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  • SandyKiller

    If I get a chance, I’m going to KILL Sandy for murdering Boyd. I will get him sooner or later. I vow it…

    • I would not recommend posting death threats online.

  • Ice T had ir right

    Wow pure clear murderers. All because a man was just trying to survive homeless living in the wild. Of course they killed him. I’m sure they saw how the Kelly Thomas murders got off Scott free even getting a vacation (paid leave).. god will judge these pieces of shit and send them to hell where they belong.

  • Johnny three badges !!

    He pulled a knife? Big deal. Any cop should be able to disarm a fat mental case like him. I went to the police academy for state and federal and this is a joke. As if those threats were credible give me a break these jerks acting as jf they were cops murdered that man, I sure hope they go to prison.

  • Joe

    Honestly man I don’t think having any sort of “Law Enforcement” agency that does not have direct oversight of the population should be allowed. That would mean ditching and defunding “Police” and replacing them with a “Sheriff” who is elected and at least is some what accountable.

    Yep if I were on a jury in regard to these cops, I think life in prison or death would be on the option for these guys.

  • pD is muder agency

    This was manslaughter.

  • Officer

    All I could see was him gathering his gear and trying to leave. The shootings were unjustified. It is now a crime to be homeless in the USA and you cannot legally live off the land in the desert away from civilization. This went totally wrong, and I speak as a former police officer. These guys were itching for a fight. He could have been easily subdued. This was murder, pure and simple.