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Co-Founder @ DontComply.com Murdoch Pizgatti is a voluntaryist that participates in activism of all shades. President and founder of Come And Take It Texas he has been focusing on gun rights the last two years. As the Co-founder of DontComply.com he deals with the corruption of the state and heads up programs to rally against the unjust and unconstitutional laws in the USofA.

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  • Mike

    He deserves a medal and a parade in his honor!!! Good job, I would have done the same thing!!!! No knock raids are LAZY police work!!!

  • Marshall Sattler

    No knock warrants are unconstitutional ,the people need to rise up in armed force to stop this from happening.

  • Virginia in Barre Town

    This man needs the ACLU right now! He should have called them FIRST, but it’s not too late to get some REAL lawyers on the case.

  • Mick

    Need to have email addresses for these prosecutors.

  • Cliff_Skridlow

    Seems to me that if police storm a residence without announcing when they are inside, they only have themselves to blame if the resident shoots them. Expecting anything less, ESPECIALLY in Texas, is just plain ig’nant. It’s time for Killeen P.D. to take responsibility for this tragedy, and drop all charges against Mr. Guy, and compensate him for their arrogant, and unconstitutional, treatment, which is bullying using the force of government, a disturbingly growing form of TYRANNY.

  • Richard Wayburn

    As far as this man was concerned, his home was being invaded. He did not know that they were cops. They just come crashing through his door in the middle of the night. Did the police (SWAT or not) have a warrant to enter the premises? Did they have an arrest warrant? If not, it is they, the police, who are armed intruders, and in violation of the law. Just because you have a badge and a gun does not mean you are in a position of unchecked authority.

    • Autumn Leif

      even if they had a warrant, based on very thin “evidence”, he was justified in defending his life.

  • Anthony Quatroni

    They’re just pissed, because they got shot, one asshole got killed, and as far as I’m concerned THEY DESERVE WHATEVER THEY GET.

  • K.c. Parker

    I would have done the same thing he did. What is going to start happening is that more and more police officers will be killed or injured because of these tactics. Any normal person would react the same way if someone broke into their house. I for one would have been helping my husband shoot the intruders.

  • No Knock Raids are against both Civil Law (Locke) and Constitutional Law of being “Secure in ones property”:

    John Locke – 2nd Treatise on Civil Government:
    In Full: http://www.americanpatriotparty.cc/Locke_Civil_Government/locke_civil_government.html

    Locke #202: “….He that hath authority to seize my person in the street MAY BE OPPOSED AS A THIEF AND A ROBBER if he endeavours to break into my house to execute a writ, notwithstanding that I know he has such a warrant and such a legal authority as will empower him to arrest me abroad. And why this should not hold in the highest, as well as in the most inferior magistrate, I would gladly be informed. …”

    American Patriot Property.CC

    Educate Yourself. Educate Others.

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/American-Patriot-Party-CC-National-Headquarters/174074706883

    Like on FB and join us: appnational@americanpatriotparty.cc

  • Kirby Nickerson

    This man did nothing wrong he did it right. You can’t tell be that any man in his right mind unless he was some liberal pussy would not grab his guns and blaze away when woken up in the middle of the night like that to protect his family and himself. The law in this case were morons!!!! I hope this guy sues the shit out of them dip shits! Let him go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack Crowe

    Change the laws in regards to unwitting police going inside a home because of a “tip off” from a low level drug dealer.

  • Antifed1791

    Not even the British were crass enough to creep into a man’s home in the middle of the night unannounced. Our Forefathers would be ashamed of what we’ve allowed to happen.

  • Tom Jones

    This is obviously a travesty of justice!!! It appears this is a racial thing on the surface, but it is just another example of the militarization of our STAZI, jack boot police forces gone wrong! He is fortunate the he and his wife are still alive, because in most instances, they would have been shot in their bed!
    The fact that they aren’t is only due to the incompetency of the Killeen SWAT Team! I don’t know that people across the country can do anything. But, the people of Killeen have the ultimate responsibility to handle this mess in their own back yard!
    No Knock raids are Un-Constitutional, immoral, and frankly stupid!!! I believe this is a way to justify all their new military-style gear!

    • grassy knoll

      You realized what an ignorant phuck you were being and deleted your comment to me eh?

  • grassy knoll

    They need to make sure they have more proof of crimes before doing these no knock raids on private residences.How about some simple investigation like they did in the old days. Hopefully this innocent man is cleared of all charges.

  • Rufus Peckham

    But government is always right…

    • Virginia in Barre Town