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  • DustinGreyStone

    Jeez, that was really scary. Honestly I would have no idea what to do in this type of situation. Did the man have any type of body armor? Then again, if he did have any body armor what type did he even have? Because if I recall correctly, there are different NIJ levels (I, II, III, etc.) and they can pierce the armor differently (well the type of bullets: Source http://www.thebestbodyarmor.com/what-are-armor-piercing-rounds/ ) If possible can anyone give me some answers for my questions?

  • Derek Smith

    From the audio it’s obvious that guy had been harassing and “threatening” the neighbors recently. He got what he deserved. I hope he died.

  • Kira00

    Should be legal to have a firearm at home in Sweden as well.

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  • Aaron Allbrite

    Yep! A gun absolutely saved this guys life. I can’t even imagine the pain of dying from repeated blows from a machete.