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  • James Doc Munger

    Get a grip. Since 1976 the design and manufacturing of manufacturing housing (formally known as mobile homes) has been regulated by HUD. Prior to this, there was very loose and inconsistent regulation at the state levels. Since these units are subject to interstate commerce is was (and is) appropriate for these units to be regulated at the federal level.

    RV’s are not and never have been manufactured housing. RV’s are regulated by a standard published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) which is considered to be the industry standard. This rule simply makes it clear that RV’s are not designed and built to the same standards as manufactured housing.

    The rule in no way would prohibit someone was living in an RV. Any prohibition on living in an RV on a permanent basis would be a local law/zoning issue. Same concept as local law/zoning establishing where manufacturing housing units maybe located.

    RV’s tend to be designed and constructed so as to be self-contained (i.e. potable water storage, gray water storage, power), while manufactured housing units are designed to use site utilities. RV’s units are also designed to meet DOT requirements to be towed or operated on public highways as part of normal use Manufactured housing units are only designed to be transported to an installation site.

    Get off the conspiracy bandwagon.

    • Rick Smith

      Thank You!!