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  • patriot156

    Not that I agree with the law’s there, but Utah does have a license is needed, and it needs to be unloaded and in plain site. Most states including Utah is a must ID state I think if I read the wiki correctly.
    It does say In Utah cops can demand ID so…
    I don’t agree with it however, I believe that Courts have all this backwards and should be fired for doing so. How can you side with the Govt knowing the mindset of our forefathers concerns for Tyranny? IF and didn’t hear, but if his gun was unloaded and in plain site then no law was broken, but cop to assume someone open carrying is committing a crime is using his own personal feelings for making such a stop and should be fired. The law stated they can only make those demand when they suspect one of committing a crime, not because they are open carrying they must be doing something wrong, it’s all BS.

  • CJ Grisham

    Cowards. They have to hang up on citizens and outnumber them before they assault them. What were the charges? Did he have two guns?