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Murdoch Pizgatti

Co-Founder @ DontComply.com Murdoch Pizgatti is a voluntaryist that participates in activism of all shades. President and founder of Come And Take It Texas he has been focusing on gun rights the last two years. As the Co-founder of DontComply.com he deals with the corruption of the state and heads up programs to rally against the unjust and unconstitutional laws in the USofA.

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  • Mick

    Phuck yeah. Just take it. No permission necessary. I’ve been doing this for a couple of decades in regard to other matters of liberty and just nullifying by refusing to comply. I was open carrying an AK down the streets of Huntsville back in the mid 90s. Wish I could have attended.

    • ClydeMcWhorter

      How about doing something about the politicians that open carry bribes in public?or how about the right to vote for every citizen in America? How about elections that are free and open with gerrymandering or fixing the ballet mchines to miscount the votes and have political friends placed in office like the communist countries do. We need fair and free elections so we don’t have to defend our freedoms with violence!