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Phoenix is the Co-Founder of DontComply.com, ComeAndTakeItAmerica.com, and host of the Don't Comply Radio Show.

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  • Rob

    Let’s get this party started.

  • Jason

    F&^CK the UN stright up and deep in it’s collective A$$!

  • kill u traitors

    Yeah go head try it u have blood shed on your hands and it wont be ours. USA USA WE THE PEOPLE OF THE United States of America….

  • Scott

    Nigel: your a dipsh*t! It is we…law-abiding…citizens encouraging our representatives for less-restrictive *open-carry* laws because you see Nigel, CRIMINALS DON’T ABID BY LAWS! The criminals are going to do what they want to anyway! It is we…the legally armed citizenry that don’t want to be severly handicapped by more restrictive laws. It seems that our representatives are just as ignorant of the problem as you, yourself are about. They also think that more-restrictive “laws” will affect the criminals? Just how truly stupid does one need to be in order to completely MISUNDERSTAND the problem as you have so aptly demonstrated here???

  • Whatever. You have a credibility problem. This retarded line right here:

    “Encourage our elected officials to pass less restrictive open carry legislation.”

    A judicial system that “encourages criminals to break laws less frequently, and to break less serious laws when they do.

    Retards, we don’t need a weak-kneed faggot organization that wants to gin-up the rhetoric in one the one hand, and then hand-over the entire issue with the other. You either believe open carry is constitutional or not, and if it is then it really doesn’t fucking matter what state makes what legislation, does it. “P-P-P-Puh-LEASE Mr. Government, can I PUL-LEAZE carry my Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun around, Puh-LEAZE???”

    “We here at Come and Do Us Up the Back-side” believe that every American citizen has a God-given and Constitutionally protected right to openly carry a BB gun, and we will remain armed and firm in our belief until some Beaurcrat shits another, new law into being.

    We’ll carp, and bitch and threaten all manner of holy revolutionary hell if at some vague and ambiguous point in the future the water starts REALLY boiling and then by golly that frog is going to climb OUT, and he is going to be PISSED?

    When will that day come? We don’t know. What will it look like? We don’t know. What new unconstitutional changes will have to be made before things get serious? We don’t know. Until then, we’ll just keep bending over and offering State Representative Hugivesaphuck the lube, and hope he uses it.

    Or, is this one of those faggot-friendly pro-gun organizations? Where after the protest on the erosion of American Values and Freedoms, everyone goes down to the hot tub with poppers and condoms?