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  • Ira Thurby-Wright

    Statists, both legislators and law enforcement, revel in this new found expansion of power, but the most offensive part of the video clip is the congratulatory attitude of the news anchor as if a great thing was accomplished as yet another freedom or two was stolen from the people – the freedom to do what you want with your property and the freedom to be free from mere suspicion. Another hole in the coffin – Ohio, you should be ashamed, very ashamed.

  • Brutus Maximus

    What happened to innocent until proven guilty. Just having a hidden compartment should not be a felony. This is an abuse of law. We have to make a law that requires law enforcement ask for permission to search your vehicle and make it a felony for police officers to search your vehicle with or without permission. What they need to do is find a way to enforce the 4th amendment. The drug war is an obvious failure.

  • Mike

    This law is totally against the 4th amendment. Why can’t you have hidden compartments in your own car? Just like you do in your house, it is for safety and security of your valuables.

  • Mike tiffin

    Sounds like bullshit to me, he’ll don’t pull a speaker out and leave a hole you’ll be in jail.

  • Angry Grizzly

    The state would have to prove intent which is rather hard to do in some cases. I bet the “head penguins” in Ohio hear this case and perhaps the Federal “head penguins” as well.