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Aaron lives in sunny CA, with his beautiful wife and energetic son. His writing is focused on police corruption and abuse of power. He is a Libertarian at heart and practices the NAP every day. Guiding Quote: "Be the change you want to see in the world" -Gandhi

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  • Aaron Allbrite

    What do you all think about this? It bothers me how young this poor guy was.

    • It is just amazing, It seems police have zero training on deescalating a situation or using any sort of patience with people, especially with a mentally disabled person. I would think some sort of common sense would at least kick in on a personal level for these officers.

      • Aaron Allbrite

        Escalating the situation is what they are best at, at least that’s apparent when you look at how a situation begins and how one ends when police arrive.

      • dufas_duck

        “….. common sense would at least kick in on a personal level…”

        This police common sense. Remember, the police are now in a war and the enemy is the common citizen and the police are the heroes in the cop’s scenario…… Also, the police judge their effectiveness by the number of people they arrest. The higher the arrest numbers, the better the police think they are doing.

        If the police were to be assigned to a low or no crime area, their view of their own low crime statistics would indicate that they were not doing their job. A policeman stating that he/she wants to eliminate crime is not only lying to his/herself, but is lying to the public.

        This works in the same way as when a public utility states that they want people to conserve and gives hints on how to save money on everyone’s utility bills. If people do conserve and also use the money saving hints, the utility will raise the rates. The utility has cut their own throat by getting too many people to conserve and use money saving tips.

        The same thing occurs when the government wants everyone to drive less or use electric vehicles. They have lost a lot of fuel tax revenue. The government’s answer to this low revenue problem is to charge all vehicles a tax per mile driven or pay a large lump sum tax with the yearly registration.

    • dufas_duck

      This is the ‘new’ normal. The concept that the police are here to “protect and serve” is no longer in effect. After 911 and the NSA and DHS training trickled down to the boys in blue, everyone is considered to be an enemy of the state and will be treated as such… Police, in general, have lost all ethical and moral sense of being.