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  • Master Sergeant R. L. Parker USMC (Ret)

    BTW; it’s the Marine Corps Memorial…. not the Iwo Jima Memorial…..

    • Master Sergeant R. L. Parker USMC (Ret)

      The Iwo Jima Memorial is officially known as the Marine Corps War Memorial. It is located outside of the Arlington National Cemetery and is next to the Netherlands Carillon in Arlington, Virginia. The memorial is dedicated to all personnel who served and died in defense of their country in the United States Marine Corps since 1775.

  • I did. It was a long one. An educational one regarding the Constitution and the rights that Obama does not have to regulate (run) the NPS. I put links to my sources. You moderated it and took it down. Why?

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    • kamrom dechu

      Congress did that, not Obama.

  • Read this! Super Conservative, retired TN attorney Publius Huldah disgusted with conservative leadership commented on Ask Questions!.

    Mary Commented:

    “The FEDS are offering to ‘let’ the states pay for opening the national parks at a cost of $50,000 a day. Republican Rep Brenda Barton from Payson Arizona stated that the county sheriffs could order the NPS to open the parks. All of them are located on ‘Federal land’ but that land is located in […]”

    In response to Mary:

    “Our federal Constitution is one of enumerated powers only. So the federal government may not lawfully do anything unless the federal Constitution says they may do it. Nothing in the Constitution authorizes the federal government to own or operate national parks, national forests, oil fields, range land, etc.

    Art. I, Sec. 8, next to last clause, only authorizes Congress to purchase land when the particular State agrees to sell the land; and Congress may purchase or own land ONLY for purposes of military forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-Yards, federal courthouses, federal post offices, and other buildings needed to carry out the enumerated powers delegated to the federal government.

    So all the national parks OUTSIDE of Washington, D.C., are UNLAWFULLY held by the federal government in violation of the Constitution.

    So! Ownership of the parks, forests, oil fields, range lands, etc. should be transferred to the States in which they are situated.

    If the States had any gumption, they would claim the national parks, etc., and kick the federal park rangers out – or offer them jobs to work in the park after the State took it over. Except that park rangers who bullied Citizens wanting to visit the parks should not be kept on. They should be deported to California.

    Yes, the County Sheriffs are the highest law enforcement official in their County. Remember the very limited jurisdiction of the federal government! Military defense, international trade & relations; uniform weights & measures, patents & copyrights, bankruptcy laws, mail delivery, money based on gold & silver, and protect some civil rights. Their criminal jurisdiction is extremely limited! http://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/category/criminal-code-us/ So these enumerated powers would rarely involve what goes on in any County. If, e.g., a counterfeiting ring is operating within a particular County – the feds have jurisdiction under Art. I, Sec. 8, cl. 6. But it is rare that the federal government would EVER have lawful authority to do ANYTHING within a particular County.

    So Richard Mack is right! The President has no lawful authority over Counties – the President’s powers are strictly limited and he has no authority to meddle in Counties! http://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/2011/08/30/the-presidents-enumerated-powers-rulemaking-by-executive-agencies-executive-orders/

    Right, the republicans in Congress are ignorant fools – I don’t know of any who are worth a dime. The word, “conservative” has no meaning.”

    Reply Comments

    [Find this comment at http://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/ask-questions/comment-page-7/#comment-38379%5D Start at top of page and use ‘edit>find> Mary until you come to it.

    [I suggest that all of you get in touch with your county Sheriffs and tell them to get off their duffs and fulfill their oaths to the Constitution. Contact your Governors and make them follow the Constitution and reclaim their ‘State’ parks. File a class action or single suit if necessary. In the interim, go to the President’s enumerated powers at the link above. Ask Publius questions and she will answer you if you sign up to receive comments in your email. If you don’t know who Richard Mack is, find him here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiBcC8_goVg%5D

    Spread the word to everybody you know. We have been kept in the dark as to what our Constitution REALLY says and we perish through lack of knowledge. Stick with Publius Huldah; watch her videos on the 1st and 2nd Amendments. (surprise!) Educate yourselves as I have done, and pass it on.

    God bless America and the Vets who have kept her free. Stand with us when SHTF. It won’t be long. Good luck, Patriots! @sydneycadewest

  • travisbishop

    Yet again, even more useless bitching, whining, dithering and ‘peaceful protesting’

    • MatthewP

      You think that fighting for our rights, or fighting for our Veteran’s rights is useless dithering? This was peaceful for the most part until they got to the front of the whitehouse. It could have gone another way. Either way it was just as meaningful.

    • Mech Vasquez

      These Veterans took on many enemies of this country, laid down their lives and sacrificed everything and you comment is despicable and without honor sir. If your not for them your against all they stand for, in that case you are against honorable men you wont ever fit in there shoes. God bless the vets God bless America

  • Patriot

    As far as tyranny goes, it’s three steps:
    First They Nudge . . .
    Then They Shove . . .
    Then They Shoot

    Obama and the dems orchestrated this to provoke all out civil war. They want one so bad they can taste it. Why? Well, it simple; to institute marshal law and put you under their control.

    Read more at http://politicaloutcast.com/2013/08/first-they-nudge-then-they-shove-then-they-shoot/#u6JU8Cd56zJYRCUP.99

    • what Obama is doing is unpatriotic, and obvious he wants to begin a war in the United States

  • This 19 year U.S. Army vet stands with the American people as well against our so-called illegal muslim president.

  • Ben Gruita

    Well we know where the Army will side with when SHTF