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Anthony James Kidwell

Anthony James Kidwell is an Army veteran, an "import" Texan and a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, born and raised in the liberty movement. He currently serves as a support element officer for Comanche Company, Central Texas Militia. He is also an Oath Keeper and an activist for Texas gun rights via Come and Take It Texas. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Science in English and Education, and a Master of Science in Professional Writing from Towson University, Maryland, yet somehow has withstood the brainwashing of the Marxist university system - an impressive accomplishment on its own if he don't say so himself, (which he does).

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  • Michael Dillon

    Would love to join but have mental health issues and felony convictions but im gl5to know you guys have our back

  • MarkKoernke

    http://www.libertytreeradio.4mg.com The Militia and Patriot movement has always been multi-generational. Only the controlled media has pushed the “this is a fad thing” in the past. The 90’s effort is a point at which it became absolutely a “get in your face” situation where public confrontation was needed. The militia effort of the 80’s was just as active and organized. The newest public effort is no different from the rest. The slanted coverage of the traitors in the press cannot be used to judge the 90’s effort. Training, equipment and manpower were just as good, and still are, as anything now being put on the table. Ignore the PROPAGANDA and do not use it as a gauge.Through out the late 80’s and 90’s a series of standoffs and militia deployments took place that were LARGER than the Bundy Ranch event. They were successful in pushing back the fed and internationalist but the controlled media was ordered NOT to give them national coverage. The Freeman Standoff is one example. Try to find ANY information about the real Knob Creek Resolution and the very CHILLING effect it had on the fed and their activities. If you would like a copy of the Resolution go to http://www.libertytreeradio.4mg.com The work continues and the battle goes on. Vote with your wallet and buy more ammo. Liberty1775

  • Keith Edward Brown

    If you’re in Ohio, contact myself, SPC Keith E Brown of the Ohio Defense Service, we’re a non-radical group of men and women who both play and train together as a group, we will uphold the constitution of the United States and the State of Ohio, and are even working on connections with local police departments.

  • Bill Cash

    Ready to serve.

  • Jeremija

    Please email me. jeremijasanders@ymail.com
    We have numerous legal examples of the courts breaking the law and may have a more legit Bundy ranch on our hands rather quickly.

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  • Jeffrey Stankiewicz

    The Light Foot Militia has units in over a dozen states, including Idaho, Washington, Montana, Utah, Oregon, Texas, New Mexico, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, etc. You can download a copy of our “Militia Standards and Principles of the Light Foot”, which includes a chapter on how to start a unit, as well as how to be a “Militia of One”, here… http://thelightfootmilitia.com/Portals/0/LFMS2014/LFMS2014.pdf

  • Armyvet81

    Great article!

  • HollywoodHick

    Texas State Militia is outstanding.

  • Josef

    Michigan home guard militia man here!

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  • Larry

    Michigan here!

  • Brad Elroy

    Oklahoma Citizen Militia checking in. We’ve been operational a little more than a year. Our primary focus at this point is just what the article mentioned: We want to be a service to our community, not a burden, and through that, we want to take the term “Militia” back, from being a slur, and return it to its roots. We are a very diverse crowd… we welcome all, including Liberals (myself), with a like minded concern for the scary direction the world is moving. Thanks for spreading the word.

  • Kenny Coffman

    Thank you Mr. Kidwell for your service to our country and for continuing to serve. You have written a very informative article here. May God bless all of our patriotic oath keepers.

  • Mr. Loco(LocDaSmoke)

    California State Militia man right here and proud of it!!

    • BeautifulAmerica

      What part of California is your group in?

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  • Here is a video I recorded five years ago on Memorial Day, explaining my views of the militia movement.


    I am a veteran of the Viet Nam War who has served honorably in the regular United States Army, the Utah National Guard, and the Utah State Guard (i.e., Utah State Defense Force).

  • Consider volunteering for service in your State Guard or State Defense Force.


    Also, do what you can to educate your state’s legislatures, and if necessary, amend the state constitution so that the State Guard, and NOT the National Guard (which is merely a component of the regular United states Army) is designated as the state’s militia.

  • sk1951
  • Ron

    Greetings from another Conservative Kidwell. Thanks for your work!

  • Wondering what you can do to help your family,
    community and Republic? If you live in the southeast one thing you can do is
    check out SECOM.
    Get involved with a Community based Org where most everyone
    can get involved and make a difference.
    SECOM is a Constitutional Militia
    with the focus of reaching out to our communities and arming our communities
    with the tools for education , defense , prepping and Survival.

    SECOM is looking to reinstate the sense of
    community within our communities.
    Get involved locally!
    What is
    We are the
    Southeast Constitutional Militia.
    We The People-In
    Full Support of Constitutional Ideals.

