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  • I am from Singapore and I’ve tagged our environmental minister’s name to many fluoride news (on Facebook). For 2 years I did this. In the end when I asked him in private mail what was his response to this matter, he claimed to have written to the Health Minister but received no news from him. 2 years? If he did write to the Health Minister, he certainly did not tell me so (right from the start).

    I have since removed those tags to his name as I felt he had no concern to this matter.

    He also picked to cloud-seed 2 years ago due to the haze issue spread from Indonesia. I am not so sure if he realizes cloud-seeding compromises the quality of the air we breath in. It did bring on 2 bouts of heavy rain that seem to wash away the haze. After that, it did not rain for close to 3 weeks. Many fish in our “drain” water died due to the water drying up.

    It is sad when those in power who have what it takes to do more….

  • Making Sense of Fluoride

    Cherry picking poor studies is not equals to science. Every major systematic review has only showing the safety and effectiveness of fluoridation. No respected health organisation is against it.

    • Phoenix Horton

      Who pays your salary lol.

      • Making Sense of Fluoride

        My programming job. Who pays yours?

    • Colin

      MSOF make no sense of fluoride or fluoridation.

      The world’s top medical reveiwers, Cochrane found little current evidence of effectiveness, but found some evidence of harm.

      MSOF are New Zealanders who promote swallowing sheep dip type chemicals, silicofluorides.

      Proof maybe, of the neurotoxic effects? See the Lancet.
      Will Dan of MSOF, do his own cherry picking?


      • Making Sense of Fluoride

        “Cochrane found little current evidence of effectiveness”
        It discounted epidemiological studies which are appropriate for public health measure like fluoridation. Do you believe 2nd hand smoke

        That said it quotes:
        “Our review found that water fluoridation is effective at reducing levels of tooth decay among children. The introduction of water fluoridation resulted in children having 35% fewer decayed, missing and filled baby teeth and 26% fewer decayed, missing and filled permanent teeth. We also found that fluoridation led to a 15% increase in children with no decay in their baby teeth and a 14% increase in children with no decay in their permanent teeth.”

        “but found some evidence of harm”
        Which was? I wouldn’t call mild fluorosis harm.

        “MSOF are New Zealanders”
        Some but not all.

        “Proof maybe, of the neurotoxic effects? See the Lancet.”
        The paper had one citation on fluoride and IQ which was Choi 2012.

        Choi (2012) “Harvard study” described 27 studies found majority in obscure Chinese scientific journals. China is not artificially fluoridated and the studies used high levels of naturally occurring fluoride in the well water of various Chinese, Mongolian, and Iranian villages. The concentration of fluoride in these studies was as high as 11.5 ppm. By the admission of the Harvard researchers, these studies had key information missing, used questionable methodologies, and had inadequate controls for confounding factors. These studies were so seriously flawed that the lead researchers, Anna Choi, and Philippe Grandjean, were led to issue a statement in September of 2012. Anna Choi said:

        “These results do not allow us to make any judgment regarding possible levels of risk at levels of exposure typical for water fluoridation in the U.S. On the other hand, neither can it be concluded that no risk is present“.

        Harvard wrote this after the paper was released:
        “Numerous reputable studies over the years have consistently demonstrated that community water fluoridation is safe, effective, and practical. Fluoridation has made an enormous impact on improving the oral health of the American people.”

        Broadbent et al. (2014) used data from the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Study, which is world-renowned for the quality of its data and rigour of its analysis, and found no significant differences in IQ by fluoride exposure, even before controlling for the other factors that might influence scores. It controlled for childhood factors associated with IQ variation, such as socio-economic status of parents, birth weight and breastfeeding, and secondary and tertiary educational achievement.

        “Will Dan of MSOF, do his own cherry picking?”
        No because I use all systematic reviews.

    • Darren Motise

      Not true. What is a “respected health organization” anyway? I see you post and troll as two different names, Dan. What is your purpose here?

    • “No respected health organisation is against it. ”
      Which one, may I know are you referring to? Do you mean dental associations using or recommending fluoridated toothpastes?

