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Nicholas is a writer who has wrote for many websites in his short career, and now manages The Anarcho-Libertarian. He is also an aspiring writer whose focus is now on writing a book for beginners about ethics.

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  • Arden Jones

    Sorry you guys are so butt hurt. Maybe stop doing illegal things? You’re a bunch of thugs in fake cowboy hats.

    • Dan Toural

      Young punks don’t have a clue……..IT’S NOT THE BLM’s LAND AND CATTLE TO STEAL! When the police take all your shit and toss you out into the street, because they made up a law you didn’t even know about, you will piss and moan then, won’t you?

      • Arden Jones

        I don’t do stupid illegal stuff so that isn’t a big concern of mine.

        • Dan Toural

          The Federal Government took thousands of acres of land illegally. The Constitution says how much of a States land it can have. They can’t just claim it all for themselves. Then forbid people on it. Cows on it. Roads and ponds on it. Charge millions in fines and put people in prison, because they were there before the Government stole it from the State. Nothing was illegal until the Government moved in and said it was. It’s not stupid and illegal to try to protect what was yours all your life. The biggest problem these days is that punks who grew up spoon fed by their mommies really don’t give a shit about what the Government is doing. They’re screwing us day by day, and you don’t care.

  • DrBubba

    Good start! Next we need to get rid of police powers of the DEA, BATF, Dept of Agriculture, IRS, and many others. There should be only 1 federal policing agency if even 1. U.S. Marshals.