

          • PatriotGranny

            Anyone who uses the term “dumbos” isn’t worth wasting your time debating with.

          • crawdaddy

            oh Granny take it easy. It’s nicer than dumbass, right? Are we having a debate or contemplating one Granny?

          • Yes, I do know what a Federalist is in historical context, however my Nom de Plume would be a bit long if I were to include ALL of my Chinese Take-Away Menu political leanings – i.e. The Lady Federalist/Anti-Federalist/Anarchist is a bit much, don’t you agree?
            The Constitution is not up for interpretation; the meanings in it are very clear when it is read with comprehension. Sadly, the literacy rates in our Republic now are far, far below those of the time when it was written. Therefore, the average American is wholly unable to read and understand our foundational documents, leaving their “interpretation” to Ivy League “scholars” and “legal professionals”, who tell us what THEY want it to mean. Sadly, we swallow their BS hook, line, and sinker – to our detriment.
            Oh, and the Constitution most definitely DOES prohibit what the federal government may do –
            1) Consider that the Constitution is a legal contract, a compact among the several States for forming the Republic, or union, and the picture is much clearer. The federal government is in breach of contract with the States and the People.
            2) Think about the basic employment contract – I’m sure you’ve signed one or more in your lifetime. Such contracts always list the DUTIES of the employee; those things which will be performed in order to be paid. Most of these contracts include a clause along the lines of “and other such duties as assigned”. These open-ended clauses are for the benefit of the employer, not the employee. Now, read the Constitution. Nowhere in it will you find any such language which allows any branch of the federal government to create national parks, the FBI, CIA, Dept of Ag, Dept of Ed, ad nauseum.
            3) What you WILL find is Amendment X – “The powers no delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the Stattes, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the People.” This would be that open-ended clause whereby our Founders clearly state that ONLY that which is defined in the Constitution for the federal goveernment to do is what it is to do – everything else is for the States to do, or the People themselves. In this amendment, the Employer (the States and the People) retain “all other duties as assigned”.
            As for my “siding with Hamilton” – I side with History and her lessons. I take the time to study the primary historical sources of the era, penned by all the founders, as well as those sources upon which they relied. Works by John Locke, Emer de Vattel and others. What I do not do is rely upon the skewed opinions of “scholars” who spend their days locked away in Ivory Towers of “Higher Learning” reading the writings of their peers, and regurgitating their vomitous dogma.

          • Charles Marsh

            The Constitution can’t just be interpreted, but needs to be literally viewed , eh?

            So freedom of the press, written word printed with a printing press, doesn’t cover radio, TV, the Internet?

            Well of corse it does, but it takes a modern interpretation… The wording didn’t change now did it?

            The right to keep and bear arms was originally viewed as just a state’s right, part of protecting the state’s ability to raise a state militia, and only came into the conservation in regards to the individual during the 20th century…The right of the people, not person, to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed,, It was reinterpreted…

            Btw…These arms, military arms , were stored in the militia’s armory… I read history too…

            I’m anti-gun control, pro-2nd amendment , but I know that the individual argument has more to do with Charlton Heston, than with the Constitution…

            “Arms” may need to be redefined, for an individual can’t own a nuke, existreame example, I know, but as technology advances, interpretation of the Constitution is needed…

          • Jack Ellis

            The clause you cite does not say anything about ownership, nor does it specifically prohibit the Feds from owning land. What the Constitution does say in Article IV, Section 3 is, “The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules
            and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to
            the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so
            construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any
            particular State.”

            There have been repeated attacks on the Federal government’s right to own land and the Supreme Court has rejected every one of them. If you think this needs to be changed, start a drive to amend the Constitution accordingly. I’m guessing it won’t get very far.

        • Jack Ellis

          Crawdaddy, I think you and I agree.

      • Jack Ellis

        Please show me where in the Constitution it specifically says the Feds cannot own land. Language from the Declaration of Independence or any other historical document aren’t relevant.

    • crawdaddy

      Public land is our land. Follow the rules dumb ass. You want to camp in a federal park – pay your very reasonable fee and you are welcome. You don’t get to hunt where ever the hell you want to- because it is dangerous. Tough luck. Find another hobby.

      • Jack Ellis

        Take another look at what I wrote because I think we’re mostly on the same side of the argument. I only hunt where it’s legal and when it’s legal.

    • PatriotGranny

      You are promoting the false narrative that these people are fighting to make federal land private land. That’s not the case. There are two issues here. The first is that the state should own the public land, not the federal government. If the state owns it, it’s still public land, open to all. The second issue is that the government has used bullying intimidation tactics to acquire a lot of land from private citizens, and in many cases they have done things to make the land worthless (like flooding it) so they could buy it for pennies on the dollar. And if you want to hunt in Montana, make some money and buy your own damn land.

      • Jack Ellis

        Specific examples of bullying and forced sales based on public records (Alex Jones is not a reliable source)? If the states had all that public land, they’d have to sell a lot of it off because they don’t have the means to take care of it without raising taxes.

        • deaderpool

          considering all of the disputed land belonged to native americans before it became federal/public land i’d say you have all the documentation and public record needed.

