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  • Pat Cunningham

    “Today, the EBT system crashed hard, causing food stamp beneficiaries across 17 states to be unable to buy their cupcakes, donuts, diet sodas and other junk foods that keep them diseased and obese. (Yes, food stamp money is primarily used buy processed junk food.)” This is an extremely insulting, misleading and derogatory statement. Shame on you.

  • Kelleen

    I have to say, low-income folks are most likely to shop for food at the cheapest places available, such as WalMart, BigLots, Dollar Tree, and so on — and the vast majority of the food made available in these places is PROCESSED CRAP. You can get slightly healthier processed crap by avoiding sugary stuff and obvious snack foods like chips, but basically, if you’re low-income you’re not buying health foods.

  • I was at one time on the food stamp program but I bought FOOD not junk. It really upsets me that you say that people mostly buy junk…guess opinions are like &^%&**, everyboby got one.
    Can you not just make your points and keep your opinion out of it ?????