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A Pro Liberty, Pro Freedom, Human Rights Activist, very involved in a wide variety of Activism and Exposing the Truth at all costs.

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  • Huskerfan44

    Typical politician a$$ki$$ers.

  • Jeff Staggs

    About our Rally and Cause on the 1st Saturday of every other month starting with this event at the Wichita County Courthouse at 1:00 PM for a 1st Amendment family friendly Rally. All other agenda’s are respectfully encouraged to stay home.

    Texas, your neighbors are in a fight with a bully and all kinds of Texas Agency’s are lining up to help them in this legal battle. However, we are just one Federal Court ruling away from all that legal support running for the hills. If we the people don’t demonstrate our resolve to back these farmers there will be no teeth in the Legal bark going on now. The time to prevent Real Violence is now by a show of Solidarity and Resolve on the public’s part not to allow the BLM to just take what they want from our fellow Texans. If we don’t and the Agency’s wash their hands of this issue currently in the Federal Courts things will get out of hand in short order. So, now is the time to handle this without any use of force from either side. We need you now.

    Join us now, while we can still demonstrate our resolve to not allow this tyranny to be executed upon our fellow Texans.

  • Jeff Staggs
  • Round House Zulu

    I don’t like talking this way, but Thornberry is a prick, and so is Cornyn, and people just keep on putting them back in office. In my book, they went in as Dr. Jekyll’s, and became over night as Mr. Hyde’s. Like Rubio and McCain, they are nothing more than “neocon” republican’s who speak with a forked tongue.