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  • Desert Rat

    Texas is going down the crapper at a high rate of speed.

  • The state of Texas has become a greedy armed robbing whore. Using her armed cops to rob businesses and citizens. They pull people over on the roads and scare them into letting them jack boot the Constitution by searching their cars and homes. She needs to be put in the stocks fore a year or so…along with her qualified immune system employees – like this DA. What sort of person spits in the face of Texas citizens expecting to encounter no legal repercussions? They need to remember what goes around multiplies what comes around…I have lost all respect for these thugs. And the innocent ones are guilty of collusion by association and allowing them to perpetrate their sick perversions on non convicted people. The saying in other states is “Come to Texas on vacation – Leave Texas on probation” while allowing their friends and relatives to break laws with impunity. Then they have the nerve to show up in church acting like disciples of God…We know who their god is and we know they are mentally ill with these crazy actions. The guilty thieves think they are fooling their kids, family, and friends but I have news for them…they all know what a sorry piece of crap their cop parents are..I see Satan every time I look into their evil angry eyes…no wonder they are getting attacked….too bad they have given themselves to the one world dictator or the anti Christ as it may be…


  • patriot156

    Cops violate the bill of rights just as well as Federal agents, they are not your friends and should not be honored.

    • alan_1969

      Especially in Houston.

  • patriot156

    Texas? and the cops doing this in Texas! So what are the charges, and why would it be against the law to store large amounts of firearms and ammo in a Bingo hall? No felons and all legally owned I see no issue. Scratch that… Since I believe the second amendment should be uninfringed then I don’t care if they did have a felon. Shall not infringe!