        • PatriotGranny

          The federal government isn’t taking care of it, and the federal government charges to use much of it – the state could do the same thing and would earn revenue in that manner.
          As for specific examples based on public records, do you really think that type of thing is going to be public record. And I barely even know who Alex Jones is and have never listened to his radio show. The first I heard about him was when I watched a video a couple weeks ago of him supposedly exposing some club in California that politicians are a member of (I can’t remember the name) and they supposedly do sacrifices. Get out and talk to the people it has happened to. The Hammonds are a perfect example – Prosecuted for accidentally burning 130 acres when they tried to protect their property when other ranchers have burned tens of thousands and have not even been reprimanded. This is because the government has been trying to buy their land and the Hammond’s won’t sell. They were offered to have all charges dropped if they would sign over 2/3 of their land. They refused, so they were prosecuted. Then, they had to sign a first right of refusal to allow the govt to have first option to buy their property if they were forced to sell because they couldn’t pay their $400,000 fine by December 2015. There are other restrictions the government put on them that will make it very hard for them to do business and make money – all put in place to try to force them to sell. And then there is the Malheur Bird Refuge – are you aware that the government flooded that land in order to be able to buy it from private land owners for pennies on the dollar? Or how about the fact that the spent $3 million to collect $1 million from Cliven Bundy? How do you justify that? According to a former Clark County Clerk and ex BLM volunteer, there is land east of Cliven’s that they want to develop but they need to utilize Cliven’s property to do so – for roads and utilities. Do you think maybe that is why the government spent $3 million to collect $ 1 million? Look at things that have transpired and then use your common sense.

    • tommy 3step

      the feds who are extremist environmentalists believe they need to control population rate of consumption and their life span too because they think we are getting so big and consuming so much resources worldwide its causing climate change and killing earths ecosystem and tyranny is they only way to control these things !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charles Marsh

    Criminal intent is a necessary component of a “conventional” crime and involves a conscious decision on the part of one party to injure or deprive another. It is one of three categories of “mens rea,” the basis for the establishment of guilt in a criminal case.

    The full definition Ann article on “criminal intent” in Wikipedia will give you all more insight and clarity on what is actually going on here than these emotionally derived conspiracy theory posts of Sgt Moe or Gavin Seim, who have been stirring the pot with 1/2 truths, mis-information, and unfounded rumors to further their agenda.

    • Jack Ellis


    • Joel Stoner

      Wikipedia should never be used as a source, and should always be considered incorrect, as anyone can change anything at any time.

      • deaderpool

        wiki is a very reliable source! it is open sourced but it is also heavily crosschecked for facts by the same open sources! you might want to join the information age! either that or continue to rely on that bastion of reliable facts, the mainstream media!

        • Tacitus

          Wikipedia is an excellent starting point for information. Most of the time, the information is accurate and detailed enough for task at hand — typically becoming more informed on a subject. If you’re looking for information you need to rely on — e.g. medical, financial, or legal advice, then it always pays to check the quoted sources, just to be sure.

          In this case — for the purposes of a discussion on the internet, Wikipedia is fine.

    • PatriotGranny

      You are sticking your head in the sand. Criminal intent is not necessary if a corrupt federal judge decides it’s not necessary. You really have no clue about the depth of corruption in our government, do you? A federal judge was openly mocking a defendant’s religion in a hearing, and despite expert testimony from someone who examined him, decided he needed to be medicated. I shouldn’t be surprised though that someone who gives Wikipedia as a place to get good information is willfully ignorant.

      • Charles Marsh

        Then go to lawyer sites that cover this concept then, you’ll get the same information. I just mentioned Wikipedia, for people like yourself whom only have a vocabulary of a six grader… I didn’t want to go too far over your head.

        Oh, and you are so enlightened that everyone seems to be ignorant in comparison?

        Keep practicing Skousen’s theocratical definition of the Constitution.. I don’t care…

        • bdrew

          the lawyer lying next to me confirms your post is 100% accurate.

    • Tony Stephens

      So am I to understand that the government never obliterates a person’s rights. That if you find a lawful definition of a word, then the FBI will back off and everything will be unicorns and daffodils? The fourth Amendment declares there must be an oath taken that there is probably evidence of a crime, and a judge decides if there is such probability and issues a warrant which details who or what will be searched and what will be seized. All of this is supposed to take place BEFORE the handcuffs. If that was violated there is no hope of the FBI respecting their rights. I am not in favor of alarmists, but uninformed apologists for an obviously outrageous government are much more dangerous.

  • highlanderjuan

    The DC crime syndicate needs to be shut down.

    “Nothing can destroy a government more quickly than its failure to observe its own laws, or worse, its disregard of the charter of its own existence. As Mr. Justice Brandeis, dissenting, said in Olmstead v. United States, 277 U.S. 438, 485 (1928): “Our Government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. . . . If the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”” — U.S. Supreme Court Justice Tom C. Clark – Mapp v. Ohio, 367 U.S. 643 (1961)

  • Vaughn Bang

    Hey ho! Round em up, lock em down! Make those inbred terrorists assholes feel like rawhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!

    • Roxann Van Winkle Callahan

      Click on vaughn bang’s name, see how he rambles hatred with no facts. Ignore people like this, you will never get anywhere, he/she is not on here to listen to both sides and learn, only to spew hatred.