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  • patriot156

    First off: Allowing states to word their own second amendment was a mistake. Secondly the first part “Well regulated has/had nothing to do with being regulated by Govt. It’s means a well readied, well drilled, well armed, and well oiled Militia. It’s wrong to have an amendment that is meant for the people to use against tyranny being regulated by the same entity that your going against because of tyranny.

    Thirdly all individuals are the militia so BS to them.
    The forefathers didn’t’ want a long standing army so they made it to be that individuals would be that entity. Obviously with bastardized interpretations our experiment of self governance has failed. It’s Gaven away to a ugly despotic democratic POS Oligarchy combination like Iron and clay mixed of Daniels Prophetic vision. and Daniel 2 vs 44 has to happen.

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