      • Making Sense of Fluoride

        “Which one, may I know are you referring to?”
        A sample list that endorse it:

        Academy of Dentistry for Persons with Disabilities
        Academy of Dentistry International
        Academy of General Dentistry
        Academy of Sports Dentistry
        Agencies for Nutrition Action
        Alzheimer’s Association
        American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
        American Academy of Family Physicians
        American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
        American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
        American Academy of Pediatrics
        American Academy of Periodontology
        American Association for Dental Research
        American Association for the Advancement of Science
        American Association of Community Dental Programs
        American Association of Dental Schools
        American Association of Endodontists
        American Association of Hospital Dentists
        American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
        American Association of Orthodontists
        American Association of Public Health Dentistry
        American Cancer Society
        American College of Dentists
        American College of Physicians – American Society of Internal Medicine
        American College of Prosthodontists
        American Council on Science and Health
        American Dental Assistants Association
        American Dental Association
        American Dental Hygienists’ Association
        American Dietetic Association
        American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
        American Hospital Association
        American Medical Association
        American Nurses Association
        American Osteopathic Association
        American Pharmaceutical Association
        American Public Health Association
        American School Health Association
        American Society for Geriatric Dentistry
        American Society for Nutritional Sciences
        American Society of Clinical Nutrition
        American Society of Dentistry for Children
        American Student Dental Association
        American Veterinary Medical Association
        American Water Works Association
        Association for Academic Health Centers
        Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs
        Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors
        Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
        Australian Dental Association
        Australian National Health and Medical Research Council
        British Dental Association
        British Fluoridation Society
        British Medical Association
        Canadian Dental Association
        Canadian Dental Hygienists Association
        Canadian Medical Association
        Canadian Nurses Association
        Canadian Paediatric Society
        Canadian Public Health Association
        Cancer Society of New Zealand
        Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (USA)
        Chocolate Manufacturers Association
        Consumer Federation of America
        Delta Dental Plans Association
        Department of Health, Victorian Government, Australia
        European Organization for Caries Research
        FDI World Dental Federation
        Federation of Special Care Organizations in Dentistry
        Health Insurance Association of America
        Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
        Hispanic Dental Association
        Indian Health Service (IHS)
        Institute of Medicine/National Academy of Sciences
        International Association for Dental Research
        International Association for Orthodontics
        International College of Dentists
        Local District Health Boards
        National Alliance for Oral Health
        National Association of County and City Health Officials
        National Association of Dental Assistants
        National Cancer Institute
        National Center for Fluoridation Policy and Research
        National Confectioners Association
        National Council Against Health Fraud
        National Dental Assistants Association
        National Dental Association
        National Dental Hygienists’ Association
        National Down Syndrome Congress
        National Down Syndrome Society
        National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR)
        National Kidney Foundation
        National PTA
        National Research Council
        New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine
        New Zealand Dental Council
        New Zealand Medical Association
        New Zealand Ministry of Health
        New Zealand Nurses Organisation
        New Zealand Rural General Practice Network
        New Zealand Society of Hospital and Community Dentistry
        NZ Cancer Society
        NZ Dental and Oral Health Therapists Association
        NZ Oral Health Clinical Leadership Network Group
        Office of the Children’s Commissioner
        Paediatric Society of New Zealand
        Public Health Association
        Public Health Association of New Zealand
        Research Association
        Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons
        Royal Australasian College of Physicians
        Royal New Zealand Plunket Society
        Royal Society of New Zealand
        Society of American Indian Dentists
        Te Ao Marama – The Māori Dental Association
        The Dental Health Foundation (of California)
        The New Zealand Dental Association
        The Royal Australasian College of Physicians
        Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service
        UK Royal College of Physicians
        US Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC)
        US Department of Defense
        US Department of Veterans Affairs
        US National Academy of Sciences
        US Public Health Service
        US Surgeon-General
        World Dental Federation
        World Federation of Orthodontists
        World Health Organization


        • So, why did these organizations not recommend fluoride supplements if they are soooooo good?

        • MrAugie Augenstein

          None of these orgs take responsibility for what damages fluoride may do. The science- and evidence-based facts are right here and many other places. These orgs are just “repeating what they have been told” of an outdated tradition and cannot go against it or even question it because they would be fired, lose grant money and open up hundreds of billions in liability through class action law suits. CDC moved a little bit in this direction by lowering the “dose” last year for health effects they stated

  • I have asked many forced-fluoridation fanatics to tell me how much accumulated fluoride in the body they think is safe. So far not a single one of them has been able to answer the question.


    • Darren Motise

      Watch and read yourself. The answer is right there, mentioned again and again. There IS no safe amount for any particular individual because it varies with the individual. And the smallest amount could have a detrimental effect on a child. And it accumulates. So your question is too broad. The reason no one answered your question is because they knew you weren’t sincere. The answers are all there in plain sight. No one wants to do such work for someone who doesn’t really want to know. Still, if you want numbers, they’re there. The math and science is all there in this film.