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  • DrBubba

    Sometimes some people need to be body slammed. Take Wilmington De for example. We now have a dead honor student. If the perps would have been body slammed a few times 4 years ago, we might still have this honor student. Now what do we do with the murderers? The entire school should be rounded up for an assembly in the gym and the perps should be hung by the neck until dead. That is justice. That is justice that can be seen. That will send a signal. HANG EM! It’s time to take our country back from the thugs.

  • A A

    If this cop needs a bodyguard I can lend him my 7 year old niece. What a fu##ing pu$$y. If I were this girl’s father I would beat this cop senseless.

  • RoP

    She most likely suffered a concussion and should be examined
    by an independent neurologist. NFL players with protective helmets have been concussed and put on concussion protocol on less severe blows.