    More and More people are waking up to the
    realization that our country is rapidly moving in the wrong direction. I have
    found myself in situations where I have been asked what is that “Militia thing”
    all about? Are you Anti-Government?? This is my answer:

    The Southeastern Constitutional Militia isn’t anti
    anything….we are a group of citizens that are Pro

    Pro-Constitution of the United States of
    Pro-Bill of Rights
    Pro – Family

    We believe in the sanctity of the documents that
    created the greatest nation in the history of the world…The Constitution and
    the Bill of Rights

    We believe that our Communities are better off
    protecting and defending themselves than relying on some bureaucratic goliath
    organization to do it for us

    We believe that the soul of this nation is the

    And we will defend all of the above

    We are simply… American. Our ancestry is
    irrelevent…. we are all
    Americans. As Americans we believe in one
    simple,undeniable TRUTH. That TRUTH is that rights are
    bestowed on ALL people
    at the moment they exist. We pledge our lives to protect “We the People”
    and wherever it is called for.

    We work to empower our communities in the following

    Education of the Constitution & Bill of
    Citizens Defense Training
    Emergency Preparedness
    Community Action and Assistance
    Empowering Citizens and

    If you are a United States Citizen and you believe
    like we do, join us. “We the People” are the only hope that this country
    Check the content here and judge for yourself.
    Violence is contrary
    to natural law, except in survival and defense. We do not offer violence as a
    solution to anything and will not accept members that do! We train fervently
    only in order to survive the violence so often offered by others.

    Welcome to a home for thinking patriots.

    SECOM on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Southeast-Constitutional-Militia/112871255452576
    Main site http://www.secom.spruz.com

    Still dont know the truth about Constitutional
    Militias and how they are our friends and not the enemies that the MSM paints
    them to be..

    Here is a little history and some facts on the 2nd
    Amendment and Constitutional Militias… for those that are not familiar with
    the constitution and US history.
    This is the best video i have seen
    explaining the The Second Amendment and the facts about it. Educate yourself ,
    friends and family. Make this viral today. We might need it soon.

    Who is the Militia. You , Me, any citizen that will
    protect the constitution , their family and their community.

    is Dedicated to the
    Preservation of our Freedom, the Security of our Rights and the Restoration of
    our Constitution to its rightful place as the LAW of our great




    What is the Militia?
    As defined by our founding
    forefathers, the militia is defined as “the whole people”.
    It is every
    able-bodied citizen who is not disqualified by criminal conviction or
    …defect, except those few persons who hold public office, such as
    judges, legislators, et

    Concept of Militia
    The Citizen Militia IS:
    deterrent, defensive force. A first response mechanism, to assist
    in times of
    disaster (i.e. hurricane, floods, etc). A chain of command, which we can use to
    offer leadership and assistance to our fellow citizens, community and
    A legacy passed from our forefathers to us; and from us to our
    A realization and practice of our God given Rights, Liberties,
    Duties and
    Responsibilities. An organization of, by and for the Constitution
    of the united States, and the people whom they serve.

    The Citizen Militia is NOT:
    An offensive force.
    A racist or subversive group. A private army subject to the dictates of any
    individual, corporation, or other private group.
    An organization formed for
    sustained combat operations (a ‘standing army’). To be used as a forum or
    launching point to any particular or religious

    Who Can Join ?
    Any citizen of The Republic who a
    legal residence in the state and has resided in the
    state for at least, the
    past 6 months, and is not otherwise disqualified from being a member of the
    ‘militia-at-large’. The Volunteer Militia exists by law under the Constitution.
    Amendment II
    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a
    free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be

    Who Belongs To The Militia?
    Doctors Policemen
    Firemen Lawyers Sheriffs Deputies Pastors Teachers EMT’s
    Plumbers Salesmen
    Nurses Electricians Truckers Students Housewives Construction Workers Mill
    Workers Carpenters Mechanics And the list goes on.!!!

    To secure and practice all of our Rights
    and Liberties; To open ranks to all citizens who love Liberty without regard to
    one’s race, creed, religion or gender; and to deny participation to those who
    seek to harm the Republic, discredit us, or our goals;
    To be an effective
    deterrent to tyranny;
    To clearly state that we are committed to a posture of
    defense, and do not advocate the unlawful overthrow, targeting of or overthrow
    of our form of government by any person(s);
    To uphold the just and lawful
    statutes of the nation as stated in the US Constitution; To declare no enemies;
    yet be mindful of those who declare us to be enemies;
    To teach the correct,
    unvarnished history of our Republic and our State, the formation or our
    Constitution and Bill of Rights; To teach & promote
    To promote the safe and responsible use of Arms
    for the protection of our families, our property, our American way of life and
    our republican form of government; To teach that our Liberties and Rights are
    not limited to those which are enumerated in the Bill of Rights; and are granted
    by our Creator.

    To assist duly elected, sworn and bonded public
    officials in time of emergency or in the defense of our God – given Rights,
    Liberties, and the Constitution(s).

    It is the goal of all Militia members to be
    prepared and never needed, as opposed to being needed and not

    • chris berrian

      please email me info thanks Chris B.

  • Bill Cook

    It’s nice to know you’re out there. Thanks for the update. Out.