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  • Isaac

    As a former home schooler and as a current supporter of this bill, I can attest (pun intended) to the fact that this will not endanger home schooling rights. Contrary to what this article makes it sound like, the government is not administering the test in question here. The only test that is required is during the first six weeks of the school year, where the student tests on a nationally normed standardized test (ACT, SAT, or others). Taking a test like that no more endangers home schoolers than taking those same tests in order to apply for college. They are not government tests, and this article is not clear about that.

    Also, there are 29 other states that have passed the Tim Tebow bill, and in none of them did home school regulations increase. The bill is about giving families who are paying into the system the opportunity to simply try out for extracurriculars. It doesn’t force anyone to participate, and it has very minimal requirements. Home schoolers ought to be uniting behind support for this bill, because it gives opportunity to those who choose it, and doesn’t affect those who choose to not participate. It’s a win-win.

    Sign the petition to pass the bill! https://www.change.org/p/larry-taylor-pass-the-tim-tebow-bill

  • space2k

    “It is being learned now”… Classic home-schooled English right there…

  • Josh Hawley

    Kind of like the shiny badge you worthless people complain about…….Home schooled children should have to test and follow the same rules as public school kids.

    • AbigailsMommy

      A lot of people chose to home school just to not subject their child to the stupid, pointless test. The last time I checked we live in America were we are suppose to have personal freedoms.

  • Josh Hawley

    If you dont want your kids to meet UIL scholastic aptitude standards then start your own home football league. I would guarantee 45% of the kids be home schooled wouldn’t meet the standards!