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  • Dirt Dan

    As extreme as all this may sound to some, all I have to say is wake up please, America needs you. Washington State Peoples Coalition for Justice on fb please look and like… Thank you.

    • Dillo Tank

      This is exactly what we need. Our government has become a criminal entity.


    Yes water is a naturally occurring resource. Nevertheless, you know how when you turn on a faucet in a sink or bathtub and the water is right there? Well that is why water costs are billed to individuals and corporations / etc…. In reality what you are paying for is pennies per gallon. What you are paying is for the “ACCESS” to water, what you are paying for is for said water treatment to ensure Cholera and other water borne illnesses are not infecting and killing individuals. (Look at Flint) However, if you are willing to send grandma down to the river every day and have her haul 5 gallon buckets of water back to your home, then fine, you have an argument there. However, it is Local/County/state/federal infrastructure that dug trenches for water lines, installed said water lines and hooked them up to every domicile so when you turn the faucet there the water is right there all ready for consumption and/or practical use. Hydroelectric Dams were built, water was used to generate electricity by spinning massive turbines so junior can play his XBOX ONE

  • NancyOakley

    1. This man is not a member of Oath Keepers. 2. He does not speak for Oath Keepers. 3. This man’s name is not mentioned in the video or the article. 4. This is journalism? 5. Lazaro Ecenarro would appear more credible if he wore the hat of a group he actually belongs to.

  • Kay Ellis Cox

    Read Clinton Cash. Will add substance.


    This clown needs to stop wearing an Oath keeper hat. He is not an Oath keeper. He never served in the armed forces or in law enforcement. Only veterans and former law enforcement are eligible to become an Oath Keeper

    • You’re silly, there is not a prerequisite to be an Oathkeeper.

    • NancyOakley

      Actually, Oath Keepers has associate memberships for those who have not served. However, the man in the video is not a member.

      • SUPER 68 IS DOWN

        Ms. Nancy, yes absolutely correct. I should have said as much. Thank you for the clarification.
        This guy is making multiple videos with the damn Oath Keepers hat on. Perception is reality and he needs to stop…

  • Progressive_Joe

    Hilarious nutjobs.

  • ryan miller


  • 1marksman

    The federal government has no authority to sell any of the States resources to anyone! They are the States and the people of the state’s resources. They have no authority over a states land after they become a state. Any deal made by the state for the feds to manage the land is unconstitutional and therefore invalid. It is the people of the state that have the authority and through them the state government to manage the land. No one else!!!

    • Progressive_Joe

      How quaint, a retarded Internet lawyer!

      • 1marksman

        You don’t have to be a lawyer to read the constitution. It clearly spells out what land the federal government can control.

        • Progressive_Joe

          No, actually, it doesn’t.

        • SUPER 68 IS DOWN

          Sir, with all due respect, I share most of your opinions. Nevertheless, the feds have a Constitutional right to Eminent Domain provided the use is prescribed in the Constitution. Additionally a state can agree to such….
          Where this gets murky is with regard to National Forests and the concept of Conservation, that seems to usurp the limits prescribed in the Constitution

          • greg


            Although, according to the U.S. Constitution, the Federal government has the right to Eminent Domain any federal land.

            The National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon was named with a local town’s name. The Refuge thus is under National/ Federal?, Oregon/ State, local town/ Local lands, but given to the People — that’s federal, state and local lands, given to the People by a President.

            Remember that it was Teddy Roosevelt who created the National Parks and Recreation centers in order for these lands to be SEPARATE from the federal gov.’t and untouchable, and for the People so that they could enjoy these unspoiled lands for generations to come. They were NOT to be developed.

            Enter the Bureau of Land Management (BLM): apparently they wanted to eminent domain this land for the federal gov.’t, but why? So, the Hammonds and Bundy’s tried to “boycott” this process along with Robert L. Finicum. Seems fair enough.

            Somewhere along the line, apparently the BLM and Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (spurred by the Conservationist charity) wanted the peaceful protesters off the land, but they wouldn’t leave. Paramilitary units were brought in to arrest everyone. “LaVoy” was shot and killed.

            “PORTLAND, OREGON: Patriots and protesters assembled at the entrance of City Hall to rally in support for the peaceful protesters that decided to camp out at an abandoned wildlife refuge building in protest to the double-jeopardy incarcerations of [the two] Hammonds. The redress of grievance unfortunately resulted in the execution of one of the (unarmed), public relations members (R. “LaVoy” Finicum) and the numerous arrests of the other temporary residents.”

            Now we know the reason for taking over the Wildlife Refuge: to develop it, i.e. mine it for its uranium. For the purpose of creating more nuclear energy or weapons for the USA? No, of course not, not under this corrupt government: It’s being used to sell to China and to Russia. More than likely the deal with Russia (money for uranium) involved the matter of this Refuge changing hands back to the federal gov.’t from The People.

            And probably, Hillary got the money with Russia’s getting the nuclear material. Russia has already sold it to Iran. More than likely as the fissile material is mined, it will go to Russia then Iran, and the money will move from Iran to Russia to Hillary.

            “They made back door deals with Russia and China to sell this uranium — this is why we are here. They committed treason upon our Constitution, they committed treason upon our lands, they committed treason upon our minerals — they should be in prison not the Bundy’s.”

            “He (?) went into some details that he had learned along with his research and included Harney County Judge, Steven Grasty, who he called a “tyrant” and claimed that he is in “cahoots with Uranium One”, the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Fish and Wildlife. He stated that there is “lots of uranium” here in Oregon, which the Department of Energy ‘uses to make weapons’.”

          • Dillo Tank

            Clearly, the feds have overstepped. They ‘own’ most of the western United States.

      • SUPER 68 IS DOWN

        I have a different thought process and mindset than this fellow but we should refrain from name calling Joe

      • Dillo Tank

        Most of our law schools are run by Marxists. They think they can twist up our constitution in as many knots as they need to to disenfranchise us from our rights.

        • Progressive_Joe

          Apparently you have no idea what a Marxist is.

          • Dillo Tank

            LOL Progressive Joe LOL

            Yeah, you’re a Marxist.

            Marxists never admit they are Marxists. They may not even know. LOL

          • Progressive_Joe

            I’m overwhelmed by your intelligence.

  • Frederick Rick Stralow

    Another great find and story by Andre. I am sharing across social media. There is much more evidence that just those 4,000 pages I believe.